Carbon monoxide emissions by facility, Canada, 2014

Data showing in these tables are a summary of the complete dataset; for the complete dataset, please download the data file.


NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000000001Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.County of Athabasca1552.02Chemical Pulp Mills
0000000106Dunvegan Sour Gas PlantCanadian Natural Resources LimitedFairview45.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000126Edmonton SiteCelanese Eva Performance Polymers Inc.Edmonton35.80Resin & Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
0000000223Peace River Pulp DivisionDaishowa-Marubeni International Ltd-Peace River PulpCounty of Northern Lights4417.01Chemical Pulp Mills
0000000250Gibbons SiteEvonik Canada Inc.Gibbons14.07All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000000267Genesee Thermal Generating StationCapital Power Generation Services Inc.Warburg6690.42Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000000280Western Canada OperationsDow Chemical Canada ULCFort Saskatchewan1189.72Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000000403Lloydminster RefineryHusky Oil Operations LimitedLloydminster65.39Petroleum Refineries
0000000407Ram RiverHusky Oil Operations LimitedRocky Mountain House183.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000426Quirk Creek Gas PlantPengrowth Energy CorporationMillarville87.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000432Wapiti Gas PlantCanadian Natural Resources LimitedGrovedale99.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000438Redwater Sour Gas Plant 01-29ARC ResourcesN/A193.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000440Judy Creek Gas Conservation PlantPengrowth Energy CorporationSwan Hills77.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000442Cold LakeImperial Oil Resources LimitedGrande Centre2311.43Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000000536Wembley Gas PlantConocophillips Canada Energy PartnershipWembley64.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000653Mazeppa Sour Gas PlantMfc Energy CorporationHigh River44.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000683Kaybob South #3 Gas PlantSemcams ULCFox Creek216.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000689Pembina North Gas PlantKeyera CorpDrayton Valley93.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000698Fort Saskatchewan PlantKeyera CorpFort Saskatchewan27.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000000853Chemtrade - Fort Saskatchewan CscChemtrade Logistics Inc.Fort Saskatchewan0.05All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000000878Whitecourt Pulp DivisonMillar Western Forest Products Ltd.Whitecourt40.00Mechanical Pulp Mills
0000000947Lantic Inc. Taber Beet Sugar FactoryLantic Inc. Taber FactoryTaber288.71Sugar Mfg.
0000001028Alberta NewsprintAlberta Newsprint Co.Whitecourt36.71Newsprint Mills
0000001033Battle River Generating StationAlberta Power (2000) Ltd.Forestburg520.11Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000001036Sheerness Generating StationAlberta Power (2000) Ltd.Hanna661.84Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000001039H.R.Milner Generating StationMilner Power Limited Partnership By Its Gp Milner Power Inc.Grande Cache212.20Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000001074Olds Gas PlantPengrowth Energy CorporationOlds71.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001077Ferrier Gas PlantDirect Energy Marketing Ltd.Rocky Mountain House175.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001106AltasteelAltaSteel Ltd.Edmonton650.25Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000001251Edmonton PlantOwens Corning Insulating Systems Canada LPEdmonton53.53All Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg.
0000001362Brazeau River Gas PlantKeyera CorpDrayton Valley131.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001364Gilby Gas PlantKeyera CorpSylvan Lake61.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001368Morrin Ghost Pine Sweet Gas PlantN/A240.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001370Nordegg River Gas PlantKeyera CorpNordegg54.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001372Rimbey Gas PlantKeyera CorpRimbey578.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001374Strachan Gas PlantKeyera CorpRocky Mountain House208.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001439Rainbow Lake Gas PlantHusky Oil Operations LimitedRainbow Lake60.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001753Minnehik Buck Lake Gas PlantKeyera CorpBuck Lake238.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001755Progress Gas PlantCanadian Natural Resources LimitedGordondale51.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001779Nova Chemicals Corporation (Joffre)Nova Chemicals CorporationRed Deer302.78Petrochemical Mfg.
0000001782Methanex Medicine Hat Methanol PlantMethanex CorporationMedicine Hat212.20Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000001990Prospec Chemicals - Sturgeon CountyProspec Chemicals Co.Sturgeon County29.91Petrochemical Mfg.
0000002108Waterton ComplexShell Canada LimitedPincher Creek435.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000002119Jumping Pound ComplexShell Canada LimitedCalgary155.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000002120Caroline ComplexShell Canada LimitedCaroline166.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000002128Peace River Complex 5-21Shell Canada LimitedPeace River171.72Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000002132Fort SaskatchewanSherritt International CorporationFort Saskatchewan202.33Non-Ferrous (except Al) Smelting & Refining
0000002134Redwater Fertilizer OperationsAgrium Inc.Sturgeon County784.21Chemical Fertilizer (except Potash) Mfg.
0000002223South Rosevear Gas PlantRosevear45.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000002227Simonette Gas PlantKeyera CorpSimonette82.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000002230Suncor Energy Inc. Oil SandsSuncor Energy Oil Sands Limited PartnershipFort McMurray4500.85Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000002274Mildred Lake Plant SiteSyncrude Canada Ltd.Fort McMurray8034.91Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000002284Sundance Thermal Electric Power Generating PlantTransAlta Generation PartnershipDuffield2274.72Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000002286Keephills Thermal Electric Power Generating PlantTransAlta Generation PartnershipDuffield1344.11Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000002316Prentiss Manufacturing FacilityDow Chemical Canada ULCPrentiss127.73Petrochemical Mfg.
0000002517Spray Lake Sawmills (1980) Ltd.Spray Lake Sawmills (1980) Ltd.Cochrane6.67Wood Preservation
0000002630Innisfail PlantJohns Manville Canada Inc.Innisfail164.04Glass Mfg.
0000002760Drayton Valley SawmillWeyerhaeuser Company LimitedDrayton Valley82.00Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000002762Edson O.S.B.Weyerhaeuser Company LimitedEdson601.27Waferboard Mills
0000002781Shell Burnt Timber Gas PlantShell Canada LimitedSundre38.84Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000002875Grande Prairie OperationsWeyerhaeuser Company LimitedGrande Prairie970.40Chemical Pulp Mills
0000002960Shell Scotford RefineryShell Canada ProductsFort Saskatchewan1123.00Petroleum Refineries
0000002963Scotford Chemical PlantShell Chemicals Canada Limited.Fort Saskatchewan214.47Petrochemical Mfg.
0000002991Hinton PulpWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Hinton868.96Chemical Pulp Mills
0000003269Carseland Nitrogen OperationsAgrium Inc.Carseland553.36Chemical Fertilizer (except Potash) Mfg.
0000003707Strathcona RefineryImperial OilEdmonton1049.10Petroleum Refineries
0000003749Brazeau Gas PlantBlaze Energy Ltd.Drayton Valley366.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000003751Wildcat Hills Gas PlantDirect Energy Marketing Ltd.Cochrane380.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000003752Empress Straddle Gas PlantSpectra Energy Empress LPCypress County349.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000003753Gold Creek Gas PlantCanadian Natural Resources LimitedGrande Prairie182.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000003754Kaybob Gas PlantTrilogy Energy Corp.Fox Creek116.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000003756Bellshill Lake PlantHarvest Operations Corp.Hardisty59.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000003758Hanlan Robb Gas PlantDirect Energy Marketing Ltd.Edson75.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000003775Navajo MetalsGeneral Scrap PartnershipCalgary5.12All Other Miscellaneous Mfg.
0000003821Canadian Fertilizers LimitedCanadian Fertilizers LimitedMedicine Hat857.38Chemical Fertilizer (except Potash) Mfg.
0000003903Edmonton RefinerySuncor Energy Products PartnershipEdmonton759.52Petroleum Refineries
0000003941Harmattan Gas Processing PlantTaylor Processing Inc.Didsbury396.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000003959Slave Lake Pulp - Slave LakeSlave Lake Pulp - a division of West Fraser MillsSlave Lake816.06Mechanical Pulp Mills
0000003974Alberta EnvirofuelsKeyera CorpEdmonton141.35Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000004136Wolf Lake and Primrose PlantCanadian Natural Resources LimitedN/A1867.01Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000004140East Crossfield Gas Plant 9-14-28-1w5Taqa North Ltd.Crossfield100.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004142Fort Saskatchewan Storage and FractionationPlains Midstream CanadaFort Saskatchewan48.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004144North Caroline Compressor StationN/A176.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004150Kaybob Amalgamated Sour Gas PlantSemcams ULCFox Creek212.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004152West Pembina GpKeyera CorpDrayton Valley41.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004159Nipisi Gas PlantN/A70.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004161Ricinus Gas PlantApache Canada Ltd.Calgary183.76
0000004468Bunge Canada - Fort Saskatchewan PlantBunge Canada Holdings I ULCFort Saskatchewan11.88Oilseed Processing
0000004591Adm Agri-Industries - Adm LloydminsterADM Agri-IndustriesLloydminster31.46Oilseed Processing
0000004823Sexsmith Sour Gas PlantEncana CorporationN/A40.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004827Sundre Forest ProductsSundre Forest Products, a Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.Sundre26.62Wood Preservation
0000004830Ranger BoardWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Blue Ridge24.63Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000004857Nova Research & Technology CenterNova Chemicals CorporationCalgary0.79R&D in the Physical, Eng. & Life Sciences
0000004874Fort Saskatchewan Nitrogen OperationsAgrium Inc.Fort Saskatchewan559.40Chemical Fertilizer (except Potash) Mfg.
0000004880Grande Prairie Osb MillNorbord IndustriesGrande Prairie466.49Waferboard Mills
0000005020Mccain Foods Coaldale Ff PlantMcCain Foods Canada Ltd.Coaldale27.60Frozen Food Mfg.
0000005224House Mountain ComplexN/A722.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005232Lakeside PackersAliment Jbs Canada Inc. / Jbs Food Canada Inc.Brooks36.00Animal (except Poultry) Slaughtering
0000005235Cargill High River PlantCargill FoodsHigh River63.46Animal (except Poultry) Slaughtering
0000005239Hythe Brainard Sour Gas PlantVeresen Energy Infrastructure Inc.N/A331.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005241Hi-Pro Feeds LethbridgeHi-Pro FeedsLethbridge1.06Other Animal Food Mfg.
0000005243Edmonton PlantLehigh Hanson Materials Ltd.Edmonton737.43Cement Mfg.
0000005247Gordondale East Gas PlantSpectra Energy Midstream CorporationSpirit River126.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005248Cochrane Extraction PlantInter Pipeline Extraction Ltd.Cochrane262.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005284Edson Gas PlantTalisman EnergyEdson180.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005285Zama Gas Plant: 1, 2, 3Apache Canada Ltd.Zama City115.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005287Redwater Fractionation and Storage FacilityPembina Pipeline CorporationRedwater111.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005291Exshaw Cement PlantLafarge Canada Inc.Exshaw384.57Cement Mfg.
0000005305Armor Wood Products Ltd.Armor Wood Products Ltd.Edmonton0.49Wood Preservation
0000005337Nevis Gas PlantKeyera CorpStettler173.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005344ManningManning Diversified Forest Products Ltd.Manning195.00Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005345Niton Sweet Gas PlantN/A344.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005352Fort Saskatchewan Thermal Electric(cogeneration) Power PlantTransAlta Generation PartnershipFort Saskatchewan101.50Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000005357Cancarb Ltd.Cancarb Ltd.Medicine Hat88.25All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000005358Blue Ridge Lumber IncWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Blue Ridge87.99Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005362Wainwright Regional Waste to Energy FacilityWainwright Regional Waste to Energy AuthorityWainwright0.01Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply
0000005366Tall Pine Timber - LodgepoleTall Pine Timber Co. Ltd.Lodgepole247.80Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005370Sturgeon Lake South 2-2-69-22w5N/A87.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005371Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd.Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd.Slave Lake215.19Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005375Fox Creek DivisionMillar Western Forest Products Ltd.Fox Creek4394.87Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005377La Crete Sawmills - la CreteLa Crete Sawmills Ltd.La Crete3477.93Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005389Peco Sweet Gas PlantN/A390.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005395Brintnell 9-2-81-23w4N/A79.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006164Établissement 32Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.Lethbridge22.99Aerospace Product & Parts Mfg.
0000006219Scotford ComplexAir Liquide Canada Inc.Fort Saskatchewan127.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006504Tolko High Level Lumber DivisionTolko Industries Ltd.High Level16266.50Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006505Whitecourt Solid Wood DivisionMillar Western Forest Products Ltd.Whitecourt16.00Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006506Boyle Wood Products DivisionMillar Western Forest Products Ltd.Boyle2.30Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006517Norbord High LevelNorbord IndustriesHigh Level682.60Waferboard Mills
0000006537Paddle River Gas Plant 13-6Keyera CorpMayerthorpe55.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006546Scotford Upgrader and Upgrader CogenerationShell Canada Energy LimitedFort Saskatchewan1478.96Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000006556Joffre Lao PlantINEOS Canada PartnershipJoffre268.48Petrochemical Mfg.
0000006559Sylvan Lake Gas Plant 14-32-037-03w5mNAL Resources ManagementSylvan Lake228.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006560Balzac Power StationNexen Energy ULCRocky View County107.64Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006567Atco Pipelines - CloverbarATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.Edmonton75.42Natural Gas Distribution
0000006572Aurora North Mine SiteSyncrude Canada Ltd.Fort McMurray823.50Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000006576Electric Utility - GenerationCity of Medicine HatMedicine Hat41.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006578Canadian Forces Base SuffieldDepartment of National DefenceRalston37.56Defence Services
0000006579Atco Pipelines - MonarchATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.Monarch24.87Natural Gas Distribution
0000006585Atco Pipelines - VilleneuveATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.St. Albert20.26Natural Gas Distribution
0000006591Joffre Site; CogenerationNova Chemicals CorporationRed Deer4213.09Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006609Rainbow Lake Cogeneration Power Plant (Units 4-5)ATCO Power Canada Ltd.Rainbow Lake44.36Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006617Hinton Wood Products - A Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.West Fraser Mills Ltd.Hinton128.18Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006619Suffield Gas Storage FacilityAeco Gas Storage PartnershipMedicine Hat266.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006622Alder Flats Sweet Gas PlantN/A399.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006623Empress Ngl Extraction PlantPembina Pipeline CorporationMedicine Hat52.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006624Sand Creek Sour Gas PlantN/A37.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006625Christina Lake Sagd Bitumen BatteryCenovus Fccl Ltd., as Operator for FCCL PartnershipLac la Biche1267.51Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000006626Viking Sweet Gas PlantN/A81.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006627Foster Creek Sagd Bitumen Battery (With Cogen)Cenovus Fccl Ltd., as Operator for FCCL PartnershipBonnyville1508.14Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000006628Wolf Lake Sweet Gas PlantN/A342.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006633Cavalier Energy CentreEnmax Cavalier Gp Inc.Strathmore66.67Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006647Shell Canada Energy Muskeg River Mine and Jackpine MineShell Canada EnergyFort McMurray94.58Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000006655Manchester Asphalt PlantThe City of CalgaryCalgary25.36Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000006660Sherwood Marketing TerminalShell Canada ProductsEdmonton27.04Petroleum Product Whl.
0000006678Heating PlantUniversity of Alberta Heating PlantEdmonton155.70Universities
0000006696Calgary PlantCanada Malting Co Ltd.Calgary26.60All Other Food Mfg.
00000066974 Wing Cold LakeDepartment of National DefenceCold Lake19.66Defence Services
0000006698Permolex Ltd.Permolex Ltd.Red Deer22.90Flour Milling
0000006700Carseland Power PlantTransCanada Energy Ltd.Carseland68.33Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006701Redwater Cogeneration PlantTransCanada Energy Ltd.Redwater47.45Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006704BeisekerTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Beiseker20.94Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006706Berland RiverTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A53.69Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006708Burton CreekTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A81.78Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006711ClearwaterTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A58.18Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006713Dryden CreekTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Dryden Creek21.29Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006714Dusty LakeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A34.92Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006718Gold CreekTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A39.82Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006719Hanmore LakeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A49.48Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006721HussarTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A33.05Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006722KnightTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A26.39Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006723LatornellTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A67.08Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006725Meikle RiverTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A112.03Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006729Paul LakeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A45.41Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006731PrincessTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A47.35Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006732Red Deer RiverTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A39.93Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006734Schrader CreekTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A100.66Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006735Smoky LakeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Smoky Lake47.84Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006784Turner ValleyTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A53.46Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006786VetchlandTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A57.61Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006787WainwrightTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A21.37Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006788Winchell LakeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A54.90Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006789Wolf LakeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A104.85Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006794The Calgary Airport Authority - CalgaryThe Calgary Airport AuthorityCalgary6.05Scheduled Air Transportation
0000006799Iko CalgaryIko Industries Ltd.Calgary114.38Paperboard Mills
0000006826Exshaw PlantGraymont Western Canada Inc.Exshaw85.68Lime Mfg.
0000006828Lindbergh FacilityK+S Windsor Salt Ltd.Elk Point24.00All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000006842Ferrier Crimson Lake 1-34N/A70.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006849Hinton Batch PlantBorder Paving Ltd.Hinton0.87
0000006850Camrose Batch PlantBorder Paving Ltd.Camrose5.03
0000006851Red Deer Batch PlantBorder Paving Ltd.Red Deer11.17
0000006852Stony Plain Batch PlantBorder Paving Ltd.Stony Plain6.53
0000006869West Edmonton LandfillWaste Management of Canada CorporationEdmonton100.41Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000006870AcmeFoothills Pipe Lines Ltd.N/A56.57Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006871Crawling ValleyFoothills Pipe Lines Ltd.N/A66.27Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006895Cardinal River OperationsTeck Coal LimitedHinton2.93Bituminous Coal Mining
0000006940Windfall Compressor StationAlliance Pipeline Ltd.Fox Creek130.56Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006941Morinville Compressor StationAlliance Pipeline Ltd.Morinville65.55Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006942Irma Compressor StationAlliance Pipeline Ltd.Irma54.83Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006947Blueberry Hill Compressor StationAlliance Pipeline Ltd.Saddle Hills County37.89Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006956Lafarge Canada, Inc., Greater Edmonton, Winterburn A&P PlantLafarge North AmericaEdmonton55.45Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000006965Lafarge Canada, Inc., Greater Calgary, Spy Hill Asphalt PlanLafarge North AmericaCalgary60.81Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000006966Lafarge Canada, Inc., Greater Calgary, Bow Asphalt PlantLafarge North AmericaCalgary33.66Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000006967Canadian Forces Base - Asu EdmontonDepartment of National DefenceEdmonton40.95Defence Services
0000006972Baymag Exshaw OperationsBaymag Inc.Exshaw57.50All Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg.
0000007787Alberta Plywood Edmonton - A Division of West Fraser Mills LWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Edmonton14.90Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000015023Tangent Sour Gas Plant 13-29N/A40.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015047Saddle Hill 06-12 BatteryKelt ExplorationLa Glace15.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015065Westward Ho 6&07-08-033-04w5Pengrowth Energy CorporationMountain View County40.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015094Killam North Sweet Gas Plant 04-05N/A128.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015096Mundare Sweet Gas Plant 09-28N/A93.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015097Plain Lake Gas Battery 15-36N/A79.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015098Warwick Comp Stn 12-04N/A71.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015099Thornbury North Comp Stn 08-13N/A49.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015103Acadia West Comp Stn 02-15N/A23.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015109Sylvan Lake Comp Stn 06-16N/A24.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015126Hoole North Comp Stn Abcs (Sour Gas Plant) 10-24N/A34.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015127Hoole South Sweet Gas Plant 16-36N/A269.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015128Marten Creek Sweet Gas Plant 10-02N/A164.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015130Wabasca Comp Stn 06-22N/A22.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015131Ante Creek North Sour Gas Plant 02-26N/A313.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015132Bonnyville South Comp Stn 10-29N/A30.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015134Manola Sweet Gas Plant 11-18N/A148.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015136Prairie River Sweet Gas Plant 06-24N/A47.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015140Charlotte Reita Gas Battery 05-35N/A36.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015143East Angling Comp Stn 03-28N/A23.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015147Lindbergh Comp Stn 07-21N/A29.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015149Muriel Lake South Comp Stn 07-20N/A40.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015150Sage Comp Stn 13-29N/A21.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015157John Lake North Comp Stn 11-35N/A140.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015160Bantry Sour Gas PlantAltaGas Ltd.Tilley18.64Natural Gas Distribution
0000015164Parkland Sweet Gas Plant 07-11N/A60.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015169Bruce Comp Stn 10-29N/A40.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015170Holden Gas Battery 09-19N/A149.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015178Mariana Comp Stn 06-06N/A66.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015179Thornbury South Comp Stn 02-29N/A20.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015187Alder Flats Sweet Gas Plant 11-33N/A354.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015188Bonnie Glen Comp Stn 11-06N/A94.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015193Kitto Lake Sweet Gas Plant 10-25N/A76.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015195Louis Bull Sweet Gas Plant 03-18N/A22.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015196Louis Bull Comp Stn 16-11N/A38.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015199Morningside Comp Stn 10-03N/A50.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015200Sylvan Lake Sweet Gas Plant 05-01N/A62.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015201Sylvan Lake Comp Stn 16-21N/A67.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015203Pouce Coupe Sour Gas Plant 03-03N/A41.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015209Vilna 01-32N/A103.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015212Wild River 4-3N/A169.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015213Beauvallon West 04-09N/A37.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015229Knopcik Gas Group 09-10N/A107.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015238Kaybob South 11-19N/A26.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015241Hays Gas PlantCanadian Natural Resources LimitedMedicine Hat50.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015248Open Lake Comp Stn 15-17Questfire Energy CorpN/A103.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015301Figure Lake North Gas PlantN/A20.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015316North Bingley (Willesden Green) FacilityN/A141.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015318Zama Battery 07-34N/A101.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015320Zama Battery 14-12Apache Canada Ltd.Zama City13.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015328Zama Field Compressor 09-24N/A51.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001533610-22-042-21w4 LamertonEmber Resources Inc.Stettler13.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001533707-03-043-21w4 LamertonEmber Resources Inc.Stettler25.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015339Lanaway BatteryN/A25.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001534212-15-037-19w4 GadsbyEmber Resources Inc.Stettler17.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001534410-09-037-19w4 GadsbyEmber Resources Inc.Stettler4.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015347Garrington Battery (13-05-034-03)N/A326.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015348Leafland FacilityN/A26.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015349North Bingley Viking A Unit BatteryN/A97.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015353Lanaway FacilityN/A36.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015355Brownfield Sweet Gas PlantN/A113.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015356East Castor Gas PlantN/A60.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015358Sullivan Lake FacilityN/A71.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015363Hamilton Lake Sweet Gas PlantN/A74.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001536912-07-041-22w4 NevisEmber Resources Inc.Mirror580.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001537114-34-040-22w4 NevisEmber Resources Inc.Mirror4.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001537406-24-039-23w4 AlixEmber Resources Inc.Stettler47.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001537512-11-041-24w4 Chigwell Gas PlantEmber Resources Inc.Mirror8.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015385Consort Sweet Gas PlantN/A352.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015386East Provost Sweet Gas PlantN/A22.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015393North Provost Sweet Compressor StationN/A70.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015394Canscot Corbett Compressor Station 15-19N/A27.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015395Countess 08-36-020-16 W4Journey Energy Inc.Countess151.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015399Apf WoodlandN/A62.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015403Bigstick Gas Battery 05-11ARC ResourcesCalgary55.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015405Crane South Gas Battery 05-24ARC ResourcesCalgary133.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015406Jenner Sweet Gas Plant 04-23N/A62.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015407Brooks Comp Stn 08-18N/A26.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015408Cessford Comp Stn 06-06N/A125.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015409Cessford Comp Stn 16-24N/A55.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015410Cessford Comp Stn 03-06N/A65.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015412Hotchkiss Comp Stn 07-03N/A103.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015413Delburne Sweet Gas Plant 10-08N/A169.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015414Ante Creek North Oil Battery 07-18N/A21.25Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015416Ante Creek Oil Battery 10-07N/A295.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015417Gilby Oil Battery 10-19-40-03w5mOMERS Energy Inc.Calgary73.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015418Prestville Oil Battery 1 10-36N/A52.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015419Pouce Sweet Gas Plant 11-34N/A28.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015420Valhalla Oil Battery 06-14N/A43.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015435Kaybob Comp Station 10-22N/A60.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015437CarbonATCO Energy Solutions Ltd.Carbon576.65Natural Gas Distribution
0000015445Atco Watelet 8-18N/A37.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015447Atco Pipelines - Thomas LakeATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.Thomas Lake24.65Natural Gas Distribution
0000015448Artek North Cache 10-20-096-07 W6mArtek Exploration Ltd.Calgary23.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015475Cherhill Gas Plant 02-25N/A31.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015476Dixonville 02-32Dixonville33.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015488Kirkwall Comp Station 07-29NuVista Energy Ltd.N/A50.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015500Olds Battery 10-28Olds Unt 223.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015503Benton Comp Station 11-28NuVista Energy Ltd.N/A48.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015520Travers Gas PlantZargon Oil and Gas Ltd.Enchant112.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015536Garrington 03-16-034-04w5N/A102.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015538Lanaway 13-05-036-04w5N/A39.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015539East Garrington PlantN/A355.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015540Amoco Ricinus D Lease BatteryN/A59.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015541Amoco Ricinus Battery 11-28N/A20.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015542Ricinus 12-18-036-08w5N/A163.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015543Amoco Ricinus 06-24-036-09w5N/A89.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015551Amoco Ricinus 14-34-032-07w5N/A25.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015553West Pembina 07-10-047-14w5N/A77.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015555Brazeau Cs 6-27-47-14w5Deethree Exploration Ltd.Cynthia29.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015556Amoco Pine Creek 10-10N/A20.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015560Kaybob 07-22-061-21w5N/A23.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015563Kaybob 03-29-062-20w5N/A83.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015564Kaybob 05-12-062-20w5N/A56.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015565Kaybob 11-10-062-19w5N/A45.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015570Hotchkiss 2-35-94-2w6N/A31.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015590St Lina 11-7-63-8w4N/A41.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015593Bp Canada Energy Company Cs 03-26N/A21.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015594Bp Canada Energy Company Cs 06-19N/A133.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015596Marten Hills 12-18-76-25w4N/A1532.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015598Buck Creek Frac PlantPlains Midstream CanadaDrayton Valley8.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015602Wapiti Comp Station 03-29N/A64.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015605Cnrl Cs 07-15N/A23.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015617B-57-G/93-I-09Apache Canada Ltd.Calgary20.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015624Gilby Sour Comp Stn 11-20N/A193.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015625Garrington Sweet Gas PlantN/A31.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015626Lodgepole Sweet Gas PlantN/A276.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015634Minnehik-Buck Lake Comp Stn 02-27N/A161.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015636Caroline Comp Stn 15-34N/A34.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015638Ferrier Comp Stn 13-17N/A443.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015639Carnwood Comp Stn 16-35N/A57.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015643Pembina Comp Stn 11-26N/A90.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015650East Mahaska Sweet Gas PlantN/A51.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015651Mcleod River Valley Comp Stn 16-12N/A31.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015652Westpem Comp Stn 02-05N/A114.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015653Wolf South Comp Stn 06-20N/A139.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015654Edson Comp Stn 11-32N/A127.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015656Coaldale Comp Stn 08-02Pengrowth Energy CorporationStirling30.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015670Claresholm Sweet Gas PlantN/A134.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015676Vernon Lake Sweet Gas PlantN/A30.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015679Goodwin Comp Stn 05-36N/A41.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015684Elmworth Comp Stn 10-13N/A20.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015693Elmworth Comp Stn 01-35N/A68.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015697Elmworth Station Sw Comp Stn 06-19N/A81.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015698Pedigree Comp Stn 13-01N/A29.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015699Pedigree Comp Stn 09-36N/A46.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015739Foothills Medical CentreCalgary Health RegionCalgary42.00General (exc. Paediatric) Hospitals
