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Layer: Tropospheric_NO2_Adjusted_Air_Mass_Factor_2018.tif (ID: 0)

Name: Tropospheric_NO2_Adjusted_Air_Mass_Factor_2018.tif

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Type: Raster Layer

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Description: This dataset contains TROPOMI tropospheric (from surface-12km) NO2 columns over North America in units of molecules/cm2. (Note: these are not surface concentrations, but generally show the same spatial distribution as surface concentrations.) The monthly NO2 tropospheric columns are averaged and binned in 0.03x0.03 degree bins. To obtain the tropospheric column from satellite measurements additional information on the scene is required, including, cloud cover, reflectivity of the surface and profile shape of the trace gas. This information is contained in the so-called air mass factor. The tropospheric columns shown here are estimated using air mass factors produced by Environment and Climate Change Canada that contain higher-resolution input compared to the standard product. It has been shown that using these higher-resolution inputs for the air mass factor calculation improves the tropospheric columns (Griffin et al., 2019 and references therein).Griffin D., Zhao, X., McLinden, C. A., Boersma, F., Bourassa, A., Dammers, E., Degenstein, D., Eskes, H., Fehr, L., Fioletov, V., Hayden, K., Kharol, S. K., Li, S.-M., Makar, P., Martin, R. V., Mihele, C., Mittermeier, R. L., Krotkov, N., Sneep, M., Lamsal, L. N., ter Linden, M., van Geffe, J., Veefkind, P., and Wolde, M..: High resolution mapping of nitrogen dioxide with TROPOMI: First results and validation over the Canadian oil sands, Geophysical Research Letters, 46, 1049– 1060, 2019

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Copyright Text: The Sentinel 5 Precursor TROPOMI NO2 Level 2 product is developed by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), with funding from the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and processed with funding from the European Space Agency (ESA), TROPOMI . The original TROPOMI data can be downloaded from

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