0000015740Calgary Energy CentreCalgary Energy Centre No. 2 Inc.Calgary58.79Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000015742Peco Comp 16-33Columbia56.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015744Wilson Creek Comp 6-18-43-4w5Wilson Creek49.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015755Markerville Compressor Station #1N/A33.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015772Copton 11-25Kelt ExplorationN/A38.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015792Edson 1-24N/A219.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015794Princess 01-28N/A25.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015826Blue Range 04-10N/A44.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015836Clyde Lake 04-35 #1N/A116.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015837Stanmore 05-01N/A24.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015840Edwand North 05-08N/A25.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015854Gold Creek East 06-03N/A29.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015860Matziwin 06-10N/A24.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015861Rio Alto WaskahiganN/A106.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015865Chard S. Leismer 06-18N/A37.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015866Borradaile 06-20N/A52.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015885Waskahigan 07-21N/A23.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015887Brintnell 07-27N/A118.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015890Kehewin 11-19N/A60.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015892Frog Lake 5-1-56-4w4N/A143.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015909Saddle Lake 09-09N/A194.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015916Greencourt 09-26N/A46.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015922Dunvegan 10-04N/A48.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015927Bolloque 10-10N/A35.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015928Karr 10-10N/A229.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015930Minehead 10-12N/A101.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015931Bellis 10-15-59-16w4N/A186.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015939Wintering Hills 10-28-25-17w4N/A23.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015945Duncan East 10-36N/A230.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015973Thornbury 11-31-79-11w4N/A30.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015974Jenner Tide Lake East 11-32-018-09w4N/A58.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015994Flat Lake 13-12N/A28.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015998Wildhay 13-24-55-25w5N/A120.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016006Big Bend 13-36N/A42.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016007Hoadley 14-02N/A42.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016009Galloway Plant 14-14N/A163.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016019Waskahigan 15-07N/A21.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016022Kettle River North 15-14N/A31.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016025Algar Lake 15-21N/A66.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016027Claresholm 15-36N/A94.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016039Alderson 16-10-18-10w4 Deep ShallN/A105.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016040Clearhills 16-11N/A53.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016044Alderson 16-21N/A175.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016045Hylo 16-25N/A23.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016047Elk Point Gs 16-36N/A76.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016048Kikino South 16-36N/A23.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016119Fox Creek Gas PlantSemcams ULCEdson15.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016120Compressor Station 8-3Semcams ULCFox Creek19.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016125Rowley 01-03N/A136.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016126Entice 01-22 Compressor StationN/A23.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016127Shaman Gadsby 1-29N/A22.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016128Manito 06-15N/A81.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016135Lyalta Comp Stn 16-18N/A22.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016143Gold Creek 01-23Chinook Energy Inc.Grande Prairie90.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016149Mitsue Sour Gas Plant 10-30N/A131.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016151Kaybob South Comp Stn 04-25N/A64.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016152Bigoray Gas PlantKeyera CorpDrayton Valley26.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016161Simonette Battery 16-17N/A21.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016172Hornet Energy Chestermere Comp Stn 10-21Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A30.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016178Brant Comp Stn 08-26Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A20.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016179Brant Gas Battery 09-17Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A77.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016184High River Comp Stn 02-04Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A147.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016188Birchcliff Worsley 8-21-87-9w6Birchcliff Energy Ltd.Worsley28.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016195Centron Comp Stn 02-12N/A54.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016203Niton Sweet Gas Plant 07-34Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A73.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016209High River Comp Stn 11-15Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A91.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016212Jenner Sour Gas PlantPengrowth Energy CorporationJenner28.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016215Majorville Gas Battery 06-06N/A118.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016232Westerose D-3 Sour Comp Station 13-34N/A107.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016233Cessford Sweet Gas PlantN/A61.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016234Stanmore Sweet Gas PlantN/A150.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016235Connorsville Sweet Gas PlantN/A118.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016237Huxley Sweet Gas PlantN/A27.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016238Medicine River Sour Gas PlantN/A44.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016240Fbv Central 5-14Pengrowth Energy CorporationFenn61.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016246Homeglen Rimbey Oil Battery 03-32N/A37.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016247Ferrier Comp Station 04-08N/A22.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016249Westerose Comp Station and Oil Battery 12-02N/A99.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016255Hoadley Comp Station 14-12N/A128.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016256Sylvan Lake Sweet Gas PlantN/A88.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016260Homeglen Rimbey Comp Station 11-18N/A128.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016268West Paddle River Sweet Gas PlantN/A169.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016274Peco Sweet Comp Station 11-12N/A153.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016277Goodfare Sweet Gas PlantN/A76.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016293John Lake Comp Stn 06-32N/A26.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016296Red Deer Regional Hospital CentreAlberta Health Services - Central ZoneRed Deer69.57General (exc. Paediatric) Hospitals
0000016299Ferrier Gas PlantN/A207.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016304Puskwaskau 3-26-74-1w6N/A32.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016308Normandville N 3-36-79-23w5N/A29.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016313Cnrl Cs 04-32N/A36.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016316West Culp 5-34-78-25w5N/A29.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016327Devon ForsythManatokan Op44.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016328Cnrl Cs 06-34N/A32.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016330Devon WildmereWildmere42.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016345Goodfish 3-32-91-8w5N/A58.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016351Ferrier Gp 09-22N/A29.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016356Cnrl Cs 10-01N/A23.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016358Narraway 10-08-62-10w6N/A69.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016363Lloyd B 10-17Kitscoty21.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016364Pembina Ferrier 10-36N/A31.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016378Chinchaga 11-33-96-8w6N/A23.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016383Marten Hills 14-22N/A28.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016384Horse Gp 14-23N/A43.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016396Mapleglen Gp 15-36N/A101.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016397Cecil North 16-4-85-8w6N/A35.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016404Dunvegan 16-36-79-3w6N/A20.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016435Channel Lake 12-29N/A65.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016436Schuler 13-07N/A378.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016437Drowning Ford 14-26N/A28.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016438Vale 15-19N/A35.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016445Archer Mannville-MinburnN/A48.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016461Artek Stoddart 03-28-087-21 W6mArtek Exploration Ltd.Calgary116.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016462Artek Cache Creek 04-11-88-22 W6mArtek Exploration Ltd.Calgary115.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016489Fourth Creek Gas PlantSpectra Energy Midstream CorporationCalgary67.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000164905-22 (Pouce Coupe) Compressor StationSpectra Energy Midstream CorporationSpirit River141.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016491Pouce Coupe Gas PlantSpectra Energy Midstream CorporationSpirit River31.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016498Hussar Crowfoot Comp Stn 01-36N/A40.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016499Hussar Crowfoot Comp Stn 04-21N/A27.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016509Severn Comp Stn 06-17N/A28.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016511Cavalier Sweet Gas PlantN/A31.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016512Hussar Crowfoot Sweet Gas Plant 14-01N/A77.84Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016513Alderson No. 1 Comp Stn 13-21Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A101.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016514Alderson West Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A124.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016523Tide Lake Comp Stn 01-04 F2315Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A50.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016526Princess East Comp Stn 13-36Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A100.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016527Princess West Comp Stn 13-03Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A132.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016529Wintering Hills Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A230.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016530Wayne Dalum Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A41.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016531Redland South Comp Station 06-04N/A71.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016532Redland Sweet Gas PlantN/A95.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016535Wintering Hills Comp Stn 06-13Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A69.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016536Wintering Hills Comp Stn 10-23Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A25.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016539Wintering Hills Comp Stn 10-20Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A35.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016540Wintering Hills West Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A55.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016541Hussar Battery No. 2 Comp Stn 13-23Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A36.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016545Wayne Dalum Comp Stn 09-24Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A63.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016556Redland Comp Stn 05-28N/A39.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016557Bantry North Sour Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A234.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016558Verger South Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A138.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016559Rosemary Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A300.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016560Verger A Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A81.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016561Bassano Lathom Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A120.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016562Countess Makepeace Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A462.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016563Cassils Comp Stn 13-24Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A150.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016567Countess Sg Comp Stn 16-14Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A82.84Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016571Lathom A Unit Oil Battery 06-19Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A88.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016572Lathom West Comp Stn 10-23Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A369.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016573Verger Unit No. 1 Comp Stn 09-06Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A100.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016574Patricia Comp Stn 08-26Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A53.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016578Verger North Gas Bty 06-18Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A143.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016579Verger West Gas Bty - Multiwell 13-09Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A91.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016581Makepeace Comp Stn 03-18Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A48.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016585Gem Sweet Gas Plant 16-24Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A132.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016588Carseland Sour Gas Plant 16-21N/A153.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016589Gayford Sweet Gas Plant 10-31N/A27.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016590Entice Creek Sweet Gas Plant 10-07N/A127.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016591Entice System 2 Sweet Gas Plant 01-24N/A21.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016593Strathmore Phase 1 Comp Stn 09-27N/A64.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016594Lyalta Comp Stn 14-26N/A39.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016600Gayford South Comp Stn 12-35N/A68.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016602Gayford South Comp Stn 07-19N/A66.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016603Entice Comp Stn 03-05N/A49.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016604Jensen Cs 16-31-4-21w4Deethree Exploration Ltd.Magrath48.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016633Whitecap Valhalla North 03-27-075-09w6Whitecap Resources Inc.Valhalla33.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016653Boyer 12-10-102-24w5N/A51.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016656Boyer 1-6-105-22w5N/A165.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016658Steen 13-2-109-20w5N/A67.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016659Keg River 6-33-101-1w6N/A35.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016676Aec CraigendN/A28.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016681Tweedie 6-5-68-12w4N/A66.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016683Caribou South Comp Stn 15-01Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A22.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016687Caribou North Comp Stn 11-08Cenovus Energy Inc.Bonnyville91.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016700Primrose Comp Stn 12-01Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A49.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016701Otter Lake Ggs 07-12N/A30.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016704Aec Panny RiverN/A24.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016709Birch Mountain Comp Stn 04-33Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A20.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016711Redland Comp Stn 11-19N/A23.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016713Lathom Gas Unit No. 1 Comp Stn 10-32Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A43.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016720Pancdn Wilson Creek #2Wilsoncr80.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016724Westerose Comp Stn 11-09Hoadley75.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016727Pcp Westerose 14-27Hoadley30.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016729Alderson Gas Unit No.3 Comp Stn 06-24Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A31.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016730Alderson No. 2 Gas Battery 04-13Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A120.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016731Alderson No. 5 Sweet Comp Stn 01-17Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A86.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016732Alderson No. 1 Comp Stn 09-20Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A20.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016734Alderson System No. 2 Comp Stn 09-21Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A67.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016736Suffield D Comp Stn 01-04Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A439.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016737Suffield Cd Comp Stn 01-04Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A63.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016738Suffield C Comp Stn 01-04Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A236.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016739Suffield K (Koomati) Gas Battery 04-04Cenovus Energy Inc.Medicine Hat186.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016740Suffield A1 Comp Stn 04-03Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A178.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016741Suffield B2 Comp Stn 14-15Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A277.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016742Suffield Ab Comp Stn 15-16Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A81.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016743Hythe Comp Stn 07-34N/A41.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016752Pcr Ferrier 7-16 Comp.Ferrier - West150.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016757Halkirk Gas PlantLogic Energy Ltd.N/A10.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016758Brintnell Oil Battery and Comp Stn 11-07Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A82.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016761Suffield A2 Sour Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A103.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016763Alderson West Sour Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A66.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016766Suffield Oil Battery 01-27Cenovus Energy Inc.Medicine Hat40.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016780Bashaw Comp Station 06-25N/A31.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016781Bashaw Comp Station 06-15N/A20.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016787Willesden Green Gas BatteryN/A30.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016793Nestow 16-26-060-24w4Mosaic Energy Ltd.Nestow73.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016799Joarcam Sweet Gas Plant 06-29N/A79.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016810Carson Creek Sour Gas PlantN/A35.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016821Gladys Sweet Comp Stn 10-15Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A28.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016826Countess Comp Station 10-04N/A29.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016828Hanna Comp Station 04-29N/A126.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016830Leo Sweet Gas Plant 11-20N/A49.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016831Verger Comp Station 04-02N/A118.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016836Valhalla Comp Station 16-29N/A76.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016849Pouce Coupe South Sour Gas PlantN/A77.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016850Bantry Gas Battery 05-08N/A52.56Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016857Brazeau Sweet Gas PlantKeyera CorpDrayton Valley44.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016859Carbon Sweet Gas Plant 08-34N/A81.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016860Willow 2-5-28-17w4N/A27.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016864Swalwell Sweet Gas Plant 14-35N/A277.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016865Twining Sweet Gas Plant 12-10N/A40.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016878Gleichen Comp Stn 13-26N/A111.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016880Gleichen Comp Stn 04-01N/A65.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016899Kaybob 06-22Husky Oil Operations LimitedN/A24.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016906Pembalta Iv Sour Gas Plant 09-16N/A118.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016920Harmcen 7-12ExxonMobil Canada LtdN/A28.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016935High Prairie Forest ProductsHigh Prairie Forest ProductsHigh Prairie128.94Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000016969Willesden Green 14-15 BatteryN/A45.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016980Wayne Rosedale Gas Plant 12-04-028-20w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedDrumheller20.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016981Hussar Gas Plant 13-36-024-21w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedHussar72.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016982Sylvan Lake Gas Plant 01-21-038-02w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedSylvan Lake19.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016983Mikwan Gas Plant 05-19-035-22w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedElnora30.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016987Rowley Gas Plant 04-09-031-20w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedMorrin32.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016988Rumsey Gas Plant 05-35-033-21w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedRumsey26.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016989Stewart Lake Gas Plant 01-23-032-28w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedOlds31.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016990Hastings Coulee Gas Plant 01-14-041-15w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedForestburg24.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016992Provost Gas Plant 08-14-040-03w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedProvost114.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016993Mckee Lake Gas Plant 01-13-032-19w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedMorrin20.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017016Saleski 05-08N/A25.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017018Haig River North Compressor Station 01-17-105-01w6Husky Oil Operations LimitedPaddle Prarie42.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017019Muskwa River Gas Plant 02-33-083-25w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedWabasca-Desmarais68.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017024Twin Lakes Compressor Station 09-13-076-20w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedMd 1726.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017036Amadou Compressor Station 14-03-074-20w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedCalling Lake53.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017047Jenner 11-21-20-8w4Cardinal Energy Ltd.Jenner14.28
0000017066Kakwa Gas Plant 10-07-063-05w6Husky Oil Operations LimitedAmundson32.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017067Ansell 07-27N/A86.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017070Galloway Gas Plant 12-05-054-20w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedEdson29.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017072Stolberg Dehy 02-03-041-14w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedNordegg60.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017090Shouldice Gas Plant 02-11-020-23w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedArrowwood22.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017112Imperial Tilley North UnitN/A286.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017122Hangingstone Sagd Demonstration FacilityJapan Canada Oil Sands LimitedRm of Wood Buffalo146.48Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000017134Sugden Compressor Station 03-16N/A144.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001714215-13-08-10w4 GranleaChinook Energy Inc.Foremost130.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017145Fenn Compressor StationShaman Energy Corp.Big Valley85.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017153Sundance Forest Industries Ltd.Edson Forest ProductsEdson931.40Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000017165Bigoray 15-07 CompressorKeyera CorpDrayton Valley45.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017166Bigoray West 16-07 CompressorKeyera CorpDrayton Valley18.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017167Garrington 03-36 Compressor SiteKeyera CorpSundre91.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017169Lockhart 06-19 Compressor SiteKeyera CorpRimbey18.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017175Sunchild 08-04 CompressorKeyera CorpBrazeau135.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017184Taber Power Plant 02-14Signalta Resources Ltd.Taber85.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017185Burdett Power Plant 04-14Signalta Resources Ltd.Burdett92.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017186Coaldale Power Plant 05-05Signalta Resources Ltd.Lethbridge66.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017187Fort MacLeod Power Plant 05-30Signalta Resources Ltd.Fort MacLeod58.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017188Gladys Gas Processing FacilityMfc Resource PartnershipHigh River69.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017192Beiseker Compressor StationQuicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Beiseker42.10Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000017193Gayford Compressor StationQuicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Gayford21.30Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000017195Joffre Compressor StationQuicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Joffre88.70Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000017207Gilby Sweet Comp Stn 04-19N/A244.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017209Gilby Sweet Gas Plant 01-04N/A176.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017239Medicine River 10-04-039-04-W5NAL Resources ManagementMed River30.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017247Nal Sturgeon Lake Gas Plant 13-07-069-24-W5NAL Resources ManagementSturgeon Lake155.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000173479-13-64-08 W6Bilbo32.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017399Ells North 03-31N/A70.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017412Para Hangingstone 14-4N/A57.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017420Bistcho Lake PlantStrategic Oil & Gas Ltd.N/A20.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017421Chain 06-11Marquee Energy Ltd.N/A50.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017422Summit Two Creek 07-04N/A31.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017426Clover A &Amp; B-Plant 09-34N/A22.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017438Swan Hills Gp/CsPengrowth Energy CorporationSwan Hills37.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017445South Swan HillsPengrowth Energy CorporationSwan Hills21.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017463Paddle Prairie Compressor Station 03-01N/A81.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017482MBl Cs 4-29-45-5w5Keyera CorpBuck Lake88.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017483Compeer Sour Gas Plant 04-31N/A90.25Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017484Pembalta #7 Sour Gas Plant 04-34N/A143.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017487Pembina Sweet Gas Plant 09-17N/A228.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017497Alder Flats Sweet Gas Plant 06-19N/A130.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017498Progress Battery 06-19-077-09w6Kelt ExplorationN/A41.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017502Roxanna Springburn Compressor Station 07-12N/A33.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017513Crystal 09-06-046-03 W5Journey Energy Inc.Crystal94.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017516Steen River Gas PlantStrategic Oil & Gas Ltd.Steen River24.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017536Sousa Sweet Gas Plant 11-31N/A124.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017538Haig Sweet Gas Plant 11-33N/A118.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017542Lennard Sweet Gas Plant 12-23N/A58.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017545Leafland Sweet Gas Plant 13-16N/A143.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017546Esther Sweet Gas Plant 13-19N/A264.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017548Willesden Green Sweet Gas Plant 13-27N/A45.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017553Misty Lake Compressor Station 14-25N/A101.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017572Mega Compressor Station 07-13N/A316.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017573Petro-Can Med Hat #1N/A150.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017577Petro-Can Med Hat #3N/A516.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017578Petro-Can Med Hat #4N/A52.56Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017583Petro-Can AldersonN/A207.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001758803-15 CompressorBlaze Energy Ltd.Drayton Valley34.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001758902-19 CompressorBlaze Energy Ltd.Drayton Valley47.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017593Amerada Ferrier Bty #4 7-14N/A23.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017595Petro-Canada Cs 04-30N/A44.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017600Petro-Can GilbyN/A25.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017605Petro-Canada Cs 10-10N/A33.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017630Mackay River, In-Situ Oil Sands PlantSuncor Energy Oil Sands Limited PartnershipFort McMurray274.03Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000017698Peyto Oldman 11-17-055-21 W5mPeyto Exploration and Development CorporationEdson534.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017710Chevron Hotchkiss 08-14Surge Energy Inc.Calgary38.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017741Lpc Compressor Station Com /06-23-030-28w4/ 00Lpc - Cbm58.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017760Valhalla Plant 13-21-76-9w6Valhalla/Pouce Coupe52.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017766Amoco Kaybob Oil Battery 03-24N/A276.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017782Brazeau Office 01-01Westbrick Energy Ltd.Clearwater County236.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017784Cow Lake Comp Stn 03-16N/A27.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017796Turin K-19N/A44.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017797Craigmyle Compressor Station 13-05Marquee Energy Ltd.Delia54.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017820Minhik Booster Compressor 16-3-44-4w5Regent Resources Ltd.Rimbey34.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017854Samson RainbowN/A49.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017866Calahoo Haro #1 10-29N/A31.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017872Moose Mountain Compressor StationShell Canada LimitedCalgary590.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017876Waterton Complex - Compressor Station WShell Canada LimitedPincher Creek39.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017877Ram CompressorShell Canada LimitedCaroline127.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017879Shell Canada Limited Cs 12-28N/A28.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017921Berrymoor Sour Gas Plant 11-31N/A27.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017925Pembina Lobstick 15-08Signalta Resources Ltd.Drayton Valley15.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017931Fairydell Bon Accord 5-35Signalta Resources Ltd.Fort Saskatchewan25.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017932Forestburg 13-14Signalta Resources Ltd.Forestburg22.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017933Pembina 12-31Signalta Resources Ltd.Drayton Valley18.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017935Birch Lake 04-05-050-11w4mEndurance Energy Ltd.N/A174.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017939Best Pacific 16-22Signalta Resources Ltd.Nevis25.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017941Forestburg 16-02Signalta Resources Ltd.Forestburg23.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017942Forestburg 08-16Signalta Resources Ltd.Forestburg32.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017946Suncor Pouce Coupe South 6-3N/A71.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017950Cabin Creek 5-9 Compressor SiteKeyera CorpGrande Cache24.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017956Browncreek 14-03-044-17 W5mHusky Oil Operations LimitedEdson205.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017974Wolf Creek 07-29 Compressor StationPembina Pipeline CorporationGreenview No. 1685.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017979Cutbank Gas PlantPembina Pipeline CorporationGreenview No. 1643.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017989Rigel Valhalla 16-35-074N/A54.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017996Petromet Wild River 10-20 PlantN/A358.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017999Algar 12-28Chinook Energy Inc.Wandering River50.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018005Talisman Knopcik 2-27N/A26.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018006Battery(compressor) 10-17N/A23.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018010Tourmaline Musreau 02/08-13-062-06-W6 GgsTourmaline Oil CorpGrande Cache41.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018012Amoco Windfall Heavysound 15-9N/A212.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018014Serenpet Windfall 14-28-060N/A39.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018016Westcoast Pine Creek 6-16Nca W Nop26.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018022Fir 9-24 CompressorN/A118.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018023Petromet Bigstone West Fir 14-28-59-22N/A991.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018024Talisman Med LodgeN/A53.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018037Encor Sundance 6-25-54-21N/A67.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018039Tamarack Virginia Hills 10-15-063-14w5mTamarack Acquisition Corp.Calgary32.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018043Josephine 9-1-83-10w6N/A256.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018045Rimbey Compressor Station 5-32-43-1w5OMERS Energy Inc.Calgary152.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018066Gilby Compressor Station 10-12-41-3w5mOMERS Energy Inc.Calgary42.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018067Leedale Gas Plant 9-21-43-4w5mOMERS Energy Inc.Calgary71.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018076Chauvin 8-31 Comp StnN/A36.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018079Tlm Buck Lake 13-36 CompressorN/A54.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018118Boundary Lake S 1-14-85-13w6N/A37.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018120Clairmont 3-27-72-5w6N/A23.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018122Cdnoxy Manir 14-21 BatteryN/A26.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018123Enchant Sour Gas PlantN/A30.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018125Turin Sour Gas PlantN/A308.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018134Red Earth Sour Gas Plant 02-23N/A22.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018143BehanTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A30.83Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000018151Keyano Comp Station 09-32N/A78.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018162Calcrude Cherhill 04-24-056-05 W5Journey Energy Inc.Cherhill67.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018168Granada Gas PlantVermilion Energy Inc.Township 052273.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018169Eta Lake Gas PlantVermilion Energy Inc.Township 051423.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018170West Pembina Battery and CompressorVermilion Energy Inc.Township 050211.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018171Mikwan Gas PlantVermilion Energy Inc.Township 037221.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018172Rich Lake Gas PlantVermilion Energy Inc.Township 06424.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018203Calling Lake Comp Station 06-29N/A52.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018225Whitecourt Electric Power Generating FacilityWhitecourt Power Limited PartnershipWhitecourt400.50Other Electric Power Generation
0000018253Sakwatamau Sour Gas Plant 06-12N/A57.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018310Bantry Gas Compressor Stn 12-21-18-13w4Cardinal Energy Ltd.Bantry63.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018336Garden Plains 05-15-033-13w4Baytex Energy LtdGarden Plains99.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018341Sedalia 09-29-031-05w4Baytex Energy LtdSedalia75.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018352Seal Lake Battery 1-26N/A266.84Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018359Shiningbank BarrheadN/A44.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018368D-41-E/93-I-9Apache Canada Ltd.Calgary21.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018372Berland Gas Battery 14-36N/A20.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018373Berland Sweet Gas PlantN/A837.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018388Resthaven Sweet Gas PlantN/A84.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018396The Wiser Wild River 08-30N/A221.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018418Brintnell 12-9-81-22w4N/A37.25Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018442Erskine 4-7-39-20w4N/A53.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018480North Ferrier 5-10Ferrier - West45.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018528Smoky 07-36N/A121.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018549Watch 13-26N/A36.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018556Primrose/Wolf Lake 9-7-66-5w4N/A22.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018558Worsley 14-28-087-07w6N/A49.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018566Pine Creek 3-3Semcams ULCEdson29.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018576Bindloss 14-31City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat38.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018577Atlee East 7-28City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat58.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018578Atlee Buffalo 8-35City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat74.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018579Dauntless 16-4City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat26.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018580North East Station 7-15City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat26.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018581Rattlesnake 13-9City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat53.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018582Seven Persons 7-27City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat81.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018583Cessford 16-01City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat27.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018584Cousins 1-22City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat161.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018585Delta (Comp) 1-3-14City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat39.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018586Eyremore 7-20City of Medicine HatMedicine Hat80.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018607Claresholm Oil Battery 06-27N/A27.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018608Connorsville Comp Station 11-27N/A23.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018615Fbv 01-11Pengrowth Energy CorporationBig Valley35.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018616Fbv 3-10Pengrowth Energy CorporationBig Valley39.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018619Garrington Gas Battery 11-31N/A36.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018620Ghost Pine Comp Station 06-24N/A27.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018628Ghost Pine No.1 Comp Station 06-05N/A201.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018629Ghost Pine No.2 Comp Station 10-36N/A108.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018630Ghost Pine Unit Comp Station 14-30N/A21.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018632Pembina Comp Stn 08-07N/A29.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018636Gilby Comp Station 11-12N/A33.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018638Gilby Comp Station 07-08N/A97.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018639Gilby Gas Battery 07-23N/A20.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018640Gilby Comp Station 14-33N/A28.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018646Goodfare Comp Station 10-23N/A23.25Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018655Hoadley Comp Station 08-06N/A159.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018672Nordegg Comp Station 06-22N/A22.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018678Stanmore Comp Station 11-15N/A52.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018682Three Hills Creek Comp Station 03-30N/A77.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018684Three Hills Creek Comp Station 06-06N/A53.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018686Three Hills Creek Comp Station 07-19N/A111.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018687Three Hills Creek Comp Station 10-26N/A64.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018694Westerose Comp Station 01-33N/A67.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018695Westerose West Comp Station 04-08N/A52.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018709Elmworth Comp Stn 05-09N/A114.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018733Hangingstone 11-10N/A5969.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018749Home Swan Hills 2-23 Battery.N/A30.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018751Home Swanhills Bty #1N/A24.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018770Wild Hay 11-22Shell Canada UpstreamWild Hay440.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018779Paramount Kakwa 04-22-062-04w6/0Paramount Resources Ltd.N/A35.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018782Paramount Kakwa 01-13-063-05w6Paramount Resources Ltd.N/A56.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018793Tom Brown Carrot CreekN/A52.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018804Brazeau Comp Stn 02-10N/A359.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018816Three Hills Comp Stn 11-25N/A30.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018820Norfolk Gas Battery 13-13N/A35.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018834Rumsey Sweet Gas PlantN/A36.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018836Torrington Comp Stn 08-31N/A33.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018841Surge Valhalla 06-18Surge Energy Inc.La Glace33.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018844Wild River 14-20-056-23 W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton192.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018854Bigstone Comp Station 16-13N/A21.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018881Twining Comp Station 14-11N/A39.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018883Twining Comp Stn 06-22N/A36.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018902Sylvan 13-25-37-03-5NAL Resources ManagementSylvan116.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018917Evi 1N/A195.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018926Karr Gold Creek 15-19-066-04w6Paramount Resources Ltd.N/A61.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018936Burnt Timber GgsHusky Oil Operations LimitedFoothills33.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018950Moose Moutain Oil Battery 02-23-023-07w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedBragg Creek25.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018978Brazeau 09-16Questfire Energy CorpBrazeau35.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018991Chemtrade - CalgaryChemtrade Logistics Inc.Calgary0.01All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000018997Prentiss Chemical Manufacturing FacilityMeglobal Canada Inc.Lacombe83.03Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000019000Fenn/Big Valley Compressor Station 02-14-036-20w4Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Fenn/Big Valley43.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019009Hanna 06-01-31-14 W4Pengrowth Energy CorporationHanna43.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019021Oberlin 01-29Questfire Energy CorpErskine97.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019038Summit DeliaMarquee Energy Ltd.N/A27.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019058Granada Compressor Station 02-18N/A124.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019068Monolith Red Willow Compressor Station 10-27N/A30.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019076Talisman Lovett River 2-20N/A42.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019085Peyto Kakwa 02-11-060-04 W6mPeyto Exploration and Development CorporationMd of Greenview42.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019086East Carbon Compressor StationCarbon24.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019097Seal Compressor Station 07-20N/A67.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019168Rich Compressor 16-30Signalta Resources Ltd.Big Valley13.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019181FirebagSuncor Energy Oil Sands Limited PartnershipFt. McMurray3450.71Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000019205Chime 5-26 Compressor StationPembina Pipeline CorporationGreenview No. 1621.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019206Wild River 2-2 CompressorN/A30.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019219Mackay River Power PlantTransCanada Energy Ltd.Fort McMurray162.46Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000019221Utikuma Oil BatteryVermilion Energy Inc.Township 08165.25Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019232Highvale 07-14-052-3w5Zargon Oil and Gas Ltd.Duffield41.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019266East Castor Sweet Gas Plant 02-02N/A41.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019289Strathcona WorksRio Tinto AlcanSherwood Park79.86Other Petroleum & Coal Products Mfg.
0000019292Marten Creek Comp Stn 14-10N/A79.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019299Norcen ProgressN/A63.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001930607-07-032-27w4 StewartEmber Resources Inc.Red Deer15.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001930707-33-039-22w4 NevisEmber Resources Inc.Mirror22.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001930806-11-042-23w4 Nevis NorthEmber Resources Inc.Mirror22.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019309Wildhay Cecilia-Kaybob PlantN/A221.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019313Countess 10-09-020-16 W4Journey Energy Inc.Countess30.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019395Sinclair Comp Stn 02-02N/A21.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000001945713-20-043-22w4 MalmoEmber Resources Inc.Panoka20.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019475Crew Edson 16-10N/A75.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019490Wapiti Compressor Station 07-22N/A45.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019537Elmworth Gas GroupN/A50.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019543Spirit River 06-03-078-07 W6Tourmaline Oil CorpGrand Prairie269.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019544Wroe 8-12Shell Canada UpstreamWroe581.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019545Cecilia 15-4Shell Canada UpstreamCecilia491.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019546Bpco EdmontonLa Cie Matériaux de Construction BP CanadaEdmonton0.75Asphalt Shingle & Coating Material Mfg.
0000019548Countess Sat 5 Oil Battery 15-33Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A93.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019550Entice System 2 Gas Battery 03-22N/A50.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019552Leismer Gas Battery 12-16Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A22.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019553Lake Newell Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A166.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019559Rosebud Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A21.84Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019560Caribou Comp Stn 06-15Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A20.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019562Hythe Gas Battery 15-31Encana CorporationN/A25.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019573Three Hills Comp Stn 02-11N/A31.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019577Linden Comp Stn 07-11N/A37.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019601Bantry North Oil Battery 12-12N/A35.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019636Hanlan Compressor Station 09-09-045-16w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedDaysland40.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019640Tolman Compressor Station 13-29-033-21w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedTrochu22.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019651Cold Lake Comp Stn 16-35N/A28.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019656Lafarge Canada, Inc., Greater Edmonton, Petroway Asphalt PlaLafarge North AmericaEdmonton54.74Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000019713Jumpbush 6-25-20-21w4N/A51.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019717Ansell Compressor Station 03-06-049-18w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedYellowhead County89.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019718Petro Canada Mountain Park Hanlan 5-N/A26.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019745Swalwell W 8-28-29-25w4Swalwell22.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019801Queenstown Sweet Gas Plant 01-02Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A122.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019812Willesden Green Compressor Station 14-36N/A41.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019821Medicine Lodge Gas Plant 09-09N/A42.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019823Obed Comp Stn 03-31N/A203.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019836Fort Saskatchewan 11-27Signalta Resources Ltd.Fort Saskatchewan15.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019890WoodenhouseTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A47.07Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000019892Clearwater Sweet Gas Plant 11-17Trident Exploration CorpN/A42.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019896Corbett Sweet Gas Plant 15-10Trident Exploration CorpN/A27.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019903Willisden Green Comp Station 08-04N/A162.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019926Palisades Generating StationATCO Electric Ltd.Jasper National Park438.55Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000019933Little Horse Generating StationATCO Electric Ltd.M.D. of Big Lakes20.89Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000019947Violet Grove Comp Stn 16-29N/A196.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019958Canfor Green Energy Combined Heat and Power PlantCanadian Forest Products Ltd.Grande Prairie468.47Other Electric Power Generation
0000019995Edmonton Hydrogen FacilityAir Products Canada Ltd.Edmonton211.97Industrial Gas Mfg.
0000019997Clear Prairie Sweet Gas Plant 07-33N/A33.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020177Medicine Lodge 14-03Shell Canada UpstreamMedicine Lodge156.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020181Boundary Lake 10-19-086-11 W6mTerra Energy CorporationGrande Prairie26.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021009Whitecap Lanaway 13-02-036-03 W5mWhitecap Resources Inc.Lanaway39.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002101808-15-039-23w4 AlixEmber Resources Inc.Stettler22.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002102401-29-043-21w4 LamertonEmber Resources Inc.Ferintosh5.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002102509-06-042-20w4 LamertonEmber Resources Inc.Bashaw4.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002102809-14-030-24w4 Lonepine SouthEmber Resources Inc.Red Deer18.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002102902-29-031-28w4 Lonepine WestEmber Resources Inc.Red Deer18.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002103108-28-032-26w4 TorringtonEmber Resources Inc.Red Deer26.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002103206-17-042-22 W4 NevisEmber Resources Inc.Nevis7.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021061Pouce Coupe South 7-25-77-12w6Birchcliff Energy Ltd.Calgary46.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021064Bonavista Charlie 13-09Charlie45.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021077Portable Plant 020009Border Paving Ltd.Whitecourt15.67
0000021078Portable Plant 020011Border Paving Ltd.Rimbey6.93
0000021106Bigstone 7-29-60-23w5N/A27.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021112Dawson 8-26-79-16w5N/A29.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021120Rio Alto Karr Cs 11-15N/A27.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021123Gulf Nevis 6-12N/A22.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021130Tlm 04-17-052-20w5N/A21.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021143Rio Alto Wild River 11-13N/A22.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021163Ferrybank 2-1 CsNAL Resources ManagementN/A50.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021197Pouce Coupe 06-33-077-11w6Kelt ExplorationN/A11.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021212Homeglen West 07-22NAL Resources ManagementHomeglen112.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021234Strachan Comp Stn 09-03N/A65.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021266Dalemead Comp Stn 04-15Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A29.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021275Highriver Comp Stn 11-31Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A92.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021278Ghost Pine Gas Battery 15-11Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A40.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021279Vulcan Gas Battery 16-04Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A21.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021280Niton Comp Stn 16-09Mfc Resource PartnershipN/A56.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021284Connorsville Comp Stn 10-32N/A25.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021288Ferrier Comp Stn 04-13N/A21.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021289Ferrier Comp Stn 13-01N/A22.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021302Niton Comp Station 06-10N/A28.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021325Gilby Comp Stn 11-24N/A93.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021334Pedigree Comp Stn 06-12N/A112.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002134613-03-043-22w4 MalmoEmber Resources Inc.Bashaw46.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021355Forsyth Gas Battery 13-36N/A34.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021381Ferrier West 7-18 Gas PlantN/A30.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021387Fir 05-29Mapan Energy Ltd.Fir67.66
0000021388Obed 01-21Shell Canada UpstreamObed416.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021390Sundance 15-07Shell Canada UpstreamSundance897.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002140004-01-042-22w4 BashawEmber Resources Inc.Bashaw45.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021402Bassano Comp Stn 06-09Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A144.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021406Countess (Scandia) Sweet Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A28.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021422Ghost Hills Comp Stn 05-19N/A24.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021425Hythe Comp Stn 10-09N/A33.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021426Irricana Compressor Station 10-22N/A39.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021453Suffield E Comp Stn 04-03Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A134.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021454Suffield Comp Stn 12-24Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A147.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021456Three Hills Comp Stn 05-12N/A50.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021463Wayne Dalum Comp Stn 12-32Cenovus Energy Inc.N/A34.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021485Momentive SturgeonMomentive Specialty Chemicals Canada Inc.Sturgeon County237.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021486Willesden North Comp Station 11-20N/A21.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021512Clover Bar Landfill Gas Generating StationCapital Power (Alberta) Limited PartnershipEdmonton74.51Other Electric Power Generation
0000021538Rose Creek 6-7-73-6w5 GgsN/A33.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021548Tucker ThermalHusky Oil Operations LimitedBonneville412.38Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000021557Laclabiche 11-3Chinook Energy Inc.Laclabiche38.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021678Devon MuskwaPerpetual Energy Inc.N/A29.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021679Devon WoodenhouseN/A56.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021682Asphalt PlantPark Paving Ltd.Edmonton1.70Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000021715Petro Canada Hanlan Robb 10-17N/A71.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021733Swalwell 6-7 GgsPengrowth Energy CorporationBuoyant19.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000217468-11 Gas Injection FacilityN/A41.81Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000021754Peyto Nosehill 11-21-055-20 W5mPeyto Exploration and Development CorporationEdson238.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021755Peyto Wildhay 04-21-055-23 W5mPeyto Exploration and Development CorporationMd of Greenview142.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021802Penhold Central Battery 15-29-036-26w4mQuicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Penhold C46.70Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000021803Penhold North Battery 11-33-037-26w4mQuicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Penhold N60.10Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000021806Twining Battery 9-33-032-24w4mQuicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Twining30.00Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000021840Blue_rapids_plant (4-08)Blue Rapids63.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021850Cecil 08-06-085-08 W6mTerra Energy CorporationWorsley27.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021855Nevis Gas Battery 04-24Questfire Energy CorpN/A26.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021873Oldman 11-29 Compressor StationN/A32.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021896Ghost Pine Gas Battery 09-33Trident Exploration CorpCalgary24.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021901Sandhills Sweet Gas Plant 07-25Trident Exploration CorpN/A60.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021902Scollard Gas Battery 16-30Trident Exploration CorpN/A22.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021908Chevron Kaybob 10-34N/A69.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021911Para Kaybob 12-10-064-19w5N/A828.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021914Trilogy Presley 03-29 100%N/A168.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021928Morningside CompressorVermilion Energy Inc.Township 04289.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021930West Pembina CompressorVermilion Energy Inc.Township 04932.25Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021938Cmi 500 Mobile PlantN.P.A. Limited (Wapiti Gravel Suppliers)Mobile Plant11.60Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000021943Chigwell 02-03-042-25w4Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Chigwell48.30Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000021944New Norway Compressor 13-09-045-22w4Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc.New Norway34.40Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000021954SpyhillLehigh Hanson Materials Ltd.Spyhill1.72Sand & Gravel Mining & Quarrying
0000021955VilleneuveLehigh Hanson Materials Ltd.Villeneuve1.44Sand & Gravel Mining & Quarrying
0000021956Cadomin QuarryLehigh Hanson Materials Ltd.Cadomin8.24Limestone Mining & Quarrying
0000021973Dunvegan Field BatteryN/A152.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021987Horidi Comp Stn 06-10N/A62.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021992Acme Gas Battery 16-07N/A84.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002199706-04-040-21w4 BashawEmber Resources Inc.Mirror1.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022010Pembina Compressor 05-21-047-10w5Baytex Energy LtdPembina155.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022020Amoco Sundre Unit #1 Bty 7-4Sundre Un52.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022022Amoco Sundre 9-11-34-5Sundre Ru25.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022038Bonnie Glen 1-11-46-27w4N/A66.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022041Beauvallon W. 4-9-54-10w4N/A35.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022051Chard 10-2-80-6w4N/A41.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022075Petro-Can West Gold CreekN/A28.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022077Nipisi 12-30-72-4w5N/A86.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022110Kakwa Comp Stn 01-06N/A128.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022112Pembina Battery and Comp Stn 01-17N/A60.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022115Willesden Green Oil Battery 01-31N/A62.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022116Brazeau River Comp Station 02-02N/A29.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022117Berland River West Comp Station 02-05N/A32.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022129Elmworth Comp Stn 03-25N/A21.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022130Wapiti Comp Stn 03-33N/A135.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022141Surmont Sagd Commercial BatteryConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.Anzac349.20Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000022142Westpem Comp Stn 05-28N/A191.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022143Pine Creek Comp Stn 05-35N/A38.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022145Wapiti Comp Stn 06-02N/A29.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022152Wapiti Comp Stn 06-32N/A68.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022153Wapiti Comp Stn 07-08N/A26.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022159Brazeau 7-24-47-15w5Deethree Exploration Ltd.Cynthia33.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022164Kakwa Comp Station 07-31N/A110.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022190Cutbank Comp Stn 10-36N/A97.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022198Wapiti Comp Stn 11-18-066-10w6N/A88.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022200Brazeau River Gas Battery 11-27N/A37.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022222Red Rock Comp Stn 14-24N/A34.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022230Greenbank Comp Station 16-09N/A134.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022231Wapiti Comp Stn 16-27N/A64.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022232Red Rock Comp Stn 16-33N/A146.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002224104-07-040-19w4 South BuffaloEmber Resources Inc.Stettler5.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022242Fishing Lake Gas Battery 01-06N/A21.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022253Iron River 01-01-064-08w4 PadIron River Op29.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022257Devon Iron River 02-05-064-07w4Iron River Op41.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022258Wimborne Cbm Ggs 2-16-34-26w4N/A72.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022261Iron River 05-06-064-07w4 PadIron River Op27.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022267Jackfish 1 Sagd PlantDevon Canada CorporationConklin466.53Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000022277Direct Energy Crossfield 5-22-29-2w5N/A23.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022280Kakwa Sweet Gas Processing PlantEncana CorporationCalgary69.05
000002228102-01-041-24w4 Chigwell Gas BatteryEmber Resources Inc.Clive26.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022289Entice Sweet Gas Plant 05-31N/A20.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022291Bonavista Ggs 06-33-044-03w5Hoadley24.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022294Lyalta Comp Stn 08-21N/A53.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022296Redland Comp Stn 08-33N/A28.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022298Redland South Comp Stn 09-30N/A45.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022300Gayford Comp Stn. 10-17N/A26.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022307Elnora Gas Battery 15-32N/A23.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022309Braeburn Comp Stn 16-19N/A82.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022314Ferrier Comp Station 09-22N/A49.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022322Lator 02-06-063-02w6Mosaic Energy Ltd.Calgary49.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022346Meg Christina Lake Regional ProjectMEG Energy Corp.Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo846.66Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000022378Long Lake ProjectNexen Energy Ulc.Fort McMurray2192.79Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000022388Wapiti Compressor Station 7-5-68-9w6mOMERS Energy Inc.Calgary27.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022389Peyto Galloway 09-34-053-20w5mPeyto Exploration and Development CorporationEdson168.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022390Archer BruceN/A33.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000223965-19-72-7w5m PadBlackPearl Resources Inc.Calgary24.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000224036-18-72-7w5m BatteryBlackPearl Resources Inc.Calgary122.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022414Pembina Sweet Gas Plant 04-02N/A44.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022419Pembalta #8 Sour Gas Plant 05-05N/A216.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022424Dryden Creek Compressor Station 09-29N/A124.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022425Seal Compressor Station 06-31N/A27.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022427Pembina Sweet Gas Plant 10-15N/A35.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022430Marathon Slave Compressor Station 11-16N/A62.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022447Magin Three Hills Creek Sweet Gas Plant 08-32N/A118.84Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022462Slave Compressor Station 14-13N/A60.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022468Willesden Green Sweet Gas Plant 14-01N/A269.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022491Seal Lake 8-8N/A237.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022492Cliffdale 3-25Shell Canada LimitedPeace River89.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022493Orion FacilitiesOsum Production Corp.Cold Lake129.33
0000022495Chinook RidgeMapan Energy Ltd.Edson51.04
0000022497Medicine Hat Ran Redcliff 8-7Signalta Resources Ltd.Medicine Hat16.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022519GadsbyTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A32.11Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000022540Vero Edson 12-15-053-15-W5Velvet Energy Ltd.Yellowhead County23.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022550Godin 15-19-81-1w5 CompressorN/A65.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022551Wild Hay 14-36N/A214.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022554Waskanigan Slip Steam Ggs 6-5N/A91.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022556South Brintnell BatteryN/A40.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022576Eaglesham Gp 01-25-76-01w6N/A31.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022578Donnelly 6-1-77-21w5N/A99.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000225793-36-55-5w5 BatteryN/A106.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022580Kakut 14-12-75-3w6N/A205.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022581Puskwa 03-03-072-26w5N/A62.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022595Prairie River Comp Stn 08-15N/A51.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002261014-26-038-22w4 AlixEmber Resources Inc.Stettler1.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022646Baytex Pembina 16-34-48-9w5Baytex Energy LtdPembina23.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022647Teepee 5-24-073-04w6/2N/A25.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022658Wilgrn 16-12-042-06w5 GgsWg 16-1256.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022661Kaybob 10-19-058-18w5N/A20.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022673Edson/Ansell/Galloway 1-24-52-20w5N/A68.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022679Cnrl CessfordN/A45.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022693Rio Alto KarrN/A69.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022700Norcen Progress Cs 11-02N/A24.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022711Dorset Plain 14-36N/A32.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022748Hornet Energy Brant Gas Battery 15-34Mfc Energy CorporationN/A46.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022750Pod OneConnacher Oil and Gas LimitedFort McMurray159.24Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000022751Ghost Pine Gas Battery 01-14N/A20.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022752Ochiese Comp Station 01-15N/A68.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022754Three Hills Creek Gas Battery 01-36N/A40.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022756Homeglen Rimbey Comp Station 02-05N/A721.25Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022760Three Hills Creek Gas Battery 04-12N/A20.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022762Kaybob Gas Battery 04-31N/A93.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022769Three Hills Creek Gas Battery 05-36N/A20.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022770Pembina Comp Stn 06-09N/A242.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022775Kaybob Comp Station 06-23N/A21.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022777Berland Gas Battery 06-35N/A34.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022778Wapiti Comp Station 07-01N/A34.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022784Wapiti Comp Station 07-23N/A89.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022786Pembina Gas Battery 10-24N/A45.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022792Wapiti Comp Station 11-07N/A34.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022795Berland River West Comp Station 11-23N/A26.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022796Wapiti Comp Station 11-30N/A20.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022798Three Hills Creek Gas Battery 12-22N/A40.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022802Wolf Lake Comp Station 14-32N/A173.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022804Trochu Gas Battery 16-32N/A40.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002281510-31-039-20w4 South BuffaloEmber Resources Inc.Stettler6.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022854Horse 16-35N/A82.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022862Kakwa Gas Battery 01-35 (Abbt0098047)N/A22.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022864Kakwa Gas Battery 04-26-061-05w6Jupiter Resources Inc.Greenview No. 1651.28
0000022884Leland Comp Stn 14-34-058-26-W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton42.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022903Wapiti Comp Station 10-30N/A199.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022909Wild River 08-14-057-23w5mTourmaline Oil CorpEdson35.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022929Girouxville 103/13-04-076-20w500N/A21.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022930Dreau 14-11-78-21w5N/A155.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022946Brazeau Comp Stn 06-29N/A74.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022970Mclean Creek Dehy 16-09-022-06w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedBragg Creek23.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022980Gold Creek 14-32Chinook Energy Inc.Grande Prairie48.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022986Irish 16-36-54-6w4N/A33.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023041Mistue Compressor Station 02-02N/A124.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023190Karr 07-11-064-04w6Seven Generations Energy Ltd.Calgary165.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023191Lator 01-21-063-02w6Seven Generations Energy Ltd.Calgary149.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023193Bigstone 03-06Mapan Energy Ltd.Bigstone90.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023194South Cecilia 09-29Shell Canada UpstreamCecilia224.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023195Oldman 10-24Shell Canada UpstreamOldman229.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023202Bigstone Gas Battery 04-03N/A34.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023229Nrk Sunchild 11-18 CompressorSunchild33.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023236Tolko AthabascaTolko Industries Ltd.Slave Lake114.24Waferboard Mills
0000023238Thunder Sweet Gas Plant 09-06Trident Exploration CorpN/A65.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023257Central Heating and Cooling PlantUniversity of CalgaryCalgary61.99Universities
0000023269Susan Lake Gravel PitAthabasca Minerals Inc.Fort McMurray66.38Sand & Gravel Mining & Quarrying
0000023275Horizon Oil Sands Processing Plant and MineCanadian Natural Resources LimitedFort McMurray1569.06Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000023281Glacier Sour Gas Plant 05-02Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd.N/A245.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023291Harmattan Comp Stn 09-05N/A87.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023295Cessford Comp Stn 02-29N/A20.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023297Third Lake Generating StationATCO Electric Ltd.Fort Chipewyan40.16Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000023325Ferrier Gas GatheringFerrier32.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023335Rimbey 05-02Scollard Energy Inc.Rimbey31.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023338Narraway 8-33-63-13w6N/A78.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023368Clover Bar Energy CentreCapital Power (Alberta) Limited PartnershipEdmonton39.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000023386Mulligan Fourth Creek 15-13-082-09-W6Tourmaline Oil CorpGrande Prairie22.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023406Elmworth Comp Stn 07-14-068-13w6N/A42.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023408Gilby Gas Battery 08-16N/A35.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023411Homeglen Comp Stn 06-02N/A34.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023412Huxley Comp Station 08-32N/A46.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023419Peco Gas Battery 08-02N/A53.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023422Placid Gas Battery 06-31N/A240.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023423Rocky Comp Station 10-18N/A24.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023425Twining Comp Stn 14-19N/A37.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023430Wapiti Comp Stn 06-34N/A52.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023480Brazeau Comp Stn 14-34N/A115.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023487Iron River 01-32-063-07w4 PadIron River Op25.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023490Iron River 07-22-63-6w4 PadIron River Op31.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023491Iron River 06-14-063-06w4 PadIron River Op21.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023494Iron River 1-10-64-6w4 PadIron River Op41.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023496Iron River 1-9-64-7w4 PadIron River Op20.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023501Iron River 5-5-64-7w4 PadIron River Op20.25Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023503Devon Iron River 07-15-63-6w4 PadIron River Op26.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023504Iron River 07-15-64-8w4 PadIron River Op25.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023505Devon Iron River 1-8-64-7w4 PadIron River Op25.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023506Devon Iron River 04-06-64-6w4 PadIron River Op30.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023509Iron River 7-6-64-7w4 PadIron River Op21.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023514Iron River 2-7-64-7w4 PadIron River Op24.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023515Devon Iron River 04-09-64-7w4 PadIron River Op21.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002352613-27-041-21 W4m BashawEmber Resources Inc.Bashaw2.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023527Ewing Lake Comp Stn 15-33N/A27.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023530Mikwan Gas Battery 08-26N/A26.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023531Rich Gas Battery 04-24N/A40.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023542Pouce Coupe Gas Battery 13-13N/A66.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023547Swalwell Comp Stn 14-35N/A34.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023549Twining Gas Battery and Comp Stn 12-10N/A103.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023560Grande Cache Coal CorporationGrande Cache Coal CorporationGrande Cache829.93Bituminous Coal Mining
0000023600Marathon Player 13-36 GgsN/A30.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023614Heathdale Gas Battery 11-34NuVista Energy Ltd.N/A21.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023617Wapiti Gas Battery 12-12NuVista Energy Ltd.N/A29.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023619Wapiti Gas Battery 15-31NuVista Energy Ltd.N/A52.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023621Willisden Green Compressor Station 03-23-042-05w5OMERS Energy Inc.Calgary35.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023625Numac Calling Lake 09-32N/A35.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023628Jcwp 7-6Pengrowth Energy CorporationSwan Hills21.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023793Sunchild Battery and CompressorVermilion Energy Inc.Township 4347.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023807South Rosevear Low PressureRosevear21.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023810Pancdn FerrybankFerrybank24.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023817Bonavista Carstairs 3-3Car Elktnu48.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023818Bonavista Pine Creek 12-19-57-18Pine Creek24.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023825Iron River 09-26-64-8w4 PadIron River Op36.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023827Petrocan Turner Valley/Viking 6-16N/A160.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023842Iron River 07-23-64-8w4 PadIron River Op20.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023843Iron River 06-27-64-7w4 PadIron River Op32.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023882Mirage 06-31-079-07w6Paramount Resources Ltd.N/A42.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023942Caroline 3-26Caroline - South82.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023950Berland River West Comp Station 01-21N/A38.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023952Chinook Ridge Gas Battery 13-09N/A27.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023956Elmworth Gas PlantConocoPhillips Canada Operations Ltd.Elmworth457.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023964Peco Gas Battery 14-07N/A135.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023965Pembina Comp Station 04-17N/A47.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023967Pine Creek Gas Battery 11-03-057N/A52.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023974Willesden Gas Battery 06-12N/A122.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024051Field LakeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A24.73Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000024061Caroline Gas Battery 07-25N/A33.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024095Ranger Rich 1-19N/A36.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024100Meg Christina Lake Cogeneration FacilityMEG Energy Corp.Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo788.56Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000024103Wolf Comp Stn 05-28NuVista Energy Ltd.N/A65.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024107Iron River 05-36-63-7w4 PadIron River Op24.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024108Iron River 04-25-63-7w4 PadIron River Op31.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024120Red Rock Gas Battery 02-12N/A29.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024125Birchcliff Pouce Coupe 03-22-078-12 W6m Gas PlantBirchcliff Energy Ltd.Pouce Coupe413.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024130Seal 04-33-082-15w5N/A199.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024132Lochend 05-11-029-04 W5mOrlen Upstream Canada Ltd.Calgary41.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024139Mclean Creek North Compressor Station 06-21-022-06w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedBragg Creek28.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024141Hinton 06-32-51-25 W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton28.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024145Leismer Sagd Bitumen BatteryStatoil Canada Ltd.N/A278.72Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000024148Whitecap Garrington 08-15-034-04w5mWhitecap Resources Inc.Garrington25.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024155Wilson Creek Compressor Station 09-19-043-03w5OMERS Energy Inc.Calgary47.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024161Kaybob 10-22RMP Energy Inc.Swan Hills43.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024169Greenfield 11-01Arsenal Energy Inc.St. Albert27.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024188AlgarConnacher Oil and Gas LimitedCalgary152.10Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000024195Alberta Hub Gas Storage FacilityIberdrola Canada Energy Services Ltd.Peers49.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024232Portable Plant 020010Border Paving Ltd.Blackfalds4.45
0000024251Horse 16-17-058-26-W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton67.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024254Kaybob 06-20-061-18w5N/A45.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024273Seal Bitumen Battery 12-25N/A64.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024278Seal Bitumen Battery 16-13N/A76.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024298Amoco Pem Card Unit Compressor Station 14-03N/A65.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024303Cdn Oxy Pembina Compressor Station 16-03N/A30.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024304Cdn Oxy Pembina Compressor Station 06-08N/A30.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024325Willesden Green Comp Stn 01-06N/A24.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024336Gilby 03-28-41-4 GgsWg 3-28184.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024339Bonavista Strachan 05-34-037-08w5Strachan22.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024347Bonavista 09-04-034-05w5Sundre Un44.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024348Willesden Green 10-34-40-06w5 GgsWg 3-2836.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024354North Rosevear Former Sour GpRosevear52.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024365Chinchaga Gas PlantN/A341.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024370Saddle Hills 3-14-75-7w6 to TeepeeN/A43.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024377Norcen Westerose 6-20N/A22.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024381Botha 7-16-98-5w6N/A28.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024382Fishing Lake South 07-17-055-02w4N/A33.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024387Karr 10-10-65-2w6N/A35.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024392Dome Grassland 11-7N/A23.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024397Pancdn WembleyN/A36.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024403Total Wembley Bty. No. 1N/A174.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024406Cnrl Cs 16-05N/A22.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024407Cnrl Cs 16-09N/A20.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024408Saddle Hills 16-26-075-06w6N/A31.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024411Cdn Hunter Karr 16-36N/A21.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024427Resthaven Gas Battery 02-16N/A282.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024430Bruce Comp Station 06-28N/A21.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024433Westerose South Gas Battery 11-02N/A20.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024464Cnrl Cs 04-23N/A72.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024465Jackfish 2 Sagd PlantDevon Canada CorporationConklin415.10Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000024466Devon Iron River 8-12-64-7 PadIron River Op22.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024467Amoco KirbyKirby106.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024470Elmworth Comp Stn 15-03N/A36.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024471Amoco LeismerLeismer74.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024477Twining Comp Stn 01-36N/A40.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024478Red Rock Gas Battery 02-17-063-08w6Jupiter Resources Inc.Greenview No. 1639.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024511Newport Enchant 16-22N/A118.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024548Para Karr 06-18 CompressorParamount Resources Ltd.N/A526.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024697Pembina Comp Stn 05-19N/A29.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024703Pembina Comp Stn. 12-12N/A52.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024718Brantfarrow 14-05-019-24w4 Gas PlantBrantfarrow37.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025005Pouce Coupe 1-19Insignia Energy Ltd.Pouce Coupe71.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025053Chungo Compressor Station 05-26-043-18w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedClearwater County58.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025093Saleski Sagd Pilot ProjectLaricina Energy Ltd.Municipal District of Opportunity No. 1724.99Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000025112Wildmere 08-17Gear Energy Ltd.Wildmere28.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025131Valley Power LpValley Power LPDrayton Valley285.09Other Electric Power Generation
0000025200Anderson Sylvan Lake 05-14-039-05w5Anderson Energy Inc.Sylvan Lake21.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000252122-36-76-18w4mBlackPearl Resources Inc.Wandering River129.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000252141-22-72-8w5mBlackPearl Resources Inc.Slave Lake38.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025220Resthaven 02-10XTO Energy Canada ULCResthaven457.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025221Simonette 13-11 CsCequence Energy Ltd.Little Smoky112.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025231Dapp Power LpDapp Power LpWestlock432.84Other Electric Power Generation
0000025282Surge Windfall 16-4 BatterySurge Energy Inc.Woodlands County39.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025284Musreau Gas PlantPembina Pipeline CorporationGreenview No. 16264.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025287Chime 08-13Pembina Pipeline CorporationGreenview No. 16418.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025288Chicken 06-27 Compressor StationPembina Pipeline CorporationGreenview No. 1675.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025300Banshee 15-12Tourmaline Oil CorpYellowhead County420.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025302Cynthia BatteryVermilion Energy Inc.Township 05137.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025405Pouce Coupe 14-27Insignia Energy Ltd.Pouce Coupe58.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025439Cnrl Cs 10-36N/A58.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026005Rosemary Sour Gas Plant 3-18-22-16w4Cardinal Energy Ltd.Countess10.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026025Real Resources West Provost Sweet Gas Plant 10-12N/A84.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026033Brazeau Comp Stn 15-19N/A162.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026047Caribou Redwater GgsN/A51.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026054Westfire Redwater 7-21-057-22w4N/A80.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026060Fairborne Marlboro 05-29 Sweet GpMarlboro76.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026063Pine Creek 12-2-56-19 Multiwell GasPine Creek55.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026065Westrose 11-30-046-27w4Bon Glen30.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026081Amoco Chinchaga Cs 03-25N/A36.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026083Apache HamburgN/A24.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026085Beartrap 100/07-12-060-05w4/00N/A25.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026096Cyn-Pem (West Pemb) 14-15-051-12w5N/A24.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026104Hillsdown Lp Gas Gathering SystemN/A21.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026107Imperial Med Hat SouthN/A25.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026108Imperial PatriciaN/A116.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026109Kirby South 13-21-73-7w4Canadian Natural Resources LimitedLac la Biche County292.92Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000026113Norcen KnopcikN/A24.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026128Lindbergh 7-13Pengrowth Energy CorporationKehewin26.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026143Nova Chemicals Technical CentreNova Chemicals CorporationCalgary0.33R&D in the Physical, Eng. & Life Sciences
0000026148Stp McKay Thermal ProjectSouthern Pacific Resource Corp.Fort McMurray67.64Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000026149Lochend 03-20-027-03w5Pengrowth Energy CorporationRocky View County84.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026163Seal 09-17-084-18w5Baytex Energy LtdSeal26.76Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000026166Seal 10-09-084-19w5Baytex Energy LtdSeal129.84Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000026191Grosmont PilotShell Canada LimitedWabasca71.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026199Wild River 12-36-055-23-W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton22.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026201Solomon 15-20-053-27-W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton57.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026206Worsley 14-10-088-10w6Birchcliff Energy Ltd.Calgary67.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026207Strachan 04-13Orlen Upstream Canada Ltd.Rocky Mountain House41.54
0000026220Gold Creek 12-26-067-06 W6mProgress Energy Canada Ltd.Gold Creek21.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026252Hamlin Creek 12-33-080-06 W6mTerra Energy CorporationCalgary18.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026264Peyto Swanson 12-31-053-19w5mPeyto Exploration and Development CorporationEdson199.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002627516-23-035-19w4 Fenn Big ValleyEmber Resources Inc.Fenn Big Valley1.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002627613-22-043-22w4 MalmoEmber Resources Inc.Malmo2.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026283Gull Lake 02-02-41-28 W4Mosaic Energy Ltd.Calgary36.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026320Waskahigan 12-7RMP Energy Inc.Greenview No. 1642.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026328Wainwright 12-36-043-06w4Endurance Energy Ltd.Wainwright45.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026403Fort Hills Oil SandsFort Hills Energy Limited PartnershipFort McMurray172.16Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000026425Kaybob East 16-03Athabasca Oil CorporationFox Creek113.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026426Kaybob West 07-14Athabasca Oil CorporationFox Creek152.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026427Saxon 10-19Athabasca Oil CorporationCalgary79.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026454Velvet 16-23-054-17w5Velvet Energy Ltd.Yellowhead County38.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026456Sunrise 15-02Leucrotta Energy Inc.N/A56.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026481Countess Sour Gas PlantCenovus Energy Inc.N/A66.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026501Kaybob Gas Plant 05-31N/A45.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026520Ferrier Comp Station 09-03N/A972.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026548Lynx Gas Battery 10-09N/A26.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026618Para 08-13-063-05w6 Musreau Gas PlantParamount Resources Ltd.Fox Creek587.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026620Valhalla Gas 10-25-075-11w6Paramount Resources Ltd.N/A36.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026638Aec BoyerN/A38.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026649Tourmaline Musreau 02/09-13-062-06-W6Tourmaline Oil CorpGrande Cache83.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027004Taqa Ferrier 07-11-041-08w5 GgsFerrier - East25.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027006Taqa North 5-33-43-9 O'Chiese GgsOchiese21.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027019Cork Carrot 16-28-51-14 W5m GgsN/A131.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027021Gordondale Sour Gas Plant 16-31AltaGas Ltd.N/A241.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027023Pembina 10-25-45-09-W5m BoosterN/A20.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027024Retlaw Comp Stn 12-02N/A93.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027042Devon Iron River 7-14-64-6w4 PadIron River Op26.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027048Numac Provost Northeast Inlet 15-36N/A27.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027050Cnrl Cs 13-11N/A21.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027086Strachan Comp Stn 09-26N/A34.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027093Pwe Pouce Coupe 1-19 GgsValhalla/Pouce Coupe59.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027097Mcmullen Thermal Conduction Pilot 06-35-078-25w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedOpportunity No. 1776.50Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000027127Ante Creek North Sweet Gas Plant 10-07N/A552.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027133Boundary Lake 7-6-86-12w6 GgsN/A26.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027148Pouce Coupe 4-8 GgsN/A35.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027160Brintnell Central 1-36-80-22w4N/A98.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027165Cnrl SedaliaN/A24.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027169Derwent 16-19-054-06w4N/A276.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027182Elk Point North 14-18-055-04w4N/A20.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027186Elk Point South 01-36-053-07w4N/A57.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027187Elk Point South 01-36-053-07w4/0 SwbN/A22.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027190Elk Point South 14-30-53-06w4N/A57.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027192Elk Point South 16-30-053-06w4N/A77.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027196Ferrier 4-32-39-8w5N/A37.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027203Fishing Lake Oil 04-07-055-02w4N/A36.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027216Grande Prairie 9-10-73-6w6N/A35.84Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027217Grey Wolf Redwater GasN/A35.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027221Imperial VergerN/A31.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027223Knopcik 10-01-074-10w6N/A34.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027224Lator 13-9-63-2w6N/A30.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027243Michichi 04-08N/A24.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027253Morgan 03-24-051-05w4N/A44.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027258Murphy Hamburg GgsN/A89.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027261Nipisi 3-11-80-8w5N/A52.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027263Obed 14-32-054-22w5N/A68.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027266Pembina Cranberry Slave PointN/A57.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027268Pouce Coupe 5-20-79-12 W6N/A33.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027278Rivercourse 15-16-048-06w4N/A32.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027281Seaview Boundary 10-4-84-10w6N/A20.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027286Sweet Inlet Line 6-23N/A42.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027288Talisman Boundary Lk. 8-5N/A39.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027295Wayne-Rosedale 14-12-26-19w4N/A115.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027303Peoc Mannville 15-26-50-9w4N/A30.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027305Warwick Gas Storage Bty 10-7N/A27.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027312Peoc AnsellN/A101.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027316Cpc Comp Stn 07-19N/A34.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027317Gilby Booster 09-05N/A36.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027349Bnp Sundre 08-01-034-06w5 GgsSundre Nu39.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027360Bonavista Wilgrn 2/04-24-043-09w5Ferrier22.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027368Norcen Hoadley 02-05Ferrybank21.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027370South Rosevear 11-36-53-15Rosevear71.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027372Brazeau 14-30-45-11w5 MwobN/A385.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027375Lts 13-8-26-2w5 MwobN/A51.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027390Pbn 3-6-21-21w4 Jumpbush Gas MwbN/A43.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027404Sceptre Pembina 8-35N/A20.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027416Lloyd 100/01-19-048-01w4/00N/A23.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027424Trilogy Karr 13-25-065-02w6 SwbN/A22.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027425Trilogy Smoky River 06-16 GplN/A20.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027444Red Willow Compressor Station 13-11N/A35.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027463Willesden Green Compressor Station 10-15N/A55.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027464* Petro-Can Medicine LodgeN/A24.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002746502-11-041-08 Comp BtyN/A76.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027466Avalanche WattsN/A36.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027468Cometra Wood RiverN/A44.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027471Peppers Ggs 7-17N/A39.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027472Petro Basing 6-9-48N/A39.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027473Petro Canada Hanlan Robb 4-8N/A54.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027474Petro-Can HanlanN/A688.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027478Petro-Can Mountain ParkN/A30.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027479Petro-Can ShawN/A118.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027487Wildcat Hills 5-32 Gas BatteryN/A24.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027490Devon Aog Corporation Cs 03-26N/A94.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027491Devon DixonvilleN/A21.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027495Shiningbank St. Anne 10-33N/A20.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027496St. Anne 102/13-36-054-05w5N/A23.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027501Devon Cs 11-03Kirby50.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027503Ferrier 09-22N/A34.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027506Kearl Oil Sands Processing Plant and MineImperial Oil Resources LimitedFort McKay805.77Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000027512Wapiti Comp Stn 15-09N/A424.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027522Devon 7d Frog Lk 7-14-55-2Frog Lake65.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027526Cnrl Group Battery 15-31N/A53.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027528Omega 1-24Paradise31.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027532Iron River 07-35-64-7w4 PadIron River Op21.56Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027536Iron River 15-17-62-5w4 PadIron River Op24.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027538Iron River 15-27-62-5w4 PadIron River Op29.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027544Newport George East Line 11-30N/A49.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027545Northstar Energy Corporation Cs 07-09N/A26.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027616Provost Oil Battery 04-07N/A26.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027617Provost Oil Battery 04-21N/A36.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027638Ferrier Comp Station 13-05N/A1398.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027655Wapiti Comp Stn 03-32NuVista Energy Ltd.Calgary146.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027666Elnora 04-07-035-23w4Huxley23.56Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027676Velvet 08-33-054-17w5Velvet Energy Ltd.Yellowhead County54.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027699Ferguson Cs 3-25-3-17w4Deethree Exploration Ltd.Warner38.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027700Ferguson Oil Bty 1-21-3-17w4Deethree Exploration Ltd.Milk River31.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027720Canterra Ggs 06-02-037-10w5Husky Oil Operations LimitedCaroline35.03Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000027750Cadotte Wd 10-28-084-18w5Baytex Energy LtdCadotte Lake36.22Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
00000277531-17-72-7w5m PadBlackPearl Resources Inc.Slave Lake29.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027761Westerose Comp Stn 09-06Questfire Energy CorpN/A23.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002778113-14-72-8w5m PadBlackPearl Resources Inc.Slave Lake38.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000277825-22-72-8w5m PadBlackPearl Resources Inc.Slave Lake32.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027808Seal 13-17-084-18w5Baytex Energy LtdSeal144.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027822Hi-Pro Feeds OldsHi-Pro FeedsOlds0.68Other Animal Food Mfg.
0000027824Hi-Pro Feeds Sherwood ParkHi-Pro FeedsSherwood Park0.90Other Animal Food Mfg.
0000027826Mackay River Commercial ProjectMacKay Operating CorpFt McMurray39.34Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000027852Ferintosh 00-16-15-043-21 W4Rife Resources Ltd.Ferintosh27.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027854Ante 4-36RMP Energy Inc.Calais84.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027865Find Pembina Blue Rapids GgbPembina55.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027885Vantage 15-16 Compressor StationN/A40.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027901South Kaybob 02-20XTO Energy Canada ULCCalgary397.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027902Fir 01-32XTO Energy Canada ULCCalgary66.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027910Willesden Green 14-05Westbrick Energy Ltd.Brazeau No. 77158.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027925Triaxon Harmatten 11-14-032-03w5Triaxon Oil CorporationHarmatten22.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027953Germain Sagd PlantLaricina Energy Ltd.Municipal District of Opportunity No. 1748.20Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000027963Resthaven Sweet Gas Plant 08-11Pembina Pipeline CorporationN/A190.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027964Saturn Deepcut Gas Plant 12-36Pembina Pipeline CorporationGreenview No. 1622.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027966Carson Creek Gp 4-23Pengrowth Energy CorporationWoodlands County49.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027990Devon Frog Lk 10-4-55-3Frog Lake26.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027991Iron River 04-12-64-6w4 PadIron River Op22.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027992Iron River 08-27-64-7w4 PadIron River Op20.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027994Amax Matziwin 06-13N/A26.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028000Msn 15-24 PadN/A54.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028001Msn 16-22-083-15w5 Group BatteryN/A34.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028002Murphy 16-32 S PadN/A27.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028006Peoc Battery 1-35-50-9w4N/A29.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028008Peoc Mannville 4-25-50-9N/A20.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028009Peoc Mannville 9-35-50-9N/A24.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028022Wild River 09-15-057-23-W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton65.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028033Jackfish 3 Sagd PlantDevon Canada CorporationConklin91.97Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000028034Shaunavon 01-15Surge Energy Inc.Calgary61.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028047Wild River 11-16-055-24-W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton74.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028100Willesden Green Gas Battery 13-11N/A28.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028140Jayar 14-29Mosaic Energy Ltd.Jayar28.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028182Kaybob Gas Plant 15-31N/A33.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028184Pipestone Comp Stn 16-34N/A319.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028236Ansell Ggs 12-31N/A96.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028241Lochend 04-11-028-04w5N/A29.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028246Wilson Creek 15-03-043-04w5 GgsN/A47.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002824703-34-013-17w4 Gas GroupN/A20.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028248Cavalier Provost 7-4N/A20.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002825304-01-028-18w4 East Coulee GroupN/A85.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028257Bodo 2-13-038-01-W4 Gathering SystemN/A22.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028259Bp Canada Energy Company Cs 14-14N/A39.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028263Cabin Creek 15-19-56-4w6N/A29.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028264Canadian Natural Resources Limited Cs 01-03N/A160.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028265Canadian Natural Resources Limited Cs 02-01N/A39.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028267Chinchaga North 5-32-98-7N/A31.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028279Devon Pinto GgsN/A22.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028280Elk Point East 102/02-23-055-05w4N/A34.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028281Elk Point East 11-16-055-05w4N/A20.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028282Elk Point North 08-16-055-05w4N/A20.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028283Elk Point North 12-30-055-06w4N/A25.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028284Elk Point North Sec 19-055-04 GgsN/A59.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028285Elk Point South 00/15-26-054-06w4N/A25.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028286Elk Point South 03-11-054-05w4N/A21.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028287Elk Point South 03-32-053-06w4N/A37.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028288Enron EdsonN/A55.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028289Eog Rattlesnake GgsN/A109.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028290Fairborne Brazeau River 6-27N/A228.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028292Frog Lake 04-22-055-02w4N/A23.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028295John Lake Oil 03/11-36-055-01w4N/A30.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028296Kitscoty 09-32-052-01w4N/A20.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028297Kitscoty 15-32-052-01w4N/A30.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028298Kitscoty 16-32-052-01w4N/A30.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028299Kitscoty 16-34-050-02w4N/A20.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028302Lindbergh 15-20-058-05w4N/A38.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028303Lloyd 01-02-051-02w4N/A27.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028304Lloyd Blackfoot 01-06-051-01w4N/A31.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028306Marwayne 10-16-052-02w4N/A30.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028307Marwayne GgsN/A25.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028309Mica Creek 10-08-081-13w6N/A21.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028310Moose Hills 13-23-57-6w4N/A20.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028311Moose Hills Heavy 02/11-25-056-06w4N/A21.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028312Moose Hills Heavy 100/14-25-056-06w4N/A22.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028313Moose Hills Heavy 12-28-056-06w4N/A22.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028314Nevis 14-29-38-22 W4N/A51.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028322Progress 7-1-77-11w6N/A41.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028323Rio Alto Exploration Ltd Cs 12-35N/A44.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028324Rivercourse (Sec-23-048-01w4)N/A37.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028325Seibert Lake 01-23-063-09w4N/A23.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028326Seibert Lake 02-24-063-09w4N/A27.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028327Seibert Lake 04-24-063-09w4N/A35.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028328Seibert Lake 04-30-063-08w4N/A23.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028329Seibert Lake 15-19-063-08w4N/A29.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028331Talisman Energy Inc. Cs 06-15N/A31.39Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028332Tarragon Twining NorthN/A36.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028333Viking Kinsella 09-10-048-08w4N/A31.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028334Woodenhouse 01-29-086-23w4N/A35.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028335Woodenhouse 04-29-086-23w4N/A41.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028338Woodenhouse 11-17-086-23w4N/A25.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028340Woodenhouse 11-29-86-23w4N/A26.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028341Woodenhouse 11-32-86-23w4N/A29.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028343Woodenhouse 2-17-086-23w4N/A24.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028344Woodenhouse 2-5-87-23w4N/A36.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028345Woodenhouse 3-32-86-23w4N/A23.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028346Woodenhouse 3-4-87-23w4N/A43.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028347Woodenhouse 5-32-86-23w4N/A21.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028348Woodenhouse 6-32-86-23w4N/A26.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028349Woodenhouse 9-20-086-23w4N/A25.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028350Woodenhouse 9-31-86-23w4N/A37.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028353Woodenhouse Pad 17 12-29-86-23w4N/A21.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028382Befl Compressor Station 11-26N/A27.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028383Bigoray Compressor Station 12-17N/A90.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028384Carson Compressor Station 02-03N/A33.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028385Chevron Mitsue Compressor Station 08-15N/A311.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028386Chevron Mitsue Compressor Station 11-07N/A32.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028387Cynthia Copmressor Station 04-05N/A141.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028388Evi Comrpessor Station 07-01N/A33.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028391Grays Lake Compressor Station 03-23N/A27.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028393Monolith Compressor Station 11-27N/A33.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028398Rat Creek Compressor Station 01-12N/A62.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028399Renaissance Sloat Creek Compressor Station 10-18N/A64.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028404Swan Hills Compressor Station 04-14N/A27.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028405Threehills Compressor Station 01-32N/A175.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028406Bigoray Compressor Station 06-10N/A42.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028411Benjamin Creek 05-08 BatteryN/A22.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028414Hunter Valley 02-26 CsN/A29.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028416Cypress Farrow 11-10-20-24Brantfarrow21.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028424Tqn Herron 100/12-26-019-24w4/0 MwbHerronton35.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028451Princess 13-33Arsenal Energy Inc.Princess27.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028457Sugden 05-25-062-09w4Baytex Energy LtdSugden48.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028473Cyn Pem 09-16 BatteryVermilion Energy Inc.Township 05123.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028492Beaver Crossing 04-06-061-01w4Baytex Energy LtdBeaver Crossing176.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028497Sugden 02-24-062-09w4Baytex Energy LtdSugden87.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028499Harmon Valley 05-13-084-19w5Baytex Energy LtdHarmon Valley21.90Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002851812-22-72-8w5mBlackPearl Resources Inc.Calgary31.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000285198-21-72-8w5mBlackPearl Resources Inc.Calgary22.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028526Burnt Timber Jct A Sep & Flow SplitN/A53.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028534Gold Creek 03-16Chinook Energy Inc.N/A40.95Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028538Rainbow 05-19Chinook Energy Inc.N/A21.62Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002855903-34-037-20w4 GadsbyEmber Resources Inc.Fenn1.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028582Wildmere 09-07-048-04 W4m PadGear Energy Ltd.Wildmere20.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028583Wildmere 04-09-048-04 W4m PadGear Energy Ltd.Wildmere20.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028584Wildmere 16-07-048-04 W4m PadGear Energy Ltd.Wildmere20.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028585Galloway Power PlantGenalta Gp I Ltd.Peace River40.58Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000028590Algar Lake SagdGrizzly Oil Sands UlcFort McMurray51.53Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000028604Hussar Gas Stor 07-07-025-20w4Husky Oil Operations LimitedHussar21.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028618Laglace 14-29 BatteryKelt ExplorationN/A36.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028630Elmworth 10-01-069-13 W6mModern Resources Inc.Elmworth60.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028646Wapiti Gas Battery 03-36NuVista Energy Ltd.Calgary426.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028654Cnrl Cs 10-30N/A28.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028655Cnrl Cs 10-27N/A24.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028703Para 16-21-63-4w6 Gas MultiwellParamount Resources Ltd.N/A50.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028705Para Hz Kakwa 9-14-62-4 Gas Swb (10-15)Paramount Resources Ltd.N/A23.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028710Peyto Brazeau 06-12-044-13 W5mPeyto Exploration and Development CorporationMd of Brazeau34.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028711Petyo Oldman North 14-17-055-21 W5mPeyto Exploration and Development CorporationEdson193.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028721Progress Karr 1-34 BatteryProgress Energy Canada Ltd.Karr22.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028727Penhold South Compressor StationQuicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Penhold S24.20Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000028730Bittern Lake 13-18-048-21w4Rife Resources Ltd.Bittern Lake27.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028731Rife 01-08-054-06 W4Rife Resources Ltd.Derwent32.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028732Rife 06-26-050-01 W4Rife Resources Ltd.Vermilion River21.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028734Knobhill 08-25Scollard Energy Inc.Brightview25.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000287467gen Pad 8 - 13-08-064-04 W6mSeven Generations Energy Ltd.Kakwa102.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000287477gen Pad 29 - 16-29-064-05 W6mSeven Generations Energy Ltd.Kakwa30.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000287487gen Pad 2 - 01-02-064-05 W6mSeven Generations Energy Ltd.Kakwa45.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
00000287497gen Pad 4 - 07-04-064-05 W6mSeven Generations Energy Ltd.Kakwa28.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028766Moody CreekTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Na (Alberta)20.88Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000028768Wild River 08-14-057-23-W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton35.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028771Spirit River Gp 03-10-077-07-W6Tourmaline Oil CorpGrand Prairie65.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028772Mulligan 14-23-081-08-W6Tourmaline Oil CorpGrand Prairie42.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028774Basing 06-27-049-21-W5Tourmaline Oil CorpHinton25.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
000002879301-20-060-17 W5mTangle Creek Energy Ltd.Whitecourt78.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction

British Columbia

NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000007777Cascadia Terminal Facility ViterraViterra Inc.Vancouver0.27Support Activities for Crop Production
0000007744Aitken Creek Gas Storage UlcAitken Creek Gas Storage ULCFort St John115.84Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007717Booster Station 19 - Cabin LakeSpectra Energy TransmissionFort Nelson23.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007720Station 1 - TaylorSpectra Energy TransmissionTaylor681.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019324Taylor Compressor Station 07-08N/A107.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019386Halfmoon Comp Station C-029-BN/A66.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019388Hourglass Comp Station D-062-JN/A84.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019408Lagarde Comp Stn 10-09N/A95.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019607Desan Comp C-084-K/094-P-02Arsenal Energy Inc.Fort Nelson63.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019737Helmet Compressor Station B-071-GN/A199.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019843Parkland Comp Stn 08-13N/A37.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019953Blair Creek Comp Stn D-058-FN/A768.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019972Maxhamish Comp Stn D-036-IEOG Resources Canada Inc.N/A38.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007958Booster Station 3 - Kobes CreekSpectra Energy TransmissionPeace River District462.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007961Booster Station 6 - BluehillsSpectra Energy TransmissionPeace River District157.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020061Caribou Sour Gas Plant C-004-GKeyera CorpPink Mountain96.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022080Monias Comp Stn 14-09N/A129.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022094Prespatou Comp Stn C-059-B (2)N/A44.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022098Buckinghorse Comp Stn D-044-AN/A23.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022099Adsett Comp Stn D-053-GN/A59.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022275Green Comp Stn B-025-IN/A27.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022312Hythe Comp Stn D-019-HN/A88.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022313Hythe Comp Stn D-033-IEncana CorporationN/A67.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022343Squirrel 11-21-087-18w6Chinook Energy (2010) Inc.N/A80.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022344Birley D-72-F/094-H-03Chinook Energy (2010) Inc.N/A57.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022475Silver C-94-K/94-H-6N/A48.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022585Aduro Monias 05-31-81-21w6Aduro Resources Ltd.Fort St. John61.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022586Aduro Monias 16-12-82-23w6Aduro Resources Ltd.Fort St. John29.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022667Ojay Comp Stn A-065-EN/A20.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022722Ojay Comp Stn A-011-LN/A49.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022831Bernadette Comp Station 03-29Crew Energy Inc.N/A24.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022878Dawson Creek Comp Stn 09-15N/A109.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022887Hythe Comp Stn A-005-GN/A146.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022889Kelly Comp Stn C-027-BEncana CorporationN/A236.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022947Bivouac B-099-H/094-I-08Husky Oil Operations LimitedRainbow Lake269.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023032Etsho North C/SNexen Energy ULCDilly Creek88.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023154Proex Julienne B-66-A/94-G-2Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John40.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023155Gundy B-069-A/094-B-16Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John43.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023157Proex West Beg C-34-C/94-G-1Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John51.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023162Green B-6-G/94-G-10Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John22.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023164Bubbles C-79-A/94-G-8Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John41.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023196West Doe PlantSpectra Energy Midstream CorporationPeace River Regional District109.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023316Conroy D-48-C/94-H-12Polar Star Canadian Oil and Gas Inc.Conroy33.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023410Blueberry Comp Station D-087-DN/A92.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023471Septimus Sweet Gas Plant 12-27Aux Sable Canada L.P.N/A96.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023528Horn River Comp Stn C-067-KN/A448.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023642Wildboy Compressor Station C-051-LN/A362.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023645Cecil Lake Compressor Station 06-06N/A59.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023752Parkland Gas Plant 03-09N/A71.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023832Komie Battery C-100-G/094-O-08Komie40.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023872Sunrise Comp Stn 01-34N/A21.56Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023874Ojay Comp Stn A-065-AN/A38.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020195Tupper A-21 Gas PlantN/A162.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020196Artek Fireweed C-A-16-A/94-A-13Artek Exploration Ltd.Fireweed23.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020201Brassey Gas Processing and Production If-AShell Canada UpstreamPeace River E228.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020202Groundbirch Gas Processing and Production If-AShell Canada UpstreamPeace River E1110.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020205Proex Dogrib A-79-F/94-G-1Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John34.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020207Proex Town B-90-J/94-B-16Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Peace28.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020210Sunset Gas Processing and Production If-AShell Canada LimitedPeace River D58.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020212Sunrise 03-18-080-17 W6Tourmaline Oil CorpTaylor258.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020219Tattoo Compressor StationRamshorn Canada A Division of Nabors Drilling Canada LimitedNorthen Rockies383.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020224Hockey/Silver D-043-E/094-H-11Cequence Energy Ltd.Silver27.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021167Fireweed Compressor Station A-057-AN/A29.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021205Stoddart Compressor Station 06-11N/A81.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021341Kahntah Comp Stn C-044-GN/A76.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021404Hythe Comp Stn A-029-HN/A85.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021413Cutbank Comp Stn A-038-IEncana CorporationN/A71.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021414Cutbank Comp Stn A-062-IEncana CorporationN/A41.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021415Cutbank Comp Stn B-100-BEncana CorporationN/A65.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021416Cutbank Comp Stn C-029-AEncana CorporationN/A21.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021442Pesh Comp Stn A-009-LN/A20.91Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021451Steeprock Sour Gas PlantVeresen Energy Infrastructure Inc.N/A37.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021572Ppy Cypress B-007-F/094-B-15Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.Cypress103.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021786Laprise Compressor Station Com /B-040-E/094-H-05/Laprise153.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024316Dahl Comp Stn B-061-HN/A195.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024355Blueberry D-50-CBlueberry21.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024419West July Lake Comp Stn A-002-KN/A27.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024438Windsor Comp Station D-075-AN/A21.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024487Sundown Comp Stn B-067-HN/A21.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024492Gote Comp Stn C-018-BEOG Resources Canada Inc.N/A22.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025008Tupper West 5-1 Gas PlantN/A349.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025016Suncor Gwillim B-93-L/93-P-3Fsj - Gwillim27.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025026Groundbirch Gp 06-19-080-20w6Pengrowth Energy CorporationGroundbirch27.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025050Dawson/Doe 1-32-80-15 W6Tourmaline Oil CorpDawson Creek166.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000001080Boundary Gas Plant 14-24-084-15Fsj - Boundary Lake Sour21.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000003935Sierra Gas PlantHusky Oil Operations LimitedFort Nelson59.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004304Fort Nelson Gas PlantSpectra Energy TransmissionFort Nelson314.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004305Mcmahon Gas PlantSpectra Energy TransmissionTaylor97.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004306Pine River Gas PlantSpectra Energy TransmissionPeace River District198.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005124Highway Gas PlantSpectra Energy Midstream CorporationPeace River District43.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005125Jedney I Gas PlantSpectra Energy Midstream CorporationFort St. John131.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005286West Stoddart Gas Processing PlantCanadian Natural Resources LimitedCharlie Lake328.41Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006638Hay Gas PlantHarvest Operations Corp.N/A34.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006680Ladyfern B-017-I Gas PlantN/A98.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015083Terra Stoddart 04-24-086-20w6Terra Energy CorporationFort St. John93.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015263Jedney Comp Stn A-062-EN/A25.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015268Birch Comp Stn C-018-IN/A610.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015421Dawson Comp Stn 01-34N/A205.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015713Brassey Comp Station D-013-FN/A253.63Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015714Noel Sweet Gas PlantN/A1028.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015715Hiding Creek Comp Station D-039-GN/A263.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015716Elmworth Comp Station D-052-FN/A68.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015717Hiding Creek Comp Station B-053-AN/A193.53Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015719Ring Border Sweet Gas PlantN/A27.83Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015722BC4 Comp Stn A-049-BN/A38.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015723BC5 Comp Stn D-007-GN/A37.74Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015724BC6 Comp Stn C-041-FN/A45.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015728Cr3 Comp Stn D-021-LN/A45.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015729Boulder Comp Stn D-072-GN/A62.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016049Osprey Comp Stn A-003-JN/A22.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016052Fireweed Comp Stn A-048-AN/A27.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016054July Lake Comp Stn A-071-GN/A47.21Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016057Bulrush Comp Stn B-038-KN/A177.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016059Milligan Comp Stn B-063-GN/A36.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016060Drake Comp Stn B-074-EN/A27.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016066Murray River Comp Stn C-033-JCanadian Natural Resources LimitedN/A115.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016078Caribou Comp Stn D-062-CN/A34.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016083Buick South Comp Stn D-078-IN/A818.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016406West Eagle Comp Stn 02-01N/A206.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016410Muskrat 14-12-087-18N/A36.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016412Stoddart Comp Stn 14-34N/A107.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016416Martin Creek Comp Stn A-033-EN/A26.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016422Birley Creek Comp Stn B-099-GN/A98.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016423Tommy Lakes C-019-IN/A47.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016427Peggo Comp Stn D-083-CN/A21.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016465Rigel 06-21Rigel33.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016468Artek North Cache 10-20-088-22 W6mArtek Exploration Ltd.North Cache24.48Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016469Terra Wilder 10-34-082-20w6Terra Energy CorporationFort St. John22.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016471Artek Stoddart West 16-32-087-21 W6mArtek Exploration Ltd.Stoddart49.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016472Nig Creek A-94-B/94-H-4Nig Creek45.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016474Rigel B-48-JRigel29.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016476Buick C-079-J/094-A-11Buickcreek23.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016477Rigel D-10-BRigel20.94Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016478Umback D-36-LUmbach43.55Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016481Midwinter PlantSpectra Energy Midstream CorporationPeace River District67.84Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016483Tooga Gas PlantSpectra Energy Midstream CorporationFort St. John32.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016667Gunnell Comp Stn B-023-FEndurance Energy Ltd.N/A72.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016668Cabin Comp Stn A-052-JEndurance Energy Ltd.N/A40.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016671Helmet Comp Stn A-041-FN/A139.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016674Midway Comp Stn B-065-BEndurance Energy Ltd.N/A40.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016765Sierra Sour Gas PlantEndurance Energy Ltd.N/A508.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017118Ish DesanISH Energy Ltd.Fort Nelson23.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017143Boundary Lake 08-12-088-15w6Chinook Energy (2010) Inc.N/A135.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017228Ladyfern Comp Stn B-088-HN/A32.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017462Weasel D-035-B/094-B-02Pengrowth Energy CorporationWeasel39.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017569Firebird Compressor Station D-089-DN/A202.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017571Wildboy Gas PlantPenn West Petroleum Ltd.N/A276.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017586Boundary Battery 7-32-84-14Fsj - Boundary Lake North21.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017620Parkland Gas Plant 6-29-81-15Fsj - Parkland128.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017627Yoyo Battery D-008-L/094-I-14Fn - Yoyo37.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017699Taqa Chinchaga C-32-H/94-H-8Taqa North Ltd.N/A44.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017701Martin Creek Sour Gas Plant B-002-E/094-H-06Chinook Energy (2010) Inc.N/A37.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017703Black Conroy Comp Stn B-094-J/094-H-06Chinook Energy (2010) Inc.N/A26.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017959Blueberry C-29-K/94-A-12Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John80.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018093Cnrl Do 11-1-81-15 Wab (Cross-Border)N/A45.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018126Younger Ngl Extraction PlantAltaGas Ltd.Taylor28.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018318Graham Comp Stn C-076-KN/A144.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018377Station U Comp D-043-HN/A128.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018381Gutah 3 Comp Stn A-054-KN/A163.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018386Noel Comp Station D-077-GN/A26.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018389Sundown Comp Station D-016-IN/A82.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018399Beg Comp Stn B-013-BN/A48.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018408Babcock Comp Stn D-099-ECanadian Natural Resources LimitedN/A55.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018420Buick North Comp Stn B-031-EN/A22.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018434Dahl City Comp Stn D-053-JN/A47.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018435Dahl North Comp Stn D-062-AN/A83.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018436Cnrl Dahl D-083-E/094-H-09N/A51.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018462Grizzly North Comp Stn A-074-GN/A20.70Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018478Kimea Comp Stn D-031-DN/A50.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018495Mink Comp Stn D-088-AN/A35.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018498Monias North Comp Stn 11-13N/A22.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018542Thunder Comp Stn D-031-HN/A28.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018665Lapp Comp Stn B-030-CN/A21.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018741Monias 14-14Crew Energy Inc.N/A21.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018800Elleh Sweet Gas PlantEndurance Energy Ltd.N/A113.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026145Dawson PlantSpectra Energy TransmissionBessborough63.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026146Tsea Compressor StationNexen Energy Ulc.Dilly Creek298.71Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026152Proex Bernadet 3-29-87-24w6Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John26.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026194Huron 15-34-079-17-W6Tourmaline Oil CorpTaylor69.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026211West Gundy C-86-J/094-B-9Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John43.02Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026250Progress Ne Gundy A-058-H/094-B-16Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John46.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026251Progress Town North B-070-C/094-G-01Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John131.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026513Kiwigana Comp Stn C-093-LN/A171.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026518Scg-2040 Booster Compressor B-89Endurance Energy Ltd.N/A74.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027115Artek Inga 15-03-088-23 W6mArtek Exploration Ltd.Prince George184.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027318Jackpine Comp Station B-066-CN/A21.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027484Laprise Main BatteryLaprise - Main52.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027514Cnrl Helmet D-036-K/094-P-07N/A69.93Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027548Altares Gas PlantCanbriam Energy Inc.N/A62.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027549Canbriam Farrell CreekCanbriam Energy Inc.N/A21.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027856Saturn Gas Processing and Production If-AShell Canada UpstreamPeace River120.03Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027858Progress W Gundy B-032-B/094-B-16Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John93.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027975Sirus (Buick/Prespatou) D-075-L/094-A-15Pengrowth Energy CorporationPeace River B48.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027980Progress Altares C-65-G Gas PlantProgress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John23.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027981Progress Altares D-097-G/094-B-08Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John88.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027983Progress Green D-039-C/094-G-10Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John91.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027984Progress Lily A-29-J Gas PlantProgress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John98.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027985Progress Lily B-038-J/094-G-02Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John94.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028004Tupper FieldN/A25.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028005Tupper West FieldN/A47.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028030Fort Nelson North Processing FacilitySpectra Energy TransmissionCabin Lake1436.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028043Dawson 13-25-080-16-W6Tourmaline Oil CorpDawson Creek288.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028105Monias 08-22Crew Energy Inc.N/A111.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028262Bulrush Comp Stn A-089-GN/A24.96Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028271Cypress Comp Stn C-061-LN/A36.51Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028294Helmet East Comp Stn B-030-BN/A43.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028407Buick Compressor Station B-004-BN/A61.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028412Bougie Battery A-072-C/094-G-15Fn - Bougie45.81Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028438Ootla A-002-J/094-O-09Apache Canada Ltd.Fort Nelson27.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028516Jedney Comp Stn C-007-HBlack Swan EnergyN/A84.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028517Aitken Comp Stn A-011-ABlack Swan EnergyN/A49.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028566Endurance Jiro 90337 Booster B-82-J/94-I-11Endurance Energy Ltd.Jiro20.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028575Endurance Jiro 90273 Booster A-16-C/94-I-14Endurance Energy Ltd.Jiro25.56Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028626Doe 13-24-080-15 W6mLeucrotta Energy Inc.Doe22.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028657Sundown B-067-H/093-P-10Tourmaline Oil CorpDawson Creek26.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028701Ppy Townsend A-033-J/094-B-09Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.Townsend21.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028712Progress Caribou C-016-F/094-G-07Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John25.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028713Progress Sasquatch B-32-EProgress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John71.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028714Progress Caribou B-19-HProgress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John76.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028718Progress Buckinghorse A-040-K/094-G-07Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John61.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028719Progress Julienne A-005-I/094-G-02Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John66.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028720Progress Caribou B-015-F/094-G-07Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John28.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028722Beg North C-5-D/94-G-8Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John37.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028723Progress North Beg D-045-D/094-G-08Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St John20.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028750Gundy CompressorShell Canada LimitedFort St John57.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025293Progress Town South D-059-J/094-B-16Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John67.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025294Jedney C-067-H/094-G-01Progress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John28.56Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025461Fortune Creek Compressor StationQuicksilver Resources Canada Inc.Fort Nelson342.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026089Cnrl Bullmoose B-33-G/93-P-3N/A227.40Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026102Grizzly South Comp Stn C-097-JN/A21.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026142Imperial Komie A-9-K/94-O-1 Central Compression and Dehy FacImperial Oil Resources LimitedFort Nelson132.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024059Farrell Creek B-88-IProgress Energy Canada Ltd.Fort St. John294.15Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000020175Willow Creek MineWalter Canadian Coal PartnershipChetwynd170.74Bituminous Coal Mining
0000020078Dillon / Brule MineWalter Canadian Coal PartnershipChetwynd127.24Bituminous Coal Mining
0000020116Wolverine Group- Perry Creek MineWalter Canadian Coal PartnershipTumbler Ridge206.60Bituminous Coal Mining
0000007838Elkview OperationsTeck Coal LimitedSparwood66.12Bituminous Coal Mining
0000007839Line Creek OperationsTeck Coal LimitedSparwood16.33Bituminous Coal Mining
0000006669Fording River OperationsTeck Coal LimitedElkford45.31Bituminous Coal Mining
0000006671Greenhills OperationsTeck Coal LimitedElkford42.84Bituminous Coal Mining
0000006674Coal Mountain OperationsTeck Coal LimitedSparwood17.07Bituminous Coal Mining
0000003356Teck Highland Valley Copper PartnershipTeck Highland Valley Copper PartnershipLogan Lake1261.10Copper-Zinc Ore Mining
0000002372Nyrstar Myra Falls LtdNyrstar Myra FallsCampbell River95.19Copper-Zinc Ore Mining
0000001303Gibraltar Mine (Sfo)Gibraltar Mines Ltd.Mcleese Lake2335.05Copper-Zinc Ore Mining
0000002794Endako MineThompson Creek Mining Ltd.Endako42.30All Other Metal Ore Mining
0000005102Mount Polley MineImperial Metals CorporationLikely753.42All Other Metal Ore Mining
0000020131Kemess South MineAurico Gold IncorporatedSmithers2.69All Other Metal Ore Mining
0000019242Texada Quarrying Ltd., Texada QuarryLafarge North AmericaVan Anda26.35Limestone Mining & Quarrying
0000020103Windermere Mining OperationCertainteed Gypsum Canada, Inc.Windermere1.66Gypsum Mining
0000007962Bs No.8, LapriseSpectra Energy TransmissionFort St. John129.13Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007735Cs No. N4, CypressSpectra Energy TransmissionFort St. John87.68Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007729Cs No. 7, SavonaSpectra Energy TransmissionSavona51.35Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007730Cs No. 8a, KingsvaleSpectra Energy TransmissionSavona25.17Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007722Cs No. 2b, AzouzettaSpectra Energy TransmissionMcleod Lake62.52Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007723Cs No. 3, McLeod LakeSpectra Energy TransmissionMcleod Lake59.48Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007724Cs No.4a, Summit LakeSpectra Energy TransmissionMcleod Lake27.94Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007725Cs No. 4b, HixonSpectra Energy TransmissionHixon38.80Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007726Cs No. 5, AustralianSpectra Energy TransmissionQuesnel24.72Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000007727Cs No. 6a, 150 Mi. HouseSpectra Energy Transmission150 Mile House54.81Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026144Cs No. 16 Sunset CreekSpectra Energy TransmissionDawson Creek70.06Services to Oil & Gas Extraction
0000020136Cox QuarryMainland Sand & GravelAbbotsford12.80Other Support Activities for Mining
0000007959Mcmahon Cogen PlantSpectra Energy TransmissionTaylor141.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000007866Fort Nelson Generating StationBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityFort Nelson62.08Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000007801Masset Diesel Generating StationBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityMasset86.20Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000025215Tsay Keh DeneBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityTasy Keh Dene6.95Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000025216Bella BellaBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityBella Bella0.10Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000003240Burrard Generating StationBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityPort Moody6.27Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000028522Hartley Bay (Hby)British Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityHartley Bay5.38Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000026260Prince Rupert Generating Station (Rpg)British Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityPrince Rupert1.10Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000027924BrdfUniversity of British ColumbiaVancouver1.35Other Electric Power Generation
0000006688Williams Lake Power PlantAtlantic Power (Williams Lake) Limited PartnershipWilliams Lake1467.00Other Electric Power Generation
0000020042Vf Clean Energy, Inc.Vf Clean Energy, Inc.Vancouver266.75Other Electric Power Generation
0000020120Kwadacha Diesel Generating StationBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityFort Ware9.84Electric Power Distribution
0000007802Anahim Lake Diesel Generating StationBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityAnahim Lake22.09Electric Power Distribution
0000007803Ah-Sin-Heek Diesel Generating StationBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityBella Coola23.39Electric Power Distribution
0000007805Eddontenajon Diesel Generating StationBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityIskut12.39Electric Power Distribution
0000007806Telegraph Creek Diesel Generating StationBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthorityTelegraph Creek8.38Electric Power Distribution
0000007807Sandspit Diesel Generating StationBritish Columbia Hydro and Power AuthoritySandspit10.82Electric Power Distribution
0000005189Iona Island Wastewater Treatment PlantGreater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage DistrictRichmond73.82Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000001338Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment PlantGreater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage DistrictDelta196.50Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000001342Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment PlantGreater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage DistrictWest Vancouver27.17Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000007819Creative Energy Vancouver Platforms Corp.Creative Energy Vancouver Platforms Corp.Vancouver60.00Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply
0000007738Feed MillOtter Farm & Home Co-OperativeAldergrove0.23Other Animal Food Mfg.
0000006523Hi-Pro Feeds ChilliwackHi-Pro FeedsChilliwack1.70Other Animal Food Mfg.
0000007701Sawmill/Planer Mill OperationsApollo Forest Products Ltd.Fort St. James1795.35Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007703Adams Lake DivisionInterfor CorporationChase107.46Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007704100 Mile Lumber - A Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.West Fraser Mills Ltd.100 Mile House44.82Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007710Plateau DivisionCanadian Forest Products LtdVanderhoof98.59Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005158Chetwynd Forest Industries, A Division of West Fraser MillsWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Chetwynd7799.26Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005160Chasm SawmillsWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Clinton83.57Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005161Fraser Lake SawmillsWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Fraser Lake8152.10Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005162Smithers SawmillPacific Inland ResourcesSmithers109.18Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005169Fort St. JohnCanadian Forest Products LtdFort St. John132.43Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005172HoustonCanadian Forest Products LtdHouston219.89Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005173Isle PierreCanadian Forest Products LtdIsle Pierre48.75Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005174Polar DivisionCanadian Forest Products LtdBear Lake89.80Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005188Babine Forest ProductsBabine Forest Products Ltd.Burns Lake44.89Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007757RadiumCanadian Forest Products LtdRadium Hotsprings89.36Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007760Lakeview - Williams LakeTolko Industries Ltd.Williams Lake127.71Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007770Mackenzie OperationsCanadian Forest Products LtdMackenzie84.82Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007840West Fraser Mills - Quesnel SawmillWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Quesnel64.00Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007826Gorman Bros. LumberGorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.Westbank34.23Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007829J. H. Huscroft Ltd.J.H. Huscroft Ltd.Creston0.66Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007832Lakeland Mills Ltd.Lakeland Mills Ltd.Prince George49.00Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007844VavenbyCanadian Forest Products LtdVavenby70.10Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007908Canal Flats SawmillCanadian Forest Products LtdCanal Flats54.33Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007909ChetwyndCanadian Forest Products LtdChetwynd67.06Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007910Prince George Sawmill DivisionCanadian Forest Products LtdPrince George102.07Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000020019Castlegar SawmillInterfor CorporationCastlegar119.40Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007932Quesnel Plywood, A Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.West Fraser Mills Ltd.Quesnel40.47Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000007933Williams Lake Plywood, A Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.West Fraser Mills Ltd.Williams Lake201.05Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000007940Kelowna DivisionTolko Industries Ltd.Kelowna234.46Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000007941Armstrong DivisionTolko Industries Ltd.Armstrong292.76Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000007942Coastland Wood Industries Ltd., Annacis DivisionCoastland Wood Industries Ltd.Delta70.00Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000020150TrvpThompson River Veneer Products LPKamloops21.90Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000007862Savona Specialty Plywood Co. Ltd.Aspen Planers Ltd.Belle Plaine31.57Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000007843Heffley Creek DivisionTolko Industries Ltd.Kamloops24.71Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000007822Cipa Lumber Co. Ltd.Cipa Lumber Co. Ltd.Annacis Island, Delta153.28Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000005143Richmond Plywood Corporation LimitedRichmond Plywood Corporation LimitedRichmond137.45Softwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000000618Golden Ewp DivisionLouisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.Golden178.63Structural Wood Product Mfg.
0000007769Vancouver ParallamWeyerhaeuser Company LimitedDelta43.86Structural Wood Product Mfg.
0000005108Westpine MdfWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Quesnel119.46Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000000718Lp Dawson Creek OsbLouisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.Dawson Creek190.44Waferboard Mills
0000005191Ainsworth Osb DivisionNorbord Industries100 Mile House1077.24Waferboard Mills
0000007779Haida Forest Products Ltd.Haida Forest Products Ltd.Burnaby0.28All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000020151Houston Pellet Limited PartnershipHouston Pellet Limited PartnershipHouston30.91All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000020104Peace Valley OsbLouisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.Fort St. John563.29All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000020133Pacific Bioenergy Prince George Limited Partnership – PrincePacific BioEnergy Prince George Limited PartnershipPrince George87.57All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000020163MeadowbankPinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.Strathnaver41.81All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000025011Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Burns LakePinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Burns LakeBurns Lake65.47All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000000723Powell River DivisionCatalyst Paper CorporationPowell River361.38Mechanical Pulp Mills
0000001257Canfor Taylor PulpCanadian Forest Products LtdTaylor42.71Mechanical Pulp Mills
0000002553Quesnel River PulpWest Fraser Mills Ltd.Quesnel37.12Mechanical Pulp Mills
0000002924Kamloops Mill (Sfo)Domtar Inc.Kamloops1899.56Chemical Pulp Mills
0000004063Prince George Pulp and Paper and Intercontinental Pulp MillsCanfor Pulp Ltd.Prince George1582.24Chemical Pulp Mills
0000001266Crofton DivisionCatalyst Paper CorporationCrofton1937.75Chemical Pulp Mills
0000000479Cariboo Pulp and Paper CompanyCariboo Pulp and Paper CompanyQuesnel1155.86Chemical Pulp Mills
0000001797Northwood Pulp MillCanfor Pulp Limited PartnershipPrince George1245.40Chemical Pulp Mills
0000001383Harmac Pacific OperationsNanaimo Forest Products Ltd.Nanaimo1099.32Chemical Pulp Mills
0000001419Howe Sound Pulp and Paper MillHowe Sound Pulp & Paper CorporationPort Mellon558.18Chemical Pulp Mills
0000001486Mackenzie Pulp MillMackenzie Pulp Mill CorporationMackenzie470.61Chemical Pulp Mills
0000001185Skookumchuck OperationSkookumchuck Pulp Inc.Skookumchuck1104.00Chemical Pulp Mills
0000000672Zellstoff Celgar Limited PartnershipZellstoff Celgar Limited PartnershipCastlegar668.77Chemical Pulp Mills
0000002377Neucel Specialty Cellulose (Sfo)Neucel Specialty CellulosePort Alice509.59Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000001593Port Alberni DivisionCatalyst Paper CorporationPort Alberni457.08Newsprint Mills
0000000405Prince George RefineryHusky Oil Operations LimitedPrince George90.69Petroleum Refineries
0000002776Burnaby RefineryChevron Canada LimitedBurnaby232.10Petroleum Refineries
0000021964Lafarge Canada, Inc., Gva A&P, Langley Port Kells Asphalt PlLafarge North AmericaLangley45.66Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000015015Lafarge Canada, Inc., Gva A&P, Mitchell Is., Cb Asphalt PlanLafarge North AmericaRichmond33.95Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000003529North Vancouver Chlor-Alkali FacilityCanexus CorporationNorth Vancouver8.30Alkali & Chlorine Mfg.
0000003272Peroxychem Canada LtdPeroxychem Canada LtdPrince George15.68All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000003526NanaimoCanexus CorporationNanaimo0.01All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000002674Chemtrade - Prince George AcidChemtrade Logistics Inc.Prince George0.38All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000000702Richmond Cement PlantLafarge Canada Inc.Richmond684.93Cement Mfg.
0000005153Kamloops PlantLafarge Canada Inc.Kamloops73.86Cement Mfg.
0000005190Delta PlantLehigh Hanson Materials Ltd.Delta1061.50Cement Mfg.
0000007983Vancouver Wallboard PlantCertainteed Gypsum Canada IncDelta14.37Gypsum Product Mfg.
0000005126Roxul - Grand ForksRoxul Inc.Grand Forks32.24All Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg.
0000002788Kitimat WorksRio Tinto AlcanKitimat29329.20Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000003802Trail OperationsTeck Metals Ltd.Trail71.04Non-Ferrous (except Al) Smelting & Refining
0000007728Cs No. 6b, Lone ButteSpectra Energy Transmission100 Mile House21.37Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000020159Kingsvale Compressor StationFortisbc Energy Inc.Merritt20.20Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000020160Kitchener Compressor StationFortisbc Energy Inc.Kitchener28.10Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000007721Cs No. 2, Willow FlatsSpectra Energy TransmissionChetwynd43.25Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000007732Cs No. A1, GordondaleSpectra Energy TransmissionFort St. John34.99Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000007733Cs No. N2, Prophet RiverSpectra Energy TransmissionFort St. John23.78Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000007734Cs No. N3, Sikanni ChiefSpectra Energy TransmissionFort St. John41.85Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000000362Metro Vancouver Waste-To-Energy FacilityGreater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage DistrictBurnaby30.30Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000007865Utilities PowerhouseUniversity of British ColumbiaVancouver26.00Universities
0000007789Vancouver General HospitalVancouver Coastal Health AuthorityVancouver15.91General (exc. Paediatric) Hospitals
0000020070Forever In Peace Pet Cremation ServicesSuperior Animal ControlMission0.32Cemeteries & Crematoria


NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000018515South Pierson Unit No1 WiwN/A45.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023116Waskada Sweet Gas Plant 11-30N/A153.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023296Goodlands Oil Battery 16-10N/A51.85Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024231Glacier QuarryLehigh Hanson Materials Ltd.Rm of Rockwood6.73Sand & Gravel Mining & Quarrying
0000000821Brandon Generating StationManitoba HydroBrandon28.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017179Shamattawa Diesel SiteManitoba HydroShamattawa22.05Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000027819Hi-Pro Feeds CarmanHi-Pro FeedsCarman0.28Other Animal Food Mfg.
0000027825Hi-Pro Feeds Ste. AnneHi-Pro FeedsSte. Anne0.49Other Animal Food Mfg.
0000000159Bunge Canada - Altona PlantBunge Canada Holdings I ULCAltona15.21Oilseed Processing
0000004896Bunge Canada - Harrowby PlantBunge Canada Holdings I ULCHarrowby22.60Oilseed Processing
0000006938Mccain Foods (Canada) - Portage la PrairieMcCain Foods Canada Ltd.Portage la Prairie25.50Frozen Food Mfg.
0000021477Portage la PrairieSimplot Canada (II) Ltd.Portage la Prairie44.21Frozen Food Mfg.
0000007183Carberry FactoryMcCain Foods Canada Ltd.Carberry23.90All Other Food Mfg.
0000004881Lp Swan Valley OsbLouisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.Minitonas414.31Waferboard Mills
0000002051Manitoba Kraft Papers DivisionTolko Industries Ltd.The Pas252.50Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000003517Canexus Corporation - BrandonCanexus CorporationBrandon1.98All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000006853Minnedosa Ethanol PlantHusky Oil Operations LimitedMinnedosa26.72Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000002515Koch Fertilizer Canada, UlcKoch Fertilizer Canada, ULCBrandon743.00Chemical Fertilizer (except Potash) Mfg.
0000006825Faulkner PlantGraymont Western Canada Inc.Faulkner21.46Lime Mfg.
0000001651Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation, Manitoba MillGerdau Ameristeel CorporationSelkirk327.70Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000006762Station 41 - Ile des ChenesTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A126.92Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006763Station 43 - SpruceTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Reynolds27.18Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006764Station 45 - Falcon LakeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Falcon Lake24.01Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006836Central Energy Plant (Powerhouse)University of ManitobaWinnipeg23.00Universities

New Brunswick

NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000008012Moncton Crushed StoneModern Construction (1983)Moncton8.70Granite Mining & Quarrying
0000008013Acadia Crushed StoneModern Construction (1983)Memramcook4.63Granite Mining & Quarrying
0000001996New Brunswick DivisionPotashCorpPenobsquis26.63Potash Mining
0000001696Coleson Cove Generating StationNew Brunswick Power CorporationSaint John91.99Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000001698Belledune Generating StationNew Brunswick Power CorporationBelledune296.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000005084Bayside PowerBayside Power L.P.Saint John80.60Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000008125Canaport Lng Limited Partnership Marine Terminal & Multi-PurCanaport LNG Limited PartnershipSaint John3.36Natural Gas Distribution
0000003350Florenceville, New BrunswickMcCain Foods Canada Ltd.Florenceville-Bristol25.40Frozen Food Mfg.
0000003353Mccain Foods (Canada) Grand FallsMcCain Foods Canada Ltd.Saint-Andre24.10All Other Food Mfg.
0000006072Russell & Swim Sawmill and White Pine Value Added CenterJ.D. Irving Ltd.Doaktown85.88Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006079Grand Lake TimberJ.D. Irving Ltd.Chipman120.90Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006080Scierie Grande RiviereJ.D. Irving Ltd.Saint-Léonard150.60Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000008072Kedgwick SawmillJ.D. Irving Ltd.Kedgwick58.95Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000004842FlakeboardFlakeboard Company LimitedSt. Stephen541.86Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000005003Miramichi DivisionProduits Forestiers Arbec Inc.Miramichi1844.00Waferboard Mills
0000005086Belledune Wood Pellet PlantThe Shaw Group Ltd.Belledune124.19All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000006053Plaster Rock LumbermillTwin Rivers Paper Company Inc.Plaster Rock123.05All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000001221Edmundston Pulp MillTwin Rivers Paper Company Inc.Edmundston1760.37Chemical Pulp Mills
0000002181Av NackawicAV Nackawic Inc.Nackawic665.01Chemical Pulp Mills
0000002604Irving Pulp & PaperJD IrvingSaint John2126.32Chemical Pulp Mills
0000005008Av Cell Inc.AV Cell Inc.Atholville715.84Chemical Pulp Mills
0000003394Irving PaperIrving Paper LimitedSaint John62.55Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000001572Lake Utopia Paper A Division of J.D. Irving, LimitedLake Utopia Paper a Division of J.D. Irving, LimitedUtopia132.63Paperboard Mills
0000004101RefineryIrving Oil Comercial G.P.Saint John1516.67Petroleum Refineries
0000008037Stilesville Asphalt PlantModern Construction (1983)Moncton0.22Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000005095Mcadam Wallboard PlantCertainteed Gypsum Canada, Inc.Mcadam33.90Gypsum Product Mfg.
0000008087Atlantic Wallboard LpAtlantic Wallboard LpSaint John19.74Gypsum Product Mfg.
0000004024Brunswick SmelterGlencore Canada CorporationBelledune11090.60Non-Ferrous (except Al) Smelting & Refining
0000006069Department of Facilities ManagementUniversity of New BrunswickFredericton58.78Universities
00000050995 Cdsb GagetownDepartment of National DefenceOromocto24.67Defence Services

Newfoundland and Labrador

NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000006096Hibernia PlatformHibernia Management and Development Company LimitedSt. John's785.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000008060Sea Rose FpsoHusky Oil Operations LimitedSt John's864.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017631Terra NovaSuncor Energy Inc.St. John's665.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005013Carol ProjectIron Ore Company of CanadaLabrador City5355.02Iron Ore Mining
0000005460Wabush Mines - ScullyMines WabushWabush48.86Iron Ore Mining
0000026423Dso Timmins ProjectTata Steel Minerals Canada LtdSchefferville39.90Iron Ore Mining
0000006093Voisey's Bay Mine SiteVale Newfoundland and Labrador LimitedHappy Valley-Goose Bay70.64Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000008129Atlantic Minerals LimitedAtlantic Minerals LimitedLower Cove132.01Limestone Mining & Quarrying
0000004882Holyrood Thermal Generating StationNewfoundland and Labrador HydroHolyrood136.25Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000008100Nain Diesel Generating StationNewfoundland and Labrador HydroNain42.04Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000008105St. Lewis Diesel Generating StationNewfoundland and Labrador HydroSt. Lewis34.62Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000004929Corner Brook Pulp and PaperCorner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd.Corner Brook103.04Newsprint Mills
0000004316North Atlantic RefineryNorth Atlantic Refining LPCome By Chance299.37Petroleum Refineries

Nova Scotia

NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000005012Goldboro Gas PlantExxonMobil Canada PropertiesGoldboro38.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005019Point Tupper Fractionation PlantExxonMobil Canada PropertiesPort Hawkesbury47.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000008023Thebaud PlatformExxonMobil Canada PropertiesOffshore74.97Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027550Deep PanukeEncana CorporationN/A248.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000008028Milford Mine SiteNational Gypsum Canada Ltd.Milford Station14.94Gypsum Mining
0000003992Lingan Generating StationNova Scotia Power IncorporatedLingan250.79Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000003994Point Tupper Generating StationNova Scotia Power IncorporatedPort Hawkesbury98.27Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000003996Trenton Generating StationNova Scotia Power IncorporatedTrenton193.45Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000003998Tufts Cove Generating StationNova Scotia Power IncorporatedDartmouth434.85Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000004000Point Aconi Generating StationNova Scotia Power IncorporatedPoint Aconi155.33Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000005014Brooklyn Energy CentreBrooklyn Power CorporationBrooklyn18.38Other Electric Power Generation
0000027956Port Hawkesbury Biomass Cogeneration Power PlantNova Scotia Power IncorporatedPoint Tupper1340.00Other Electric Power Generation
0000003827Lunenburg DivisionHigh Liner Foods Inc.Lunenburg0.67Seafood Product Preparation & Packaging
0000008071Truro SawmillJ.D. Irving Ltd.Truro66.90Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000005070East River MillLouisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.East River50.29Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000008070Upper Musquodoboit Mill SiteScotia Atlantic Biomass CompanyMiddle Musquodoboit56.30Other Millwork
0000008017Shaw Resources Division, Eastern Embers PlantThe Shaw Group Ltd.Hardwoodlands19.70All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000000815Northern Pulp Nova Scotia CorporationNorthern Pulp Nova Scotia CorporationNew Glasgow987.40Chemical Pulp Mills
0000003466Pictou County PlantMichelin North America (Canada)New Glasgow9.51Tire Mfg.
0000003468Bridgewater PlantMichelin North America (Canada)Bridgewater5.34Tire Mfg.
0000003470Waterville PlantMichelin North America (Canada)Waterville5.18Tire Mfg.
0000004317Brookfield Cement PlantLafarge Canada Inc.Brookfield176.59Cement Mfg.
0000006098Elmsdale Asphalt PlantMartells Contracting Ltd.Elmsdale1.18Other Concrete Product Mfg.
0000006008Dalhousie UniversityDalhousie UniversityHalifax19.13Universities
0000006065Saint Mary's University - HalifaxSaint Mary's UniversityHalifax2.46Universities
0000005096Camp Hill Site Central Heating PlantCapital HealthHalifax10.00General (exc. Paediatric) Hospitals
0000005097Nova Scotia Hospital Central Heating PlantCapital HealthDartmouth6.50General (exc. Paediatric) Hospitals
0000005098Victoria General Hospital Central Heating PlantCapital HealthHalifax15.00General (exc. Paediatric) Hospitals

Northwest Territories

NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000000428Norman Wells Central Processing FacilityImperial Oil Resources LimitedNorman Wells73.22Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005236Ekati Diamond MineDominion Diamond Ekati CorporationYellowknife668.00Diamond Mines
0000006807Fort Simpson PlantNWT Power CorpFort Simpson30.54Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006810Inuvik PlantNWT Power CorpInuvik97.28Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006822Jackfish PlantNWT Power CorpYellowknife117.76Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000018241Diavik Diamond Mines Inc - Lac de GrasDiavik Diamond Mines Inc.Yellowknife587.76Diamond Mines
0000018714Snap Lake MineDe Beers Canada IncorporatedSnap Lake549.00Diamond Mines
0000020225Cantung MineNorth American Tungsten Corporation LtdTungsten144.81All Other Metal Ore Mining


NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000017366Rankin InletQulliq Energy CorporationRankin Inlet67.36Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017367IqaluitQulliq Energy CorporationIqaluit204.60Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017369Cambridge BayQulliq Energy CorporationCambridge Bay40.14Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017375Gjoa HavenQulliq Energy CorporationGjoa Haven20.76Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017378IgloolikQulliq Energy CorporationIgloolik25.42Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017384KugluktukQulliq Energy CorporationKugluktuk23.51Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017385Baker LakeQulliq Energy CorporationBaker Lake33.77Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017386ArviatQulliq Energy CorporationArviat34.11Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017387PangnirtungQulliq Energy CorporationPangnirtung24.27Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017388Cape DorsetQulliq Energy CorporationCape Dorset26.47Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017389Resolute BayQulliq Energy CorporationResolute Bay20.47Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000017390Pond InletQulliq Energy CorporationPond Inlet23.57Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000024216Division MeadowbankAgnico Eagle MeadowbankBaker Lake58.92Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000025155Hope Bay SiteTmac Resources Inc.Cambridge Bay54.90Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000028455Milne Port SiteBaffinland Iron Mines CorporationN/A25.80Iron Ore Mining
0000028456Mary River Mine SiteBaffinland Iron Mines CorporationN/A49.50Iron Ore Mining


NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000010089Leamington FacilityHighbury Canco CorporationLeamington22.00
0000027701DowagroblenheimDow Agrosciences Canada IncBlenheim3.98Support Activities for Crop Production
0000017966Port Maitland Compressor StationDundee EnergyLowbanks21.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017970Morpeth Gas PlantDundee EnergyMorpeth191.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023778Innerkip BatteryInnerkip/South Easthope28.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000004155Sarnia Fractionation PlantPlains Midstream CanadaSarnia30.00Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005656Musselwhite MineGoldcorp Canada LtdKenora District269.57Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000001941Porcupine Gold MinesGoldcorp Canada LtdSouth Porcupine178.07Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000001568Macassa MineKirkland Lake GoldKirkland Lake26.00Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000002710Red Lake Gold MinesGoldcorp Canada Limited - Red Lake Gold MinesBalmertown1451.71Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000003197Williams MineWilliams Operating CorporationMarathon44.31Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000003810Primero Black Fox MinePrimero Mining Corp.Matheson230.84Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000026132Young-DavidsonAurico Gold IncorporatedMatachewan198.08Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000011454Island Gold MineMines Richmont IncDubreuilville373.81Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000011794Lake Shore Gold Corp Timmins West MineLake Shore Gold Corp.Timmins45.53Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000011867Detour Lake ProjectDetour Gold CorporationCochrane93.60Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000011878Totten MineVale Canada LimitedWorthington45.20Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000011608Levack MineFNX Mining Company Inc.Levack41.38Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000011588Nickel Rim South MineGlencore Canada CorporationSkead/City of Greater Sudbury79.08Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000010199Coleman MineVale Canada LimitedLevack106.80Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000010201Creighton MineVale Canada LimitedLively118.50Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000010202Garson MineVale Canada LimitedGarson78.30Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000010203Copper Cliff Mine (North)Vale Canada LimitedCopper Cliff70.40Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000010204Copper Cliff Mine (South)Vale Canada LimitedCopper Cliff14.60Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000010205Frood-Stobie MineVale Canada LimitedSudbury102.90Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000011154Mccreedy West MineFNX Mining Company Inc.Levack12.95Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000011238Lockerby MineFirst Nickel Inc.Chelmsford32.70Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000001233Sudbury Operations Mines/Mill - Onaping AreaGlencore Canada CorporationOnaping79.71Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000010153Glencore Canada Corporation, Kidd Mine SiteGlencore Canada CorporationTimmins89.87Copper-Zinc Ore Mining
0000007617Milton QuarryDufferin Aggregates, a Division of Holcim (Canada) Inc.Milton55.52Limestone Mining & Quarrying
0000010032Manitoulin QuarryLafarge Canada Inc.Meldrum Bay61.19Limestone Mining & Quarrying
0000010625Nepheline Syenite OperationsUnimin Canada Ltd. /Unimin Canada Ltee.Havelock19.39Shale, Clay & Refractory Mining & Quarrying
0000010984Victor Mine SiteDe Beers Canada IncKenora106.95Diamond Mines
0000007347Ojibway MineK+S Windsor Salt Ltd.Windsor35.80Salt Mines
0000010565Timmins Micronizing PlantImerys Talc Canada Inc.Timmins20.59All Other Non-Met. Mineral Mining & Quarrying
0000010566Penhorwood Mine and Concentrator FacilityImerys Talc Canada Inc.Penhorwood & Reeves Township, District O1.21All Other Non-Met. Mineral Mining & Quarrying
0000010404Kapuskasing Power PlantAtlantic Power LPKapuskasing19.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000010405Nipigon Power PlantAtlantic Power LPNipigon66.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000010406North BayAtlantic Power LPNorth Bay21.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000010407Tunis Power PlantAtlantic Power LPTunis85.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011009Brighton Beach PowerBrighton Beach Power L.P.Windsor102.55Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011174Sarnia Cogen PlantImperial OilSarnia182.85Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000010697Lake Superior PowerLake Superior PowerSault Ste Marie13.04Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011581Greenfield Energy CentreGreenfield Energy Centre, LpCourtright2109.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011659Goreway Power StationGoreway Station PartnershipBrampton346.89Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011472University/Power Generation FacilityBrock UniversitySt. Catharines66.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011778St. Clair Energy CenterSt. Clair Power, LPCorunna146.49Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011791East Windsor Cogeneration CentreEast Windsor Cogeneration LpWindsor23.95Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011860Halton Hills Generating StationTransCanada Energy Ltd.Halton Hills44.17Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011803Portlands Energy CentrePortlands Energy Centre LpToronto356.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000011841Thorold Cogen Generating StationNorthland Power Inc.Thorold146.02Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000026407York Energy CentreYork Energy Centre LPNewmarket96.76Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000007228Sdec Hospital PlantToromont Energy Ltd.Sudbury41.88Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000005934Whitby CogenerationWhitby Cogeneration L.P.Whitby92.79Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006597Sarnia Regional Cogeneration FacilityTransAlta Generation PartnershipSarnia351.99Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000004904Iroquois Falls Generating StationNorthland Power Inc.Iroquois Falls62.10Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000005267Windsor Essex Cogeneration PlantTransAlta Generation PartnershipWindsor66.90Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000005765Kingston CogenKingston Cogen Limited PartnershipBath31.61Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000004480Cardinal PowerCardinal Power of Canada, L.P.Cardinal142.10Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000004873Mississauga Cogeneration PlantTransAlta Generation PartnershipMississauga121.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000001770Kirkland Lake Generating StationNorthland Power Inc.Kirkland Lake561.81Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000001773Cochrane Generating StationNorthland Power Inc.Cochrane298.27Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000001812Lennox Generating StationOntario Power Generation Inc.Greater Napanee69.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000007041Bruce PowerBruce Power LPTiverton10.07Nuclear Electric Power Generation
0000007213Keele Valley Landfill Gas Power PlantEastern Power Ltd.Vaughan21.60Other Electric Power Generation
0000007226Waterloo Landfill Gas Power PlantToromont Energy Ltd.Waterloo159.51Other Electric Power Generation
0000025321Mohawk Street Landfill Site Landfill Gas Utilization FacilitBrantford Generation Inc.Brantford43.85Other Electric Power Generation
0000025458Becker Cogeneration Plant1721027 Ontario Inc.Hornepayne161.65Other Electric Power Generation
0000011793Essar Power Canada LtdEssar Power Canada Ltd.Sault Ste. Marie418.84Other Electric Power Generation
0000011418Britannia FacilityIntegrated Gas Recovery Services Inc.Mississauga66.09Other Electric Power Generation
0000010403Calstock Power PlantAtlantic Power LPHearst714.80Other Electric Power Generation
0000007629Clarkson Wastewater Treatment FacilityOntario Clean Water AgencyMississauga6.22Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000011690Courtice WpcpRegional Municipality of DurhamCourtice23.26Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000004435Highland Creek Treatment PlantCity of TorontoToronto138.00Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000003803G.E. Booth (Lakeview) Wastewater Treatment FacilityOntario Clean Water AgencyMississauga50.57Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000004908Duffin Creek WpcpRegional Municipality of DurhamPickering25.61Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000002240Ashbridges Bay Treatment PlantCity of TorontoToronto30.40Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000000770Robert O. Pickard Environmental CentreCity of OttawaGloucester61.00Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000011687London District EnergyVeresen Energy Infrastructure Inc.London22.51Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply
0000007656Pearl Street Steam PlantEnwave Energy CorporationToronto74.00Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply
0000007657Walton Street Steam PlantEnwave Energy CorporationToronto66.32Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply
0000011189Lavis Main PitLavis Contracting Co. Ltd.Clinton34.01
0000010093Langs Dehy Ltd.Langs Dehy Ltd.Palmerston28.69Other Animal Food Mfg.
0000000485Ingredion Canada Incorporated - London PlantIngredion Canada IncorporatedLondon78.46Wet Corn Milling
0000000488Ingredion Canada Incorporated - Cardinal PlantIngredion Canada IncorporatedCardinal17.42Wet Corn Milling
0000002695Ingredion Canada Incorporated - Port Colborne PlantIngredion Canada IncorporatedPort Colborne51.05Wet Corn Milling
0000000161Bunge Canada - Hamilton PlantBunge Canada Holdings I ULCHamilton34.39Oilseed Processing
0000005694Adm Agri-Industries - Adm WindsorADM Agri-IndustriesWindsor44.92Oilseed Processing
0000002016Toronto RefineryRedpath Sugar LtdToronto44.03Sugar Mfg.
0000010653Maple Lodge Farms Limited - BramptonMaple Lodge Farms Ltd.Brampton21.25Poultry Processing
0000011774Innovation Drive SiteThe Original Cakerie Ltd.London0.34Commercial Bakeries & Frozen Product Mfg.
0000026331Bfg Canada Ltd.BFG Canada Ltd.Georgetown2.78Cookie & Cracker Mfg.
0000011734Bfg Canada Inc.BFG Canada Inc.Kitchener3.55Cookie & Cracker Mfg.
000001176615600 Robin's Hill RoadLa Cie McCormick CanadaLondon0.30All Other Food Mfg.
0000011767Drew RoadLa Cie McCormick CanadaMississauga0.10All Other Food Mfg.
0000010753600 Clarke RoadLa Cie McCormick CanadaLondon0.41All Other Food Mfg.
0000003245Toronto BreweryMolson Coors CanadaToronto20.87Breweries
0000007353WalkervilleHiram Walker & Sons Ltd.Windsor48.51Distilleries
0000011066Superior GloveSuperior Glove Works Ltd.Acton0.06Clothing Accessories & Other Clothing Mfg.
0000010397Chapleau SawmillTembecChapleau182.94Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000010450Nairn Centre SawmillEACOM Timber CorporationNairn Centre23.10Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007696Murray Bros. Lumber Company LimitedMurray Brothers LumberMadawaska30.00Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007426Mckenzie Lumber Inc.Mckenzie Lumber Inc.Hudson156.00Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000010100Elk Lake Planing MillEacom Timber Corp - Elk LakeElk Lake51.50Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000007658Kenora TimberstrandWeyerhaeuser Company LimitedKenora293.88Structural Wood Product Mfg.
0000005609Pembroke Mdf Inc.Pembroke Mdf Inc.Pembroke49.97Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000005885Flakeboard Company LimitedFlakeboard Company LimitedSault Ste Marie415.84Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000001199Panolam Industries Ltd.Panolam Industries Ltd.Huntsville49.20Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000004559Englehart Oriented Strand Board PlantGP North Woods LPEnglehart2027.28Waferboard Mills
0000007170Ainsworth EngineeredAinsworth Engineered Corp.Barwick394.82Waferboard Mills
0000000928Dryden MillDomtar Inc.Dryden1920.81Chemical Pulp Mills
0000000930Thunder Bay OperationsResolute FP Canada Inc.Thunder Bay4065.53Chemical Pulp Mills
0000002607Av Terrace BayAV Terrace Bay Inc.Terrace Bay1039.45Chemical Pulp Mills
0000003185Espanola MillAnthony Forest Products CompanyEspanola1568.15Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000000917Fort Frances DivisionResolute FP Canada Inc.Fort Frances12.64Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000000239Norampac Trenton, A Division of Cascades Canada Ulc.Cascades Canada ULC.Trenton112.24Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000000327Irving TissueIrving Consumer ProductsToronto41.10Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000002173Kapuskasing OperationsTembecKapuskasing506.53Newsprint Mills
0000004831Strathcona Paper LpStrathcona Paper Gp Inc.Napanee21.80Paperboard Mills
0000005688111 ProgressAtlantic Packaging Products Ltd.Scarborough28.70Paperboard Mills
0000007684Sonoco - Trent Valley MillSonoco Canada CorporationTrenton28.98Paperboard Mills
0000011601New Forest Paper Mills LpNew Forest Paper Mills LPScarborough39.05Paperboard Mills
0000000566Acorn Packaging Inc.Acorn Packaging Inc.Mississauga0.46Other Printing
0000003071Sarnia RefinerySuncor Energy Products PartnershipSarnia5077.31Petroleum Refineries
0000003701Nanticoke RefineryImperial OilNanticoke3480.48Petroleum Refineries
0000003704Sarnia Refinery PlantImperial OilSarnia1032.72Petroleum Refineries
0000003962Sarnia Manufacturing CentreShell Canada ProductsCorunna340.29Petroleum Refineries
0000007280Rosewarne PlantFowler Construction Company Ltd.Bracebridge29.10Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000007412Howard Road Plant, BurlingtonKing Paving & Materials CoBurlington29.12Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000010305Pit # 1Capital Paving Inc.Puslinch22.48Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000010504Asphalt PlantPave-Al Ltd.Mississauga79.13Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000010421Crc TorontoCanroof Corporation Inc.Toronto73.99Asphalt Shingle & Coating Material Mfg.
0000010179Iko BramptonIko Industries Ltd.Brampton105.34Asphalt Shingle & Coating Material Mfg.
0000010180Iko HawkesburyIko Industries Ltd.Hawkesbury66.96Asphalt Shingle & Coating Material Mfg.
0000003899Mississauga Lubricants CentrePetro-Canada Lubricants Inc.Mississauga69.38Other Petroleum & Coal Products Mfg.
0000000423Agincourt PlantThe International Group Inc.Toronto26.70Other Petroleum & Coal Products Mfg.
0000001776Corunna SiteNova Chemicals (Canada) Ltd.Corunna705.73Petrochemical Mfg.
0000001785Sarnia SiteStyrolution Canada Ltd.Sarnia102.52Petrochemical Mfg.
0000001464Sarnia Chemical PlantImperial OilSarnia409.40Petrochemical Mfg.
0000011489Corunna Hydrogen FacilityAir Products Canada Ltd.Corunna135.00Industrial Gas Mfg.
0000010279TorontoNational Silicates PartnershipToronto2.56All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000002660HamiltonColumbian Chemicals Canada Ltd.Hamilton1753.40All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000005808Cabot Canada LimitedCabot Canada LimitedSarnia2026.24All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000005655Amherstburg PlantHoneywell ASCa Inc.Amherstburg0.69All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000005739Chatham PlantGreenfield Specialty Alcohols Inc.Chatham103.13Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000002070Ruetgers Canada IncRuetgers Canada Inc.Hamilton19.56Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000001207Maitland SiteINVISTA (Canada) CompanyMaitland51.48Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000000209Tiverton PlantGreenfield Specialty Alcohols Inc.Tiverton26.29Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000000028Cornwall SiteBASF Canada Inc.Cornwall1.40Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000011444St. Clair Ethanol PlantSuncor Energy Products Inc.Mooretown154.63Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000011684Johnstown PlantGreenfield Specialty Alcohols Inc.Prescott33.71Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000011696Igpc Ethanol Inc. - Aylmer PlantIntegrated Grain Processors Co-Operative IncorporatedAylmer80.10Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000000034Toronto SiteBASF Canada Inc.Toronto0.85Resin & Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
0000001788Moore SiteNova Chemicals (Canada) Ltd.Mooretown49.26Resin & Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
0000001687Arclin Canada Ltd. - North BayArclin Canada Ltd.North Bay10.50Resin & Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
0000005762Niagara Pvc PlantOxy Vinyls Canada Co.Thorold18.70Resin & Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
0000004700St. Clair River SiteNova Chemicals CorporationCorunna45.97Resin & Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
0000003422Invista (Canada) CompanyINVISTA (Canada) CompanyKingston64.68Artificial & Synthetic Fibres & Filaments Mfg
0000002233Cf Industries Courtright Nitrogen ComplexTerra Inernational (Canada) Inc.Courtright161.14Chemical Fertilizer (except Potash) Mfg.
0000005828Connaught CampusSanofi Pasteur Ltd.Toronto23.02Pharmaceutical & Medicine Mfg.
0000010582Starplex Scientific Inc.Starplex Scientific Inc.Etobicoke0.03Pharmaceutical & Medicine Mfg.
0000007341MetasheenBASF MetasheenSmiths Falls0.09Paint & Coating Mfg.
0000000031Windsor SiteBASF Canada Inc.Windsor2.70Paint & Coating Mfg.
0000000222Welland PlantCytec Canada Inc.Niagara Falls5.83All Other Misc. Chemical Product Mfg.
0000000806Morrisburg PlantEvonik Oil Additives Canada Inc.Morrisburg2.64All Other Misc. Chemical Product Mfg.
0000002322ElmiraChemtura Canada Co. CIE.Elmira4.23All Other Misc. Chemical Product Mfg.
0000007302Brampton BrickBrampton Brick LimitedBrampton147.23Clay Building Material & Refractory Mfg.
0000000517Plant #31 BramptonO-I Canada Corp.Brampton23.85Glass Mfg.
0000002182Mississauga Cement PlantHolcim (Canada) Inc.Mississauga1245.00Cement Mfg.
0000005841Bowmanville Cement PlantSt. Marys Cement Inc.Bowmanville1044.22Cement Mfg.
0000005850Bath Cement PlantLafarge Canada Inc.Bath305.10Cement Mfg.
0000005871St. Marys Cement PlantSt. Marys Cement Inc.St. Marys272.15Cement Mfg.
0000003541Picton PlantEssroc Canada Inc.Picton860.41Cement Mfg.
0000005946Woodstock PlantFederal White Cement Ltd.Woodstock181.66Cement Mfg.
0000011394Royal Windsor DriveRoyal Ready Mix Inc.Oakville0.21Ready-Mix Concrete Mfg.
0000010138Northern Lime LimitedCarmeuse Lime CanadaBlind River68.56Lime Mfg.
0000010139Dundas OperationsCarmeuse Lime CanadaDundas209.29Lime Mfg.
0000010140Beachville OperationCarmeuse Lime CanadaIngersoll244.25Lime Mfg.
0000007195Cgc Hagersville PlantCanadian Gypsum CompanyHagersville37.67Gypsum Product Mfg.
0000007005Hanson Brick - AldershotHanson BrickAldershot42.71All Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg.
0000005687Roxul Inc.Roxul Inc.Milton104.60All Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg.
0000000635Hanson Brick - BurlingtonHanson BrickBurlington73.28All Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg.
0000001245Toronto PlantOwens Corning Insulating Systems Canada LPToronto74.32All Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg.
0000001520Ivaco Rolling MillsIvaco Rolling Mills 2004 L. P.L'Orignal65.75Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000001070Essar Steel Algoma IncEssar Steel Algoma Inc.Sault Ste. Marie974.16Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000002161Hamilton Specialty BarHamilton Specialty Bar CorporationHamilton489.59Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000002984Hamilton WorksU.S. Steel Canada Inc.Hamilton167.40Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000003158Asw Steel Inc.ASW Steel Inc.Welland138.38Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000003713Dofasco HamiltonArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.Hamilton10650.60Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000003824Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation, Whitby MillGerdau Ameristeel CorporationWhitby229.40Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000003855Lake Erie WorksU.S. Steel Canada Inc.Haldimand County3331.04Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000011215Tenaris Algoma Tubes Inc.Algoma Tubes Inc.Sault Ste. Marie72.79Iron & Steel Pipes & Tubes Mfg.
0000001236Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations SmelterGlencore Canada CorporationFalconbridge1320.30Non-Ferrous (except Al) Smelting & Refining
0000001467Copper Cliff Nickel RefineryVale Canada LimitedCopper Cliff62.00Non-Ferrous (except Al) Smelting & Refining
0000000444Copper Cliff SmelterVale Canada LimitedCopper Cliff127.00Non-Ferrous (except Al) Smelting & Refining
0000011158Lake Foundry Ltd.Lake Foundry Ltd.Grimsby76.10Iron Foundries
0000004748Kp Bronze PlantKp Bronze Ltd.Aurora37.81Non-Ferrous Die-Casting Foundries
0000004416Windsor Aluminum PlantNemak of Canada Corp.Windsor19.90Non-Ferrous Foundries (except Die-Casting)
0000010971Open Die PlantCanada Forgings Inc.Welland0.35Forging
0000010492Closed Die PlantCanada Forgings Inc.Welland1.00Forging
0000007673Kingsville PlantPeterson SpringKingsville0.42Spring (Heavy Gauge) Mfg.
0000010490A&M Heat Treating Ltd.A&M Heat Treating Ltd.Mississauga0.81Coating, Engraving & Heat Treating Activities
0000004618A&M Surftech Ltd.A&M Surftech Ltd.Mississauga1.05Coating, Engraving & Heat Treating Activities
0000000276Dj GalvanizingDj Galvanizing Corp.Windsor19.78Coating, Engraving & Heat Treating Activities
0000026397Nordstrong EquipmentNordstrong Equipment LimitedCannington0.07Material Handling Equipment Mfg.
0000011576Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (Woodstock)Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.Woodstock26.21Automobile & Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Mfg.
0000000397AllistonHonda Canada Inc.Alliston42.34Automobile & Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Mfg.
0000003893Oshawa Car Assembly PlantGeneral Motors of Canada LimitedOshawa77.66Automobile & Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Mfg.
0000003790Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (Cambridge)Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.Cambridge49.24Automobile & Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Mfg.
0000003476Windsor Assembly PlantFca Canada Inc.Windsor26.76Automobile & Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Mfg.
0000003480Cami Assembly PlantGeneral Motors of Canada LimitedIngersoll29.36Automobile & Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Mfg.
0000003419Oakville Assembly PlantFord Motor Company of Canada, LimitedOakville61.11Automobile & Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Mfg.
0000004173Brampton Assembly PlantFca Canada Inc.Brampton53.90Automobile & Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Mfg.
0000011398Kitchener PlantPWO Canada Inc.Kitchener0.40Motor Vehicle Metal Stamping
0000006163Plant 22Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.Mississauga72.56Aerospace Product & Parts Mfg.
0000007000College WoodworkCollege WoodworkOshawa5.00Other Wood Household Furniture Mfg.
0000026322Horizon Furniture DistributorsHorizon Furniture Distributors Inc.Kitchener0.02Wood Office Furniture Mfg.
0000011463Entropex SarniaEntropex Inc.Sarnia32.87Other Recyclable Material Whl.
0000011863Airport PoolUnion Gas LimitedSt Clair22.00Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000010097Tecumseh ( Corunna) Gas StorageEnbridge Gas Distribution Inc.Moore Township81.63Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000010146Dawn OperationsUnion Gas LimitedDresden62.00Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006736Station 102 - PotterTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Cochrane26.64Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006738Station 107 - SwastikaTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Timiskaming39.38Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006741Station 116 - North BayTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Nipissing52.92Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006743Station 1206 - Deux RivieresTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Renfrew24.19Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006744Station 1211 - PembrokeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Renfrew26.25Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006751Station 1401 - IroquoisTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Dundas31.92Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006765Station 49 - KenoraTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Kenora60.28Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006769Station 58 - IgnaceTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Kenora46.77Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006770Station 60 - MartinTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Kenora52.91Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006772Station 69 - Eagle-HeadTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Thunder Bay69.15Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006773Station 75 - NipigonTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Thunder Bay40.17Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006774Station 77 - JellicoeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A30.01Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006775Station 80 - GeraldtonTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Thunder Bay34.03Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006776Station 84 - Klotz LakeTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Thunder Bay40.45Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006777Station 86 - HearstTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Cochrane71.28Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006778Station 88 - CalstockTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Cochrane39.18Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006781Station 95 - KapuskasingTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Cochrane50.50Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000004451Toronto Pearson International AirportGreater Toronto Airports AuthorityMississauga37.70Other Support Activities for Air Transport
0000011031Chatham D Compressor StationEnbridge Gas Distribution Inc.Dresden37.59Other Warehousing & Storage
0000010976Glanbrook Landfill SiteCity of HamiltonHamilton39.22Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000010801Petrolia LandfillWaste Management of Canada CorporationPetrolia43.54Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000010967Navan LandfillProgressive Waste Solutions Canada Inc.Ottawa69.55Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000010636Eastview LandfillCorporation of the City of GuelphGuelph22.43Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000010132Walker Environmental Group Inc. Landfill SitesWalker Environmental Group Inc. - Landfill SitesNiagara Falls31.11Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000010160Newalta Corporation (Brantford Division)Newalta CorporationBrantford0.52Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000010298City of Cornwall Landfill SiteCorporation of the City of CornwallCornwall10.23Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000010260Brampton FacilityStericycle, ULCBrampton2.32Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000011879Twin Creeks Landfill (Formerly Warwick Landfill)Waste Management of Canada CorporationWatford121.30Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000011895Dufferin Organics Processing FacilityCity of TorontoToronto0.27Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000011456Essex County Regional LandfillEssex-Windsor Solid Waste AuthorityEssex37.16Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000011685Green Lane LandfillGreen Lane LandfillSt. Thomas215.87Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000011866Peterborough County/City Waste Management FacilityCity of PeterboroughPeterborough11.16Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000028539Disco Organics Processing FacilityCity of TorontoToronto0.87Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000026472Eastern Ontario LandfillLafleche Environmental IncMoose Creek61.73Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000004768Emerald Energy From Waste Inc.Emerald EfwBrampton0.94Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000004893Aimco SolrecAimco Solrec Ltd.Milton34.57Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000004948Clean Harbors Canada, Inc.Clean Harbors Canada, Inc.Mississauga0.77Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000005790W12a LandfillCorporation of the City of LondonLondon78.40Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000007169Detox EnvironmentalDetox Environmental Ltd.Bowmanville1.08Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000007371Keele Valley LandfillCity of TorontoMaple0.02Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000007398Richmond LandfillWaste Management of Canada CorporationNapanee29.58Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000007399Ottawa LandfillWaste Management of Canada CorporationOttawa143.22Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000007238Trail Road Waste FacilityCity of OttawaOttawa98.73Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000026457Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and TechnologyFanshawe College of Applied Arts and TechnologyLondon2.30Community Colleges & C.E.G.E.P.s
0000011865St George CampusThe Governing Council of the University of TorontoToronto58.67Universities
0000007698University of WindsorUniversity of WindsorWindsor17.50Universities
0000007328Guelph CampusUniversity of GuelphGuelph18.93Universities
0000010730Main CampusQueen's University at KingstonKingston29.99Universities
0000007272Lakeridge Health CorporationLakeridge Health CorporationOshawa32.07General (exc. Paediatric) Hospitals
0000010486Canadian Forces Base BordenDepartment of National DefenceBorden46.90Defence Services
00000076414 Cdsb Petawawa - Garrison PetawawaDepartment of National DefencePetawawa35.39Defence Services
0000019526Canadian Forces Station AlertDepartment of National DefenceAstra25.73Defence Services
0000011845Cliff Temporary Central Heating and Cooling PlantPublic Works and Government Services CanadaOttawa30.00Other Fed. Government Public Administration

Prince Edward Island

NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000004875Cavendish FarmsCavendish Farms CorporationNew Annan54.05Frozen Food Mfg.
0000005015Pei Energy SystemsVeresen Energy Infrasture Inc.Charlottetown40.50Waste Treatment & Disposal


NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000025188Mine Canadian MalarticCorporation Minière OsiskoMalartic209.83
0000008778Mine Fire LakeArcelorMittal Exploitation Minière CanadaGagnon95.69Iron Ore Mining
0000008783Mine du Lac BloomClifss Natural Resources - Sec Mine de Fer du Lac BloomFermont887.12Iron Ore Mining
0000002000Usine de Bouletage de Port-CartierArcelorMittal Exploitation Minière CanadaPort-Cartier11548.80Iron Ore Mining
0000006217Mine de Mont-WrightArcelorMittal Mines CanadaFermont2164.01Iron Ore Mining
0000000099Division LarondeMines Agnico Eagle LimitéeRouyn-Noranda45.55Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000008803Eleonore ProjectLes Mines Opinaca LtéeRouyn-Noranda153.57Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000008719Mine Lac Herbin et Concentrateur AurbelQMX Gold CorporationVal-D'Or2.98Gold & Silver Ore Mining
0000005448Mine RaglanGlencore Canada Corporation Duplicate???Rouyn-Noranda617.61Nickel-Copper Ore Mining
0000006449Div. Soc. Can. de Sel LtéeMines Seleine Inc.Grosse-Île13.15Salt Mines
0000006130Centrale de Cap-aux MeulesHydro-QuébecCap-aux-Meules, Îles-de-la-Madeleine186.51Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006140Centrale de SalluitHydro-QuébecSalluit26.59Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006142Centrale de KuujjuarapikHydro-QuébecKuujjuarapik38.59Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006144Centrale de PuvirnituqHydro-QuébecPuvirnituq37.23Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006145Centrale d'ObedjiwanHydro-QuébecObedjiwan42.41Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006146Centrale de la RomaineHydro-QuébecLa Romaine46.98Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000006147Centrale de KuujjuaqHydro-QuébecKuujjuaq49.19Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000008606Bécancour Power PlantTransCanada Energy Ltd.Bécancour77.27Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000008642Centrale de Cogénération À la BiomasseKruger Énergie Bromptonville S.E.C.Sherbrooke24.08Other Electric Power Generation
0000008603Société de Cogénération de St-FélicienSociété de Cogénération de St-FélicienSt-Félicien1555.48Other Electric Power Generation
0000008760Lidya Énergie, S.E.C.Lidya Énergie, S.E.C.Lachute32.21Other Electric Power Generation
0000026642Centrale de CogénérationEBI Énergie Inc.Saint-Thomas394.40Other Electric Power Generation
0000006444Centrale de SenneterreSociété en Commandite Boralex ÉnergieSenneterre426.91Other Electric Power Generation
0000006237Usine de Cogénération de ChapaisChapais ÉnergieChapais416.50Other Electric Power Generation
0000008751Site d'Enfouissement CookVille de GatineauGatineau0.01Sewage Treatment Facilities
0000008504CcumClimatisation et Chauffage Urbains de Montréal SecMontréal26.64Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply
0000006190Usine CausapBois d'Oeuvre Cedrico Inc.Causapscal22.80Dog & Cat Food Mfg.
0000010369Montreal Flour PlantArdent Mills UlcMontréal0.60Flour Milling
0000026429Trt Etgo du Québec Inc.Trt Etgo du QuébecBécancour20.83Oilseed Processing
0000003043Lantic Inc. - Raffinerie MontréalLantic Inc. - Raffinerie MontréalMontréal50.42Sugar Mfg.
0000005487Rothsay QuebecRothsay, a Division of Darling International Canada Inc.Sainte-Catherine7.31Rendering & Meat Processing from Carcasses
0000008594Sanimax LomSANIMAX lomMontréal1.16Rendering & Meat Processing from Carcasses
0000001639Brasserie de MontréalMolson Canada 2005Montréal14.22Breweries
0000006183Les Industries Parent Inc.Produits Kruger S.E.C.Parent68.21Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006224Eacom Timber Corp - Scierie de MatagamiEACOM Timber CorporationMatagami42.10Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006226Val-D'Or SawmillEACOM Timber CorporationVal d'Or66.30Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006204Usine SenneterreTembecSenneterre31.04Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006302Scierie Clermond Hamel Ltée - St-Ephrem-de-BeauceScierie Clermond Hamel Ltée.Sait-Éphrem-de-Beauce38.77Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006303Usine Abitibi-O (La Sarre) et Bois-JointéTembecLa Sarre42.13Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006329Valeur Ajouté (St-Prime)Produits Forestiers RésoluSt-Prime34.06Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006330Usine la DoréProduits Forestiers RésoluLa Doré51.09Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006334Usine NormandinProduits Forestiers RésoluNormandin75.36Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006335Scierie St-ThomasProduits Forestiers RésoluSt-Thomas Didyme26.70Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006336Scierie RobervalProduits Forestiers RésoluRoberval38.40Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006338Produits Forestiers MauricieProduits Forestiers RésoluLa Tuque41.22Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006245Scierie MistassiniResolute FP Canada Inc.Dolbeau-Mistassini81.94Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006246Barrette-ChapaisBarrette-Chapais Ltée.Chapais53.62Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006258ProulxvilleGerard Crete & Fils Inc.St-Sévérin de Proulxville30.83Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006259St-Roch de MekinacGerard Crete & Fils Inc.St-Roch de Mekinac36.38Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006270Groupe Lebel Inc.Groupe Lebel Inc.Price21.12Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006283Exploitation d'Une ScierieBusque Laflamme Inc.Saint-Benoît-Labre8.42Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006288Usine de Sciage St-PamphileMaibec Inc.St-Pamphile39.40Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006294Division Saint-PamphileMatériaux Blanchet Inc.St-Pamphile71.35Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006298Produits Forestiers Dg LtéeProduits Forestiers DG Ltée.Sainte- Aurélie77.40Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006355Division Scierie Péribonka9300-1600 Québec Inc. - Scierie l'AscensionL'ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur39.98Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006420Groupe Lebel Inc.Groupe Lebel Inc.Degelis21.12Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006189Usine PriceBois d'Oeuvre Cedrico Inc.Price22.80Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006345Scierie Landrienne - LandrienneScierie Landrienne Inc.Landrienne15.83Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000008608Petit ParisProduits Forestiers Petit ParisSt-Ludger de-Milot26.80Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000008501Scierie ComtoisProduits Forestiers RésoluLebel-sur-Quévillon39.44Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000008502Scierie SenneterreProduits Forestiers RésoluSenneterre35.29Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000008554Scierie des Outardes (Baie-Comeau)Produits Forestiers RésoluPointe-aux-Outardes75.55Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000008569Scierie de Port-Cartier9300-1618 Québec Inc. - Scierie Port-CartierPort-Cartier164.14Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000008582Usine BearnTembecBearn28.57Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000028524Canbo Inc.Canbo Inc.Dolbeau-Mistassini967.65Sawmills (except Shingle & Shake Mills)
0000006402Sainte-ThérèseCommonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd.Sainte-Thérèse42.42Hardwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000006404ShawiniganCommonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd.Shawinigan37.81Hardwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000006406BelleterreCommonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd.Belleterre23.82Hardwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000005513Megantic Veneer (Plywood Plant)Masonite International CorporationLac Megantic32.20Hardwood Veneer & Plywood Mills
0000005575Lvl Global IncLVL Global IncVille-Marie44.95Structural Wood Product Mfg.
0000005526Tafisa CanadaTafisa Canada Inc.Lac-Mégantic268.54Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000006349SacopanMasonite International CorporationSacre-Coeur26.50Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000002989Uniboard Canada Inc, Usine SayabecUniboard Canada IncSayabec77.11Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000004060Uniboard Canad Inc, Usine Val-D'OrUniboard Canada IncVal-D'Or1192.00Particle Board & Fibreboard Mills
0000004386Division St-GeorgesProduits Forestiers Arbec Inc.St-Georges-de-Champlain110.02Waferboard Mills
0000001748Division la SarreNorbord IncLa Sarre181.74Waferboard Mills
0000005518Louisiana Pacific Canada Ltd, Division Québec ManiwakiLouisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.Bois-Franc372.65Waferboard Mills
0000006192Gds Valoribois Inc. (Div. Lac-au-Saumon)G.D.S. Valoribois Inc.Lac-au-Saumon28.49All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000006407Plancher Husky-LachuteCommonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd.Lachute49.17All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000006466Gds Valoribois Inc. (Div. Matane)G.D.S. Valoribois Inc.Matane48.45All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000008721Lebel Vallée des LacsGroupe Lebel Inc.Squatec10.80All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000008615Roland Boulanger et Cie LtéeRoland Boulanger et Cie LtéeWarwick37.42All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
0000000983Division AlmaProduits Forestiers RésoluAlma46.43Mechanical Pulp Mills
0000001528Usine de ThursoFortress Cellulose SpécialiséeThurso1115.27Chemical Pulp Mills
0000002948Site de TémiscamingTembecTémiscaming681.20Chemical Pulp Mills
0000003242Fibrek SencFibrek S.E.N.C.St-Félicien5257.86Chemical Pulp Mills
0000003875Cascades East Angus, Une Division de Cascades Canada UlcCascades Canada ULC.East Angus187.86Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000002502Kruger Wayagamack Inc.Kruger Wayagamack Inc.Trois-Rivières2021.00Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000002587Usine LaurentideResolute FP Canada Inc. - LaurentideGrand-Mère91.09Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000001872Norampac Cabano Une Division de Cascades Canada IncCascades Canada ULC.Temiscouata-sur-le-Lac1482.00Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000001875Produits Kruger S.E.C.Produits Kruger S.E.C.Crabtree41.74Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000001195Domtar Usine de WindsorDomtar Inc.Windsor1806.96Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000001979Papeterie de DolbeauProduits Forestiers RésoluDolbeau-Mistassini71.91Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000005535Produits Kruger S.E.C., Usine de GatineauProduits Kruger S.E.C.Gatineau38.14Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000028625Usine de St-JérômeLes Entreprises Rolland Inc Usine de St-JérômeSt-Jérôme276.12Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
0000005515Papiers de Publication Kruger Inc. Usine de Trois-RivièresPapiers de Publication Kruger Inc.Trois-Rivières197.70Newsprint Mills
0000004803Usine de ClermontProduits Forestiers RésoluClermont16.33Newsprint Mills
0000002001Abibow Canada , Usine de Baie-ComeauProduits Forestiers RésoluBaie-Comeau445.83Newsprint Mills
0000000929Usine de GatineauProduits Forestiers RésoluGatineau119.67Newsprint Mills
0000003828Produits Forestiers Résolu -Usine AmosProduits Forestiers RésoluAmos232.04Newsprint Mills
0000004068Usine de QuébecStadacona WB S.E.C.Québec234.27Newsprint Mills
0000004790F.F.Soucy - Rivière-du-LoupSociété en Commandite FF Soucy WBRivière-du-Loup825.55Newsprint Mills
0000004926Cascades Groupe Carton Plat Jonquière, Une Division de CascaCascades Canada ULC.Jonquière29.64Paperboard Mills
0000003140Usine de la TuqueCompagnie Rocktenn Canada Inc.La Tuque373.50Paperboard Mills
0000005472Emballages Krupack Place TurcotKruger IncMontréal29.94Paperboard Mills
0000008754Cascades Papier Kingsey Falls, Une Division de Cascades CanaCascades Canada ULC.Kingsey Falls27.00Paperboard Mills
0000003897Raffinerie de MontrealSuncor Energy Products PartnershipMontreal636.50Petroleum Refineries
0000003928Raffinerie Jean-GaulinÉnergie Valero Inc.Lévis1187.52Petroleum Refineries
0000008673Usine de St-IsidoreSintra Inc.St-Isidore31.41Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000008678Usine de St-Jean-ChrysostomeSintra Inc.St-Jean-Chrysostome31.39Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000008787Usine #05-1 QuébecInter-Cité Construction Ltée.Québec23.92Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000008672Usine de St-CharlesSintra Inc.St-Charles de Drummond24.65Asphalt Shingle & Coating Material Mfg.
0000006241La Cie Matériaux de Construction Bp Canada - LasalleLa Cie Matériaux de Construction BP CanadaLasalle83.20Asphalt Shingle & Coating Material Mfg.
0000004569Chimie Parachem S.E.CChimie Parachem S.E.CMontréal-Est103.51Petrochemical Mfg.
0000000765Axiall Canada Inc.Axiall Canada Inc.Beauharnois5.69Alkali & Chlorine Mfg.
0000002855Usine de BécancourOlin Canada ULCBécancour3.73Alkali & Chlorine Mfg.
0000002229Montreal Sulphur PlantSuncor Energy Products PartnershipMontréal-Est78.67All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000001561Kronos Canada, Inc.Kronos Canada, Inc.Varennes64.27All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000000721Usine de ValleyfieldMacco Organicques Inc.Valleyfield6.40All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000010280ValleyfieldNational Silicates PartnershipValleyfield11.87All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000011616Varennes PlantGreenfield Specialty Alcohols Inc.Varennes32.54Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000003381Uniboard Canada Inc, Usine UniresUniboard Canada IncVal-D'Or10.42Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000006427Cepsa Chimie Montréal, S.E.C.CEPSA Chimie Montréal, S.E.C.Montréal100.25Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000004039MansonvilleNexkemia Pétrochimie Inc.Mansonville0.15Resin & Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
0000001681Arclin Canada Ltée - Ste ThereseArclin Canada Ltd.Sainte-Thérèse21.70Resin & Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
0000000322General Dynamic Ots-Canada Valleyfield Inc.General Dynamics OTS- Canada Valleyfield Inc.Salaberry-de-Valleyfield23.47Explosives Mfg.
0000002852Orica BrownsburgOrica Canada Inc.Brownsburg-Chatham31.17Explosives Mfg.
0000002456Grace DavisonGrace Canada Inc.Salaberry-de-Valleyfield30.61All Other Misc. Chemical Product Mfg.
0000005429Tembec, Division Résine, Usine LongueuilTembec, Division Résine, Usine LongueuilLongueuil53.17All Other Misc. Chemical Product Mfg.
0000028446St. Clet DrainageArmtec Limited PartnershipSt. Clet10.00Unlaminated Plastic Profile Shape Manufacturing
0000000281Varennes FacilityDow Chemical Canada ULCVarennes0.33Polystyrene Foam Product Mfg.
0000000639Hanson Brick, St Lawrence PlantHanson BrickLa Prairie24.94Clay Building Material & Refractory Mfg.
0000004449Plant #34 MontrealO-I Canada Corp.Montreal88.40Glass Mfg.
0000005474Cimenterie de Saint-ConstantLafarge Canada Inc.Saint-Constant334.64Cement Mfg.
0000005544Usine de JolietteHolcim (Canada) Inc.Joliette294.71Cement Mfg.
0000005548Cimenterie de Saint-BasileCiment Québec Inc.Saint-Basile797.70Cement Mfg.
0000008599Cimenterie KilmarColacem Canada IncGrenville-sur-la-Rouge138.49Cement Mfg.
0000006394BromontUnifix Inc.Bromont0.53Other Concrete Product Mfg.
0000005591Usine de BedfordGraymont (QC) Inc.Bedford2128.54Lime Mfg.
0000006185Usine de JolietteGraymont (QC) Inc.Joliette26.15Lime Mfg.
0000006187Usine de MarbletonGraymont (QC) Inc.Marbleton146.08Lime Mfg.
0000007196Montreal Plant (024)CGC Inc.Montréal20.48Gypsum Product Mfg.
0000005437Montreal Wallboard/Finishing PlantCertainteed Gypsum Canada, Inc.Sainte-Catherine18.80Gypsum Product Mfg.
0000008722Usine de Traitement de la BrasqueRio Tinto AlcanJonquière0.51All Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg.
0000003649Aciérie - Arcelormittal ContrecoeurArcelorMittal Montréal Inc.Contrecoeur348.05Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000002986Arcelormittal Contrecoeur OuestArcelorMittal Montréal Inc.Contrecoeur498.01Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000004806Rio Tinto Fer et Titane Inc.- Complexe de Sorel-TracyRio Tinto Fer et Titane Inc.Sorel-Tracy4868.00Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000004808Usine de BeauharnoisRio Tinto AlcanMelocheville7.59Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000005510Usine AlmaRio Tinto AlcanAlma57057.00Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000003406Usine ArvidaRio Tinto AlcanSaguenay30425.50Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000003057Usine ShawiniganRio Tinto AlcanShawinigan6.82Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000003060Usine LaterrièreRio Tinto AlcanLaterrière27046.10Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000003062Usine Grande-BaieRio Tinto AlcanLa Baie25564.00Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000004778Aluminerie Alouette Inc.Aluminerie Alouette Inc.Sept-Îles90221.40Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000004782Usine de DeschambaultAlcoa Canada LtéeDeschambault29426.00Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000001071Aluminerie de Bécancour Inc.Aluminerie de Bécancour Inc.Bécancour50965.00Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000002978Usine VaudreuilRio Tinto AlcanJonquiere399.00Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000002038Aluminerie de Baie-ComeauAlcoa LimitéeBaie-Comeau28091.90Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000008706Usine DubucRio Tinto AlcanSaguenay1.18Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000027853Aluminerie Arvida - Centre Technologique Ap60Rio Tinto AlcanJonquière6599.27Primary Production of Alumina & Aluminum
0000008807Quebec Silicon LpSilicium Québec SecBécancour79.60Non-Ferrous (except Al) Smelting & Refining
0000002938Société en Commandite Revenu Noranda - ValleyfieldSociété en Commandite Revenu NorandaSalaberry de Valleyfield26.26Non-Ferrous (except Al) Smelting & Refining
0000003916Ccr RefineryGlencore Canada CorporationMontréal-Est38.53Non-Ferrous (except Al) Smelting & Refining
0000000959Usine de Coulée Continue de Montréal-EstNexans Canada Inc.Montréal-Est687.68Copper Rolling, Drawing, Extruding & Alloying
0000004330Fonderie Bibby Ste-CroixCanada Pipe Co LtdSainte-Croix133.05Iron Foundries
0000004331Fonderie LaperleCanada Pipe Co LtdSaint-Ours27.52Iron Foundries
0000004799Magotteaux LtéeMagotteaux Ltée.Magog28.63Iron Foundries
0000006316Fonderie Cormier - Saint-ThomasFonderie Cormier Inc.Saint-Thomas37.23Iron Foundries
0000003623Fonderie HorneGlencore Canada CorporationRouyn-Noranda95.99Non-Ferrous Foundries (except Die-Casting)
0000004797Les Forges de Sorel Cie - St-Joseph-de-SorelLes Forges de Sorel CieSt-Joseph-de-Sorel730.99Forging
0000006344Elkem Métal ChicoutimiElkem Metal Canada Inc.Chicoutimi24.72All Other Misc. Fabricated Metal Product Mfg.
0000008566Electrolux Canada CorporationElectrolux Canada Corp.L'assomption1.10Major Kitchen Appliance Mfg.
0000025292Établissement 15Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.Mirabel25.45Aerospace Product & Parts Mfg.
0000005574Établissement 05Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.Saint-Hubert20.86Aerospace Product & Parts Mfg.
0000001961Établissement 01Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.Longueuil158.33Aerospace Product & Parts Mfg.
0000006305Chantier MaritimeVerreault Navigation Inc.Les Méchins0.26Ship Building & Repairing
0000006214Complexe BBombardier Produits Récréatifs Inc.Valcourt45.60Other Transportation Equipment Mfg.
0000000935Complexe ABombardier Produits Récréatifs Inc.Valcourt166.86Other Transportation Equipment Mfg.
0000008780Complexe CBombardier Produits Récréatifs Inc.Maricourt89.99Other Transportation Equipment Mfg.
0000005445E.I. Dupont Canada - Thetford Inc.DuPont CanadaThetford Mines0.21All Other Miscellaneous Mfg.
0000004388General Dynamics Ots-Canada (Usine de le Gardeur)General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-CanadaRepentigny58.85All Other Miscellaneous Mfg.
0000021888Station 802 - CandiacTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.St. Philippe58.09Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000028608Installation de Stockage de Pointe-du-LacIntragaz Inc.Trois-Rivières22.18Other Warehousing & Storage
0000008643Installation de Stockage de Saint-FlavienIntragaz Inc.Saint-Flavien42.13Other Warehousing & Storage
0000000211IncinérateurVille de QuebecQuébec100.60Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000006171St. Nicephore LandfillWaste Management of Canada CorporationSt. Nicephore587.96Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000006173Sainte Sophie LandfillWaste Management of Canada CorporationSainte Sophie330.86Waste Treatment & Disposal
0000006301Lieu d'Enfouissement TechniqueRégie de Gestion des Matières Résiduelles de la MauricieSaint-Etienne-des-Grès58.33All Other Waste Management Services
0000006370Usine de Triage LachenaieBfi Usine de Triage Lachenaie Ltée.Terrebonne118.06All Other Waste Management Services
0000008605Université McGill - Campus MacDonaldInstitution royale pour l'avancement des sciencesSainte-Anne-de-Bellevue2.94Universities
0000008510Université McGill - Campus Centre-VilleInstitution royale pour l'avancement des sciencesMontreal22.17Universities
0000008578Bfc BagotvilleDepartment of National DefenceAlouette5.97Defence Services
0000006116Base ValcartierMinistère de la Défense NationaleCourcelette24.05Defence Services


NPRI Number Facility Name Company Name City CO Emissions (tonnes) NAICS Name
0000004157Steelman Gas PlantPlains Midstream CanadaEstevan54.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000006631Weyburn Oil BatteryCenovus Energy Inc.N/A51.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000005255Midale ComplexApache Canada Ltd.Weyburn20.78Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015111Milton Compressor Station 09-04N/A50.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015113Loverna Sour Gas Plant 16-25N/A257.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015117Milton Comp Stn 13-18N/A125.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015381B.V.I. Bigstick G.G.S.N/A242.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015400Hatton East Comp Stn 16-19N/A111.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015401Hatton 04-15N/A182.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000015464Baytex Tangleflags Compressor Station A06-30-050-24w3Baytex Energy LtdTangleflags33.46Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017049Suffield Oil Battery 16-18-014-19w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedSuffield25.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017051Gull Lake West Gas Plant 05-09-014-19w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedGull Lake104.86Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017060Cantuar East Oil Battery 11-17-016-16w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedSuccess24.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017121Verendrye BatteryISH Energy Ltd.South West14.20Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017217North Cactus LakePengrowth Energy CorporationMajor22.47Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017234Steelman Unit No. 2 03-15-004-06-W2NAL Resources ManagementSteelman34.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017261Nottingham Gas Plant 07-17-005-32-W1NAL Resources ManagementNottingham91.28Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017303South Bronson Comp Station 07-34Bow River Energy Ltd.N/A81.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017306North Smiley Gas PlantNorthern Blizzard Resources Inc.Buffalo Coulee124.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017314Fort Pitt Comp Station 11-31Bow River Energy Ltd.N/A64.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017317North Bronson Comp Station 12-36Bow River Energy Ltd.N/A217.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017320Makwa Lake Gas Battery 15-04Bow River Energy Ltd.N/A30.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017529Loverna Sour Gas Plant 11-01N/A29.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017560Hoosier Compressor Station 15-17N/A62.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017633Bigstick 05-11N/A1540.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017661Dodsland Sweet Gas Plant 08-13N/A36.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017662Kerrobert 3-27-32-23 W3mBeaumont Energy Inc.N/A65.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017687Salvador Compressor Station 05-16N/A113.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000017696Cactus Lake Compressor Station 05-21N/A33.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018145Teine Dodsland 07-05-032-22w3 BatteryTeine Energy Ltd.Beaufield16.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018164Smiley Sweet Gas Plant 09-36N/A42.73Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018536Steelman Unit #49-27 BtyN/A22.09Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018575Big Stick 1-28-14-25w3City of Medicine HatSwift Current196.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018587Fox Valley 16-31-16-26w3City of Medicine HatSwift Current54.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018588Horsham 13-8-16-28w3City of Medicine HatSwift Current108.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018589Richmound 14-10-18-28w3City of Medicine HatSwift Current32.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018611Crestar Court Compressor Station 10-01N/A62.24Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016230Mantario Oil Battery 13-32N/A82.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000016854Neptune Oil Battery 05-31N/A29.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018943Lacadena Compressor Station 01-19-022-17w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedSwift Current31.89Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000018957Shackleton Compressor Station 14-36-020-19w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedCalgary32.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019415Alameda East Unit 5-13N/A44.66Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019429Steelman Unit #6 16-16 BtyN/A20.23Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000019435Whitehall Cold SteelmanN/A24.18Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021127Hastings Unit 1 Bty 10 1N/A38.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021246Free Fight 16-27-16-24w3City of Medicine HatSwift Current305.33Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021256Crane Lake 13-9-13-22w3City of Medicine HatSwift Current19.64Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021517Cabri Comp Station 16-32N/A20.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021525Snipe Lake Comp Station 13-21N/A35.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022008KisbeyATCO Energy Solutions Ltd.Kisbey73.99Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022078Cnrl Lone Rock BatteryN/A23.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022473Innes Gas Plant 12-22-7-11-W2N/A997.07Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022590Pinto Oil Battery 16-16-002-03 W2mSurge Energy Inc.Pinto63.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022639Baytex MacKlin Sol Gas 8-6-40-27w3Baytex Energy LtdMacklin30.30Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022820Heward Oil Battery 04-29N/A117.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000022823Battrum Oil Battery 10-21N/A20.05Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023301Buzzard 03-34-047-26w3Baytex Energy LtdBuzzard20.01Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023345Pcp Marshall Pad 5-31N/A20.56Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023352Golden Lake Ggs 15-11-48-23N/A101.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023358Horsham Medicine Hat SystemN/A304.68Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023453Forget Oil Battery 09-32N/A33.58Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023609Beacon Colony A Comp Station 01-13Bow River Energy Ltd.N/A21.43Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000023720Tristar Viewfield 9-36-7-8N/A21.82Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024001Forget Oil Battery 13-29N/A26.80Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024002Froude Oil Battery 13-20N/A24.32Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024008Innes Oil Battery 08-25N/A65.77Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024363Eog Sceptre 1-4-22-24N/A20.13Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024372Burstall G.G.S.N/A150.04Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024379Hatton EastN/A22.98Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024450Shaunavon Oil Battery 04-16N/A299.36Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024525Taylorton Oil Battery 13-15N/A40.15Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000024606Pben Mwb Heward 2-26-9-9w2N/A24.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025063Cactus Lake 02-07 Gas PlantNorthern Blizzard Resources Inc.Cactus Lake70.12Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021576Viewfield Oil Battery 12-05N/A55.34Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021577Viewfield Sour Gas Plant 13-05Crescent Point Resources PartnershipN/A104.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021580Viewfield Oil Battery 05-05N/A87.54Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000021924Merry Flat Comp Station 07-22N/A21.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026540Cpec Kisbey Battery 03-28N/A139.44Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026545Hoffer Oil Battery 01-21N/A33.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026549Melrose Oil Battery 09-14N/A59.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026550Rapdan Battery 16-02N/A50.72Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027014Leitchville Sour Gas PlantN/A27.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027025Vidora Comp Stn 09-15N/A45.52Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027164Cnrl Lashburn 1-11 Single Bt 04-31N/A26.29Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027166Cnrl Sw Epping Unit 13-5N/A97.87Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027167Cnrl Tangleflags 6-8 Single Bt 10-02N/A32.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027324North Portal Oil Battery 15-04N/A146.79Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027326Pinto Oil Battery 01-16N/A114.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027623Whitemud Swb 09-15N/A56.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027722Poundmaker 01-10-044-23w3Baytex Energy LtdPoundmaker35.26Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027837Nal Dodsland 08-04-33-20-3NAL Resources ManagementDodsland21.16Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028037Cantaur Oil Battery 15-15N/A246.45Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028040Oungre Multi Well Battery 14-27-001-13w2Husky Oil Operations LimitedSouris Valley78.67Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028116Lightning Oil Battery 14-08N/A29.31Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028121Pinto Oil Battery 03-07N/A262.49Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028211North Rapdan Oil Battery 06-09N/A34.08Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028212Oungre Oil Battery 03-14N/A165.76Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028223Redsprings Comp Stn 16-05N/A20.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028389Fusilier Compressor Station 11-27N/A51.19Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028415Petro-Canada Norcen Hatton Bty 7-23N/A71.57Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028471Openshaw 01-10 Battery and CompressorVermilion Energy Inc.Township 00268.35Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028472Northgate Midale 16-03 Battery and CompressorVermilion Energy Inc.Township 001163.06Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028482Northgate 05-20 Battery and CompressorVermilion Energy Inc.Township 001163.92Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028491Tangleflags 04-36-050-25w3Baytex Energy LtdTangleflags20.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028502Carruthers 11-28-045-23w3Baytex Energy LtdCarruthers75.59Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028504Forestbank 01-33-047-25w3Baytex Energy LtdForestbank25.27Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028507Kerrobert 4-35-32-24w3mBeaumont Energy Inc.Coleville23.37Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028510Kerrobert 4-2-33-23w3mBeaumont Energy Inc.Coleville20.65Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028511Kerrobert 5-26-32-24w3mBeaumont Energy Inc.Coleville49.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028514Kerrobert 10-34-32-23w3mBeaumont Energy Inc.Coleville30.75Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000025441Dodsland Oil Battery 08-34N/A127.10Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026076Steelman Oil Battery 04-15N/A58.42Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026101Fox Valley G.G.S.N/A89.38Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026161Tangleflags 08-24-050-25w3Baytex Energy LtdTangleflags53.88Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000026202Dodsland 13-12Teine Energy Ltd.Netherhill17.17Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027849Plover North 6-31 CompressorNorthern Blizzard Resources Inc.Cactus Lake51.69Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027904Whitecap Lucky Hills 01-29-030-23 W3mWhitecap Resources Inc.Lucky Hills41.14Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000027934Lucky HillsTeine Energy Ltd.Kindersley17.11Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028642Plover Sagd 06-22Northern Blizzard Resources Inc.Cactus Lake1396.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028728Rife 12-20-049-27 W3Rife Resources Ltd.Lloydminster26.50Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028729Rife 14-26-048-25 W3Rife Resources Ltd.Lashburn21.60Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028789Plato 13-18-26-18w3Teine Energy Ltd.Richlea39.61Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
0000028035Golden Lake Oil Multi Well Battery 14-13-047-23w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedMaidstone25.08Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000028592Sandall Thermal 06-14-051-24w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedParadise Hill67.03Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000027098Paradise Hill Thermal 08-27-053-24w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedParadise Hill84.60Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000027099Pikes Peak South Thermal 05-07-049-23w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedWaseca162.76Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000027100Rush Lake Thermal Pilot 12-03-048-21w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedPaynton24.25Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000025163Kerrobert Phase 2Touchstone Exploration Inc.Coleville309.33Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000017014Pikes Peak Gas Battery 01-06-050-23w3Husky Oil Operations LimitedLloydminster163.50Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000018935Bolney ThermalHusky Oil Operations LimitedLloydminster342.56Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000015778North Tangleflags FacilityCanadian Natural Resources LimitedN/A123.02Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000006629Senlac Thermal Oil BatterySouthern Pacific Resource PartnershipUnity57.74Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000000409Lloydminster UpgraderHusky Oil Operations LimitedLloydminster2909.17Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
0000001147Rabbit Lake OperationCamecoSaskatoon44.39Uranium Ore Mining
0000001148Key Lake OperationCamecoSaskatoon347.93Uranium Ore Mining
0000001149Mcarthur RiverCamecoSaskatoon76.42Uranium Ore Mining
0000001177Vanscoy Potash OperationsAgrium Inc.Vanscoy70.51Potash Mining
0000001513Mosaic Potash Esterhazy - K2 SiteMosaic Potash Esterhazy Limited PartnershipEsterhazy25.20Potash Mining
0000001885Potash Corp - Lanigan DivisionPotashCorpLanigan130.35Potash Mining
0000004562Potashcorp - RocanvillePotashCorpRocanville128.67Potash Mining
0000004099Mosaic Potash Belle PlaineMosaic Canada ULCBelle Plaine450.00Potash Mining
0000002406Potash Corp - Allan DivisionPotashCorpAllan67.20Potash Mining
0000006507CoryPotashCorpSaskatoon133.16Potash Mining
0000006884Patience Lake DivisionPotashCorpSaskatoon48.10Potash Mining
0000026259Jansen ProjectBHP Billiton Canada Inc.Saskatoon4.59Potash Mining
0000006595Meridian Cogeneration PlantMeridian Limited PartnershipLloydminster242.17Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000002081Boundary Dam Power StationSaskatchewan Power CorporationEstevan2440.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000002083Shand Power StationSaskatchewan Power CorporationEstevan86.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000016289Cory Cogeneration StationATCO Power Canada Ltd.Saskatoon82.37Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000024241Ermine Generation StationSaskatchewan Power CorporationRural Municipality of Oakdale26.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000025271Yellowhead Power StationSaskatchewan Power CorporationNorth Battleford25.00Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000025077Spy Hill Generating StationNorthland Power Inc.Rural Municipality of Spy Hill52.80Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000027848North Battleford G.S.Northland Power Inc.Rm of North Battleford39.02Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation
0000003610Prince Albert Pulp IncPrince Albert Pulp Inc.Prince Albert4.09Other Electric Power Generation
0000010367SaskatoonArdent Mills UlcSaskatoon1.37Flour Milling
0000000163Bunge Canada - Nipawin PlantBunge Canada Holdings I ULCNipawin19.26Oilseed Processing
0000005274Cargill Limited - Oilseed ProcessingCargill LimitedClavet18.60Oilseed Processing
0000024212Ldc Foods Yorkton Processing GpLdc Foods Yorkton Processing GpYorkton28.08Fat & Oil Refining & Blending
0000024225YorktonRichardson Oilseed Ltd.Yorkton28.57All Other Food Mfg.
0000020040Meadow Lake OsbTolko Industries Ltd.Meadow Lake212.82Waferboard Mills
0000006545Hudson Bay OsbWeyerhaeuser Company LimitedHudson Bay150.00Waferboard Mills
0000000875Meadow Lake Mechanical PulpMeadow Lake Mechanical PulpMeadow Lake10000.00Mechanical Pulp Mills
0000004048Co-Op Refinery ComplexConsumers' Co-Operative Refineries LimitedRegina699.76Petroleum Refineries
0000002712Moose Jaw RefineryMoose Jaw Refinery PartnershipMoose Jaw4.97Petroleum Refineries
0000015001Lafarge Canada, Inc., Northwest Division, Central Asphalt PlLafarge North AmericaSaskatoon24.20Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Mfg.
0000005214Corman Park PlantCleartech Industries Inc.Saskatoon0.18Alkali & Chlorine Mfg.
0000018992Chemtrade - SaskatoonChemtrade Logistics Inc.Saskatoon0.02All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
0000021547Lloydminster Ethanol PlantHusky Oil Operations LimitedLloydminster24.33Other Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
0000002077Yara Belle Plaine Inc.Yara Belle Plaine Inc.Belle Plaine406.00Chemical Fertilizer (except Potash) Mfg.
0000002740Evraz Inc Na Canada - Regina FacilitiesEvraz Inc Na CanadaRegina1335.36Iron & Steel Mills & Ferro-Alloy Mfg.
0000006838Head Office / Main PlantDoepker Industries Ltd.Annaheim0.73Truck Trailer Mfg.
0000022858Moose Jaw Branch - Caribou St.Doepker Industries Ltd.Moose Jaw0.58Truck Trailer Mfg.
0000021948Saskatoon Branch - 103rd St.Doepker Industries Ltd.Saskatoon0.59Truck Trailer Mfg.
0000023235Terra Grain Fuels IncTerra Grain Fuels IncBelle Plaine453.59All Other Miscellaneous Mfg.
0000025169Melville Compressor StationTransGas LimitedMelville68.00Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006873Frenchman RiverFoothills Pipe Lines Ltd.N/A22.14Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006875MonchyFoothills Pipe Lines Ltd.N/A59.02Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006877RichmoundFoothills Pipe Lines Ltd.N/A51.66Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006673Coleville Compressor StationTransGas LimitedColeville340.00Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006675Success Compressor StationTransGas LimitedSwift Current39.00Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006679BayhurstTransGas LimitedLeader56.00Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006691Beacon Hill Compressor StationTransGas LimitedPierceland47.00Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006748Station 13 - CaronTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A35.21Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006754Station 17 - ReginaTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Regina28.57Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006756Station 2 - BurstallTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A67.48Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006757Station 21 - GrenfellTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A59.74Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006759Station 25 - MoosominTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.N/A58.01Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006766Station 5 - CabriTransCanada Pipelines Ltd.Cabri61.05Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006943Kerrobert Compressor StationAlliance Pipeline Ltd.Kerrobert51.49Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006944Loreburn Compressor StationAlliance Pipeline Ltd.Loreburn54.21Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006945Estlin Compressor StationAlliance Pipeline Ltd.Estlin54.91Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006946Alameda Compressor StationAlliance Pipeline Ltd.Alameda51.23Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
0000006937University of Saskatchewan - SaskatoonUniversity of SaskatchewanSaskatoon39.23Universities


* - No data available